Fourth of July Weekend


What a weekend, I am exhausted! With the day off, Friday was spent getting things done around the house, I even spackled the nursery to prep for painting! Saturday morning Trevor and I put together a grill that I won (I will have to share about that night soon) and it took way longer than either of us thought it would, haha. We followed that ordeal up with some grocery shopping since we were having a bunch of friends over for a Fourth of July BBQ later that evening. It was a great low key night just eating good food with good friends. Once it got dark we went down to a big parking lot at an elementary school just by our house to light fireworks. Now, where do I even begin with describing our neighborhood to you? They LOVE fireworks! So much so that you can see a firework show going off in every direction like a clock in a total 360. I wish I had taken a video to show you guys! You really have to see it to believe it. Our friends even made the comment that we will never have to fight the crowds at a park or pay to see fireworks because we have a show that lasts for hours in our neighborhood, and it is so true, it was so much fun!
We of course contributed to this show, Trevor and his friends spent way too much money on fireworks to light off. We had little ones and big huge ones and it was a blast - pun intended ;)! The neighborhood show didn't die down until around midnight and that is about when we finally got to bed. The only thing missing from my Fourth of July was a pool, I NEED to get this pregnant belly to a pool pronto!

Yes, that would be Trevor's dirt bike that was apart of this whole broken foot fiasco!

Staton and Billie's fresh new baby girl :)

Just as the sun was going down and some fireworks were starting. Poor Trevor having to use his little scooter! haha

32 Weeks Pregnancy Update - Lindsay Olsen Photography


Lindsay Olsen is a Newborn and Baby Photographer here in Utah, and while that is her main focus, she indulged me in some maternity pictures. Oh my goodness where do I even start? I love these! When you are this far along in your pregnancy it can be hard to feel like you look your best, but I think Lindsay captured the beauty of pregnancy in these photos and I will cherish them for years to come. The softness and natural element these photos have suit a maternity session perfectly, and Lindsay made me so comfortable. I can't wait to work with her again when our little girl arrives! And, as per usual, a gazillion photos after the jump...


How big is baby: Baby girl is as big as a squash, or a head of lettuce! Can you believe that? Around 19 inches long and almost 4 pounds.

I forgot to mention something exciting that happened back in week 30, Trevor got to see baby girl move! He has yet to feel her, BOO, but he saw her moving one time when we were trying to get him to feel her. It was pretty cool and it is so fun that you can see her jabs through my stomach every now and then if I am laying down. I love it! Speaking of movement, like I mentioned last week, her movements are so much more intense now. I could tell that something definitely had changed and after my appointment this week I learned that she has indeed turned head down. I had a feeling she had, so it is fun knowing exactly where she is and what I am feeling or seeing. For example, sometimes she goes completely to one side of my belly and I look super lopsided, it is hilarious. My doctor told me when I see the lump that appears, it is her bum! How cute is that? Okay maybe other people wouldn't think that is cute but to me it is utterly adorable.  

It was getting a little surreal as the doctor started asking me a lot more about how I plan to give birth, and questions about nearing the end of this pregnancy. Before we know it, she will be here! 7 weeks and 4 days to be exact. I would love if she came a little earlier than that, but seeing that the women in my family tend to go late I am not getting my hopes up! haha I have been feeling pretty good, considering there is a pretty intense heat wave right now in Utah. It has been in the 100's the past few weeks and I am dying! Being pregnant in the middle of the summer is already one thing but add this heat and I am over it, haha. Besides that the only thing bothering me lately is the usual, swollen feet, painful swollen hands, and while I don't have heart burn that bad typically, I have noticed an increased need for tums in the middle of the night. I really think my list of pregnancy complaints is pretty small compared to what I hear other women talk about so I am considering myself lucky! We have so much to do this month to prepare for the baby so I don't want to rush time, but August just can't come soon enough!

30/31 Weeks Pregnancy Update


These fun photos were from my little session a few weeks back with Brit and thought they would be fun to share!
“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends!” –KATE SPADE
Gosh I am behind on these updates! Last week my mom was in town, and with working full time, and Trevor breaking his foot and needing surgery, life has become a tad hectic for me! I am going non-stop and honestly am shocked I am evening finding the time to blog at all. But I am committed! haha I decided to do a combined update for the past two weeks to catch up, and do a more general update like last time without all the specific questions.

How big is baby: Baby girl went from a Cucumber to a Pineapple! How on earth is there a pineapple inside me?! haha

SO much has happened over the last few weeks. I hit 30 weeks the day of my Utah Baby Shower! It was fun to celebrate this little girl with all the friends I have made since living here in Utah. I also got to see some people I grew up with that have ended up in Utah, and even my mom came up for the shower. It was a great day and like a giant reunion of sorts! I have so many amazing people in my life and people willing to go above and beyond for me! Thanks to everyone who came out and those who traveled to see me, I appreciate it so much! During week 30 Trevor also went and broke his foot, I wrote all about it HERE, but to sum it up it required surgery and from here on out our summer is going to look a lot different with him not being able to walk up until the baby is born, and me being super pregnant. It isn't the end of the world of anything but it sure puts a wrench in a lot of our plans and things we wanted to get done before the baby arrives. But we will just have to make do! So now I am taking care of me and this baby, and my big baby Trevor who can't do much since he can't bear weight at all on his foot for the next six weeks!
My swelling has gotten to the point where I have developed Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel, where my hands are tingly, numb, and weak. Sometimes it can spread up into my wrists and forearm. It is the worst in the mornings, but gets better throughout the day. In the mornings in can be painful just to try and get some toilet paper from the roll because it hurts so much to bend them!!! Thankfully this should go away once I have the baby, but for now it is very annoying. My feet seem to be managing the swelling a little better, I think it is because I have learned how to keep them down a bit with compression socks and taking breaks. Gosh this third trimester stuff is fun, no?! haha
So far during week 31 I have noticed a change in how I feel her move. She must be a lot bigger, because her movements are so much more intense, and more uncomfortable. I hesitate to use the word hurt, because that isn't right but, I can feel she is hitting a lot more stuff in there than she was before! I am also really starting to feel the restrictions of my body as I get bigger. We have been doing a lot of house projects and work these days and my body just doesn't move the same way it used to, that's for sure. There is a legit basketball baby belly now! haha While it is hard work I am actually really happy I have something active to do at the end of my days. It has been hard getting myself to the gym, but just doing this housework I feel has made all the difference in making sure I am getting enough exercise! I sit at a desk job all day long, so to come home even though I am tried and do something I can tell is keeping my body a lot stronger than if I was coming home and vegging on the couch. I also read that keeping active can help with the swelling so maybe that's why my feet have got a little better? Who knows! Either way, I am at the point in this pregnancy where I am taking it a day at a time. I cant' believe I only have about 8 weeks left in this pregnancy! The single digit count down is blowing my mind! haha Baby girl will be here SO SOON :)!