I don't know what has come over me this week but my girly side is coming out. My style is usually eclectic and I like to mix and match. I am not normally drawn to things "overly girly" but these pants from Kate Spade inspired me to put together a really fun, girly glam look. Every once in a while it is fun to go all out!
Whenever I wear a high neck line top I like to have big statement earrings or a necklace, and pull my hair back. This creates a really gorgeous classy look that has a lot of elegance. It also makes the jewelry the focus, as well as your face. That Nars lipstick is on my next splurge list, the color pay off is incredible! The Betsey Johnson perfume is not only pretty, but has a great sultry scent. It is a scent I wouldn't have normally been drawn to, but Trevor bought it for me as part of my Christmas present when we first started dating and after wearing it a bunch I have grown to absolutely love it. Plus, it seems like guys always comment on it when I wear it, and seeing that is was picked by a guy... that must be saying something. So if your looking for a scent that the boys will like, its worth a try!
Hope this girly glam look inspires your next date night or girl's night out look! Add a fun dramatic wing to your make up and your set ;)
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July isn't even over and it has been jam packed for us! A lot of working, studying, and time with friends and family. We spent the Fourth of July with our friends, Brandon and Stephanie, and had a little barbeque. I love cooking, and being in the kitchen with friends is the absolute best. We enjoyed a chill evening making dinner and hanging out. We then headed to the fireworks show in Sugarhouse Park. There were so many people there and we walked around the different vendors enjoying the amazing weather. Utah summers at night are the ultimate! We grabbed some giant lemonades and watched the fireworks in the grass. The best kind of evening.

We have actually been able to spend a lot of time with friends and family considering how busy Trevor has been with studying for the bar. His parents have been up here a few times, and we went to dinner with them. I went to dinner and a movie with a girlfriend while our husbands got into all kinds of trouble zip-lining. A friend from college invited me over for dinner at her place and we had a great evening of just chatting on the couch and enjoying her adorable little girl. We have attended several weddings this month, and my little brother and his wife had me over for a scrumptious waffle breakfast last weekend.

Trevor has a big group of friends he grew up with in St. George and they have all stayed close throughout college and getting married. A few weekends ago we all met up for dinner and lets just say, we were spoiled. Stanton and Billie are always the sweetest most generous hosts, and they made the most amazing dinner. We are talking smoked brisket, delicious fall off the bone ribs, and this chicken that was out of this world. I felt like we were at some 5 star barbeque joint or something but they had made everything in their backyard. Nothing better than some barbeque if your asking me! Everyone brought a little something to contribute, and what resulted was an all out feast. Trevor had the brilliant idea to bring some amazing donuts his office had brought in on National Donut Day. I hadn't had any yet but they did not disappoint. It is from a place here called Beyond Glaze. For years my favorite donuts have been from a little shop in the community I grew up in. Nothing has compared... until now! These are just like those donuts from my community but even better because they taste just like them but with crazy toppings!

There have also been so many blogging events going on the last few weeks! I have created a bad habit of putting way too much on my plate and I get burned out. I have really had to start creating a balance in my life and learning how to stay no to things. I have learned that even though I would love to do everything, I just can't. So I had to opt out on a lot of fun, but did commit to attending a Flamingo Fest party and the Bright Nights Event. Both put on by amazing ladies and friends. The best part of blogging has been all the relationships I have made. Sometimes it can be overwhelming the talent all the women I have met have, and when you put them all together in a room there is just much, energy! Both events were really fun, and it was nice to go out and do something different with my friends.

Can I just make a side note about how happy I am Trevor isn't at BYU anymore! The BEARD is back in my life and I have missed it :)

I am off to Canada this week so follow along @alyciagrayce


CHIANG MAI เชียงใหม่ ELEPHANTS ช้างไทย

We were in a very secluded area, with random houses and small villages spread out. At one point we made a turn as we climbed higher and higher into the mountains and I couldn't believe my eyes. I did a few double takes. There was a large valley with green as far as the eye could see, and elephants scattered throughout. If I didn't know better I would think I was starring at a picture, a painting, something not real. It was incredible. We proceeded to see scenes like this along the way, and once I spotted the first elephant crossing sign I got so giddy I could hardly contain myself.


Chiang Mai - Karen Long Neck Hilltribe

After the day we had before I didn't think it would be possible to top it. No way. It was just too good. But I also knew that by the end of the day I would be riding an elephant. AN ELEPHANT! It has always been a dream of mine to ride one, so the excitement of that had my adrenaline pumping pretty early that morning. Since being in Thailand, Trevor and I had planned everything we had done on our own, but for the elephants we had booked the day through Blue Elephant and had picked a package for the day that included a bunch of different things. 

Our tour guide picked us up early that morning. Our first stop for the day was at a market outside of town. You could instantly tell that it was different then some of the other markets we had seen in the big cities. You could tell it was where the locals went. Mr. Nong, our tour guide, walked us through the aisles. Aisles of color, variety, and just plain beauty. That may read like a dramatic way to describe a local fresh market, but it isn't. Everything about this place was beautiful. The exotic foods, the people and their interactions with each other. The whole atmosphere was just, beautiful. We picked out fruits and treats for the day as well as some bananas for the elephants. I loved watching Mr. Nong talk to his friends, and he would take the time to tell us about the food and who he was talking to. Speaking of our tour guide, Mr. Nong was a smart good looking young man, around the same age as Trevor and I. It was fun to spend time with someone our age from Thailand, and really learn about his life. He was funny and never ceased to amaze me with all the information he knew about Thailand. As a history major I was soaking up everything and loving every second of it. He proceeded to tell us facts and teach us phrases in Thai through out the whole day. He really was amazing!



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I love this dress! It is super comfortable and really breathable which is perfect for summer. I also love the fun print on it. I love traveling and since I was little I have collected globes. I love that this dress has a nod to traveling :) Add a light sweater and some dainty jewelry and you are ready to go! I love this a&t necklace from GroopDealz. They offer some pretty good deals with really unique items and are totally worth a look. They offer such a variety that there is always something you want! They have everything from fashion items, down to camera gear. In the market for a DSLR? Check them out!