around these parts.

I never could seem to find the time to read anything while going to school full time and working. So I have been enjoying a summer full of reading, the first in a long time :) I just finished One Day, which I liked a lot, and now I am almost done reading The Help. I have one more day to finish it since my mom is in town and she wants to see the movie with me. So I have been feverishly trying to finish it in between job applications the last couple days. Loving the relaxing time.

Did you notice the adorable ring I am wearing? I love it. Especially how the turquoise pops against the black. I wore it to church the other day and got many compliments! It is one of the Priscilla rings that Ashley has in her shop called La Luce Designs So head on over to her great etsy shop for even more cute accessories!

decisions decisions decisions...

Okay so as part of our wedding gift (which they already had out done themselves!) my parents said they would pay for us to get one big blown up photo from our wedding. I am finally getting around to it, now that I have a big enough apartment for it. I know someday I will get both of these done, but for now I am trying to pick the one that I would want in our front room. I know which one I am leaning towards, but I wanted to get all of your opinions. Which one do you like best? Which one do you like best for a living room? Help me decide! haha

Choice #1

  Choice #2
So which ONE?!

hey you blind lady!

So you guys may remember this post where I talked about how I realized I couldn't see anything anymore and was looking to get some new glasses and was asking for your opinions? Then you might remember this post where I got the glasses and they were WAY too big for my face. I also love that I was shopping for new frames before I ever went to the eye doctor haha, but anyways... I finally sucked it up and went. I seriously thought my astigmatism had just got worse over the years. But I hadn't been to the eye doctor since I was in high school, and boy was I in for a surprise. Apparently I didn't know just how much I wasn't seeing! 
My eyes had changed so much over the years I was actually nearsighted now! Oh and I still have an astigmatism but in only my left eye, which was causing my brain to see two different images which thus confuses the brain, making it choose an eye to use to see through. So basically I have only been using ONE EYE for who knows how long?!?! So guess who has to wear glasses everyday all day for the next two months to train my brain to use both of my eyes?! yup. I was going to just use my old coach frames but when I walked out of the office I spotted these puppies... which look so much like the ray bans I wanted but they are not nearly as ginormous, so I was a happy girl :)
Let me just say, I feel like I am seeing everything in High Definition! It makes me sad to see the difference I have been missing out on. Happy to have my eyes back :)

Oh and P.S. Happy Birthday to the sweetest little sister anyone could have ever asked for.
I remember 18 years ago waking up to find out I was a big sister! Kira and me wanted it to be a girl SOOO BAD :) It was probably the happiest memory I have of being little, just being so excited I was going to have a little sister.

zombies, zombies, zombies.

So those of you who know Trevor really well, will already know this. But Trevor is a MAJOR Zombie fan. Any Zombie movie, Television show, you name it, we watch it. I think it is such a weird thing to be into, but alas, he is. So when I stumbled across these engagement photos, I about DIED. Trevor hates getting his picture taken, but I have a feeling he would be down to do a shoot like this. How hilarious... I just had to share it. This cool session was photographed by the talented Amanda.

 Was that not THE best thing ever?! haha :)

katy's bridal shower.

Following the super fun bachelorette party, Allie hosted a beautiful bridal shower for Katy :) It was such a nice day out, and it was so much fun to just relax and all hang out. I may have eaten way too many lemon squares... I have a weakness for lemon squares, what can I say? 
Everything was perfect &it was great to be with friends from home.
a beautiful, perfect day :)

law school wife.

This whole week Trevor has had law school orientation, and they had a family day yesterday for anyone involved in a law student's life to come and learn more about law school and what they will be going through etc. There was a joke said that I guess a lot of people know, but I had never heard it before... apparently law school wives should really be called a law school widow. I guess that is funny, except I am about to become one apparently. I wasn't really worried at all until I went to this meeting. I am happy I went because I learned so much, I had no idea just how different law school is from any other kind of graduate program. But on the other hand, I am now a little apprehensive. They basically told us to expect to see the worse side of your spouse, that your spouse will NEVER be done working, and they will have a couple melt downs through out the semester.

I am going to be totally and 100% honest right now. Marriage is not easy, and I already have a list of things Trevor and I need to be working on to make our marriage stronger, and better... I mean who doesn't? So to think we are going to have add this stress to it, really freaks me out. I know we can make the best of it, but I am just not looking forward to doing it. They had a couple of wives there of some students that are in their 2nd and 3rd year and one of the girls shared something that stuck out to me.

She explained how it is really hard, but it feels good to become stronger as a couple by being able to go through something that is hard, together. It made me think of the phrase that is said a lot in my church which is, "I can do hard things."

Any advice people have on this when it comes to being married during difficult graduate programs, any law school wives, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks :)

30 Day Shred.

 (&here is the demon herself, ready to kick you into shape!)

So I am not sure if I have shared this story on the blog, I am sure I have, but I am going to share it again. When you live with someone, you start to witness their SSB, which for those of you who don't know the reference it means, Secret Single Behavior. Everyone has something, and some of them can be quite shocking, but lets not get into that right now, haha. While working out to home videos isn't really a secret I had, it is something you don't do in front of your boyfriend. Heck, sometimes I didn't even want to do it in front of girlfriends. Because lets face it, you are not your cutest when you are looking all weak huffing and puffing, dripping sweat all over the place. But as you date you start to get more comfortable around each other (you know you ALL remember the first time you farted in front of your man! haha)  
Anyways... one day after Trevor and I were married I decided to pull out one of my Jillian Michaels videos and got to work. Now if any of you have done a Jillian video you KNOW what I am talking about. These things kick your trash! &It is so deceiving because they don't seem that hard but then you get into them and they kill you. Where was I? So yes, I was killing myself doing one of these videos and I start to hear some laughing coming from behind me. Trevor was laughing at me. I stopped and looked at him and stated, "Excusssssse me, is there a problem here?!" Now Trevor works out a lot, and is in great shape, and he proceeds to tell me that this video couldn't possibly be that difficult, and it doesn't even look like a good workout. So what did I do? I told him he should try, I dared him. He laughed it off and went back to the computer. 

A couple weeks later I came home to find Trevor sweating bullets doing a Jillian Michaels work out video. That's right. Lets fast forward a year later, and guess who uses these videos more then me now?! Mmm-Hmmm. So why do I bring this up? Well I don't know about you, but the summer (along with Christmas) always gets me when it comes to eating too much. All that summer vacation and relaxing eating bad bad but so good foods :) So I have decided to start the 30 Day Shred Video, and thought, why not invite everyone else to do it with me?! Have you guys tried the 30 Day Shred? If not, and you are looking for a great workout video I HIGHLY recommend it. I have been using it for years, along with her trouble zone video. You have to be eating healthy along with it, but if you do, after 30 days, your results will be shocking, NO JOKE! So if anyone else wants to join me, let me know :) I am starting next Monday, so the 22nd. I like to write down my goals since they are more likely to get accomplished if you do, and I wouldn't mind the support. So even if you aren't doing the video, maybe you can set up your own healthy 30 days goal. Whos in?! haha

P.S. I just wanted to say SORRY to those who commented and I didn't respond. I have been trying to be good at replying to everyone's comments but with being away I got SO behind. So sorry if you didn't get a response to something, I really do appreciate the things you guys say and send me. To make life a little easier you guys should check to see if you have a no-reply email set up, if you fix that it makes it easier for me to email you a response :)

P.S. Just a reminder that I have opened up advertising spots on my blog. I thought I would put the prices out there so you guys all know, I am offering two different ad spaces for very reasonable prices. The large ad is 200 x 120 for $15 and the smaller ad is 200 x 70 for $8
Each of these ads stay up for 30 days. To get more details go here.

slow motion.

All couples have their quirks. But the other day I couldn't help but shaking my head and laughing a little. Trevor and I like to karate fight/beat each other up in slow motion. It sounds really dumb, but it is incredibly fun, &I have no idea why! haha The other day we randomly broke into doing it while cleaning up dinner. I love making my body jump back from one of his kicks, emphasizing just how powerful the kick was haha. Or when I get a perfect knee kick to his "parts" and he says "GOOD SHOT!" haha. We are not actually hitting each other because we are going SLOOOOOWWW. At one point Trevor started moving way too fast for slow motion, so I reminded him we are suppose to be going slow. He responded with, "Alycia, I am going this fast because that IS my slow motion. Yeah, I am THAT fast in real life." haha
It is the unique, sometimes strange things that couples do with each other that I love to see in couples.

SEPHORA $100 Giveaway! - CLOSED

 I am excited to offer a giveaway today to one of my all time favorite beauty go to spots. SEPHORA!

I have been going to Sephora for a long time, and I hope you guys enjoy them just as much as I do because today I am doing a giveaway for a $100 gift card to their store! Do you know how much wonderful make-up that is?! So I hope you guys are excited, because I know I would be.

How to Enter!
(use a separate comment for each entry!)

1 entry 
- Be a follower of the blog. (leave a comment telling me you are!)
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- Leave a comment telling me what items you would love to get with this gift card!
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I am going to keep this giveaway going longer then I normally do. So spread the word and get in all your entries! Giveaway closes 9/9

bachelorette party

I know it is Monday, which means I should be doing a Life Should Be a Party Post. But I have been dying to post about some of the things I did back in San Diego, so I am posting about a real life party instead! haha On that note, I think we agree it would be super fun to feature some of YOUR Life Should Be a Party posts... so submit them NOW so we can feature YOU next week! Email me at

A few weeks back when I was in San Diego, I attended a bachelorette party for one of my best friends :) We have known each other since sixth grade camp, and we have been friends ever since. I am so excited she is marrying her high school sweet heart in September! We went out to dinner, and then surprised Katy with a hotel room in down town San Diego. We got to view some fire works over the bay right out our window, such a special treat (&yes Katy, we totally planned that and paid to have those done! haha) We hung out in the sky bar that over looks San Diego, and just enjoyed each others company. We woke the next morning and were pool side :) It was the PERFECT couple days, and the much needed friend time I have been needing and missing.  
Love you girls.

I was having fun eating all the lemons...
maybe too much fun.... haha :)
too much fun leads to THE MOST embarrassing pictures caught of you EVER.
great great great great weekend :)

Double Love.

So today is our two year wedding anniversary! I mean how could I forget, facebook actually reminded me that it was my anniversary and told me to send Trevor a message! haha OH facebook, how hilarious is that? Anyways... It is crazy to me how fast time goes by :) 
So how will I be spending my day today? Being the Maid of Honor at my best friends wedding! haha SO Congrats to you Jamie and Anthony, I couldn't be happier for the two of you and I can't wait to share in your special day today.

And to my Trevor :) I LOVE YOU! I can't believe we have been married for two years now! We have a new apartment, a new school, a new city, a new chapter in our lives... I am excited to continue on this adventure with you!

&if you guys find yourself really bored today, you can check out our special day :) haha

Lots of Love.

Today I am doing a guest post over at the wonderful blog Cardigan Empire where I will be joining the Beauty-full Tuesday series.
I feel so lucky because so many amazing women have been apart of this :) 
So check it out!

 Just in case you guys didn't have the chance to see the
series I was apart of called Women Who Love.
I wanted to share what I wrote, here on my blog!
Age: 22
Love: History and Traveling

How long have you been studying history?
Technically I have been studying history since I started school right? History has always been one of my favorite classes in school, along with all of the Social Studies courses. This is why I decided to get a Social Science Teaching Major along with a History Teaching Minor. I get to study history, geography, politics, government and anything else you can imagine when it comes to people, places and how those relate to each other.

How has studying history made a positive impact on the rest of your life?
I believe that the more you understand a person’s history and culture, the better you can relate to them. I guess my love for history really comes from a love for people.

How has it given you confidence?
I believe that being informed and educated about the world you live in empowers you. When you know where you came from, you have a better idea of where you are going, and what you want to do.

What's your favorite memory of learning about history?
My favorite memory is probably when I was on a bus traveling through Japan. Our tour guide was amazing and she told us old Japanese tales while we traveled to different places. I learned so much about Japanese culture and the people through those stories.

Your favorite historical story?
Oh there are too many to choose! I think for a long time I was most fascinated with Roman history and their stories. Roman history is straight out of a movie, which is why there are probably so many! When I was in Rome I got to see the coliseum. A lot of people know that they use to have gladiator death fights there, but what most people don’t know is that they also would fill the coliseum up with water, put boats in there and have actual pirate battles! Incredible.

Has learning history impacted your love for traveling and culture?
I would almost say that my love for traveling and culture impacted my love for history. When I was in the 7th grade I won a writing contest and was able to be an exchange student in Japan. At the young age of 13 my eyes were astonished at this culture that was presented to me, it was so different from my world. Being there sparked something inside of me that made me want to learn more about other places and people. I developed a strong desire to see and learn about all the other places out there and to meet people different from me. Since then I have been able to travel many other places. So for I have mostly been around Europe, but I can’t wait to see even more!

This love of history is something I want to share with others, which is why I want to teach. I think it is so important for kids to know about their country, their rights, and their ancestors’ stories. In my opinion, understanding your Government and History are vital elements in helping young students figure out what they really want in their lives and in their futures. It helps them figure out who they are.

Do you have any advice for women interested in learning more about history?
Sometimes people think of history and think “boring.” But there are so many avenues that relate to history that are so exciting. I think it is important for women (and everyone) to learn about their families’ histories and the worlds histories so we can continue to learn and grow. I think it is also important to celebrate our successes and unite with people from different parts of the world. Not everyone can travel the world, not everyone can go back to school and learn more about history. But there are specific things women can do every day to play an active role in their learning and growing and participating in history. I think women should be knowledgeable in politics, and VOTE! We didn’t always use to have this right, and it is such a valuable one that helps shape our nation. Women can also document and put together family histories that can be passed down to generations where we can learn about our ancestors, and the things they did for us and their country. I also think women in America can take advantage of the fact that there are such a variety of cultures here to learn from. Women should gather together and have culture nights where they cook and share stories about where they are from and where they come from. Share traditions, stories, culture, celebrate LIFE.

In one sentence, what are your feelings about the importance of learning about history?
Understanding the history of countries, peoples, and places will help you learn how to understand and relate to others, as well as teaching you lessons that have already been taught, that will hopefully make you a better person.

Hello World!

Boy have I missed blogland! I have been traveling, and then I came right home to moving and I have had NO time to read my favorite blogs, and reply to your guys' comments until this past weekend. Moving has been a drag, which moving tends to be, but I am starting to feel more settled and don't have much left to put away, so that's good! So sorry for all the delay around here! I figured I better kick off this Monday with some Life Should be a Party! &I can't wait to update you on the rest of my travels in the next little bit.

Little to Big things I am celebrating in my life lately...
+having the opportunity to go to SMA camp. It was amazing. I love those kids so much, and was so happy to be apart of it.
+spending lots of time with my adorable nephews. they are a handful, but I cherish the time.
+being able to spend some time with my grandparents. they live in Nanaimo &I never get to see them. It was sooooo much fun :)
+getting to spend time in British Columbia, to me it is one of THE most beautiful places ever.
+having wonderful family &friends helps us move! I don't know what we would have done without them.
+getting to have some girl time with my little sister! living in the same city is going to be a blast!
+trying to get back on track with my health... vacations can mess you up, and I want to eat right and start working out again. I am feeling motivated! I went on a run this morning and everything.
+actually having some time alone all day with Trevor, even if it is packing and cleaning, I still enjoy it :)
+oh and pizza rolls. yes I am going to celebrate pizza rolls, because they are the best little creation of loveliness that you can just pop in your mouth haha

What have you guys been celebrating as of late? 
I am thinking of possibly starting to feature on my blog YOUR submissions of your Life Should be a Party Monday blog posts. Does that make sense? So not just the link up but an entire post on my blog would be your life should be a party post! Maybe a couple times a month? I don't know. What do you guys think? Would you all be down for that?