16 Weeks Pregnant Update + Vlog ❤

My top is from ARDEN for those who have asked. LOVE ALL THEIR STUFF!

How far along: I am 16 weeks and 2 days!

How big is baby: The size of an avocado

Weight Gain: Haven't weighed myself this week but I think I have put on a few pounds.

Maternity clothes: I am starting to wear more of my maternity tops and while I can fit into my regular pants, I am having to start doing the hair band trick on my jeans by the afternoon ;) haha

Stretch marks: No new ones!

Sleep: Thankfully so far no issues! .

Craving: Same old, same old. Cereal, PB + J's and Macaroni and Cheese. This time around I find that I am almost not in the mood for food. Which is kind of depressing cause I live for food haha

Feeling: I am getting anxious to find out what we are having! Ella and I are off to Arizona for a trip and soon after we get back we will be finding out the gender and I couldn't be more excited. I JUST WANT TO KNOW!

I put together a fun little pregnancy update via a vlog if you want to watch that for some more insight and a peek into my day.

Miracle Acne Cure - Apple Cider Vinegar

Talking all about the miracle acne cure sitting in your kitchen cupboard. But really! Using APC as a toner has changed my skin and cured my acne issues I got because of pregnancy. Hopefully it can make a huge difference for you too! ❤

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How To Take Care of Damaged Hair - Biotin Infusion

I recently went back to Platinum hair which means, lots of damage! Thankfully my hair has always held up really well to highlights and overall bleaching; and I think a huge part of that is because I have always been really good about taking proper care of it. Whenever you color treat your hair you are causing some kind of damage to it. How you treat it before, and after your color is super important. If you know you are going to be getting a ton of highlights or an overall color, you should be prepping the week before with lots of moisturizing and conditioning treatments.     

For years I would take a vitamin called Biotin. It is known for its superior hair strengthening benefits. When the hair is strong this enables it to grow, and hold up to the wear and tear of life. Suave Professionals recently came out with a new Biotin Infusion line that has got me really excited. Like really excited. I was asked to test this line out and I have to say I am blown away! I do not take my hair care lightly. You see I have very thin hair, that likes to break, so I can't risk my hair on shampoos and conditioners that don't help me out. If I did, that would mean it would all be falling out. I have been using this line for the past week and I am obsessed and incredibly happy because it means I won't have to spend an arm and leg for my other expensive brands I have been using. I wasn't surprised at all when I read that this line was tested and proven to strengthen as well as Pureology® Strength Cure®. It felt like I was using one of my higher end products and the results were honestly better then what I am currently using! I will definitely be throwing this line into the mix and be using it as my every day hair care.    

This line is infused with B7 Biotin, which I mentioned is a vitamin known for superior hair strengthening benefits, and this luxurious range reduces breakage by 95% for dramatically less hair fall vs. non-conditioning shampoo. Less hair fall is exactly what I need right now! Not only because of the damage of color treating it, but because I just had a baby and hair loss is usually a side affect postpartum. When your hair isn't falling out as much, you are left with fuller, thicker looking hair! Which is something I also need because I have thin hair as it is. Anything to make my hair fuller gets me excited. Did I mention that the shampoo and conditioner smells AMAZING! I mean, I know that isn't a "necessity" but it sure was the cherry on top. I love the scent of this stuff and it doesn't just smell when you are using it, it lasted through my blow out! I was pleasantly surprised that my hair smelled good all day long. Having my hair smell good is always my favorite thing about leaving the salon, and so it was really fun being able to achieve that at home.
 Okay, now on to my favorite part of this line! The Biotin Infusion Anti-Breakage Serum. This serum is also infused with B7 Biotin, and wraps each strand in a protective seal for advanced hair fall defense. While using this product along with the shampoo and conditioner, you will experience 95% less breakage and your hair will be 20x stronger vs. non-conditioning shampoo. I can attest to seeing a huge difference already in my hair fall out. This serum really seals the deal, and is one more layer of vitamins and benefits for your hair. Once your hair is damp, you put a dime size in your palm and run this through your hair. It is an extra treatment that will take your blow out to the next level, and keep your hair healthy and strong. This whole line is like feeding vitamins and all the goodness to your hair!

Now that I have raved about each member of this amazing line (yes, I really am this excited to have found a product I love so much that doesn't break the bank) I want to make sure I share my tips on taking care of damaged hair.   

Let the products in - and keep them in!
Your hair has pores, just like your face! And just like your face, hot and cold open and close those pores. While you are washing your hair, the water tends to be warm, opening those pores and letting the product in. To really seal the deal, pun intended, you need to turn your water to a cooler temperature (as much as you can handle) to close the pores. We all have different levels of hair porosity, but this will help secure and keep in the product you just used.  

Wide Tooth Comb or Pick 
Wet hair breaks SO easily; make sure that when you brush your hair out you have ringed out as much water as possible, and are using a wide tooth comb or some kind of pick to brush it out. This will save your hair!   

Avoid Blow Drying
Blow drying the hair causes more damage, so if you can avoid it, don't do it. If you really need to because you are on a time crunch, or your hair is so think it would take days to dry, try and wait until it is more damp. Anything to reduce time under the heat is going to benefit your locks!    

Use A Serum 
I have always loved using some kind of serum on my hair before I blow dry it, or even when letting it air dry. There are so many added benefits to this one last step that is often over looked. If you notice, anytime you get your hair done your stylist uses products after the wash right? These products can take your wash to the next level, by adding styling benefits or health benefits to your hair. Using something like the Biotin Infusion Anti-Breakage Serum is going to do both for you! 

You guys, the new Suave Professionals® Biotin Infusion Strengthening line is pretty dang awesome. They have been proven to work as well as luxury brands. Hopefully I have convinced you to try it out. It is flying off the shelves so I took that as a sign that it must be pretty great and so I bought the larger size bottles of shampoo and conditioner and am so happy I did because I will be using it all up! When I was at Walmart there were only a few bottles left of the serum and that doesn't surprise me now either. I am a believer! Go see for yourself. Visit your local Walmart to try out all of the new 2016 Suave Professionals collections: Coconut Oil Infusion, Coconut Milk Infusion and Biotin Infusion, while supplies last.

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14 Weeks - First Trimseter Update - Baby Number Two!

Well wow! Here we are, back to some maternity updates for the blog for baby number two. Still haven't really wrapped my mind around that. You see, this baby was kind of a surprise. I talk all about it in my YouTube video so I don't want to rehash here, but let's just say I am really fertile! haha Trevor and I have always wanted to have our children close together. We had talked about having our kids 18 months to 2 years apart, so this does fit into our plan nicely. This pregnancy so far has been a night and day compared to Ella's. I was incredibly sick the past few months, throwing up multiple times a days every day. Thankfully as I have entered the second trimester it has been so much better! I also haven't put on any weight, which by this time with Ella I had already gained about 10 pounds. My circumstances are just so different now, where I am able to be so much more active because I am not chained to a desk all day and being temped by donuts and eating out with co-workers haha I decided to fill out the little questionnaire I did with Ella's update and I plan to do the occasional video update as well on my YouTube channel. 

How far along: I am 14 weeks and 5 days!

How big is baby: The size of a Lemon :)

Weight Gain: I go into more detail about this in my YouTube video, but I haven't put on any weight. I keep fluctuating back and forth a pound. This pregnancy is already so different from Ella! haha It is so strange to see my tummy pop out but not see any weight gain on the scale!

Maternity clothes: I am still in my regular clothes! 

Stretch marks: No new ones!

Sleep: Thankfully so far no issues! I am still early enough along this hasn't been a problem yet.

Craving: Exactly what I craved last time I was pregnant haha I have been craving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cereal (Life, Grape Nut Flakes, Oatmeal Squares, Honey Bunches of Oats, and Special K Vanilla Almond.) Mac N Cheese, of course!

Feeling: Excited :) The first few months I was so sick and busy I hardly registered that I was pregnant, but now that my energy is coming back and I am feeling better and I have a little bump, I have been thinking about baby number two a lot more. I can't wait to see what he or she is like and watch them with Ella. Hearing the heart beat and seeing the ultrasound is always crazy, there is a little life in there! The body really is an amazing thing, and these little ones really are miracles. Trevor and I are thrilled that our family is growing. I just want to get all our kids here as soon as possible! I want my whole family together :) haha