I'm Loving: Target Door Mats (ON SALE!)

After we bought our house I was on the hunt for a great door mat. I finally hunted down this adorable one from Target. It was old out for awhile and they recently brought it back, along with a bunch of other great styles. I thought I would do a round up since there were so many cute ones that also happen to be on sale this week! I picked up a few seasonal ones that I can't wait to use, like that adorable watermelon one!

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Playing catch up - Life these days!

Hello? Hello? Anyone there? I know, I have been neglecting the blog. I feel like all I post about anymore is baby related content, and while that has become a huge part of my life, obviously, I am still me... ALYCIA and I need to be better about posting about my life and everything that it includes. It is funny, I thought for some reason that becoming a "stay at home" mom I would have all this extra time, but the reality is I am working more than full time from home, and have an endless list of projects that need to get done. While looking back, the structure of my day was always laid out for me; with full time jobs, and a set class schedule. I had to work my day around those priorities, and those priorities filled up my entire day.

Now that I work for myself and from home I am in charge of managing when something gets done, and when it doesn't. This of course is a great freedom, but at the same time, can show you your weaknesses and makes certain things get pushed to the side for too long. I have also found that working for myself has caused this push to always be working. The work is never done! Before, I would get off work and be done for the day. I would totally "shut off" and now I feel like my brain is constantly running. It is a side of working for myself I hadn't totally anticipated. While I still need to learn the balance of it all, I have been trying to have a life too! Why is it so easy as a new parent to just stay inside all day? I have made a goal to try and get out and do something fun with my friends weekly!

Seven/Eight Months 💛

Ella wore one of my old dresses for Easter Sunday, and she was just adorable! I love having these vintage dresses for her to wear.

I have been so busy over here with personal projects that I totally spaced on putting together Ella's seven months update! And guess what, she turned eight months old today! How does this happen?! I have decided to kind of lump these past two months together in one update to catch up. She has grown so much, so here we go...

4Moms High Chair Giveaway!

I am incredibly excited to share this amazing 4Moms high chair with you guys! Yes, I said amazing, and I am not exaggerating. We had a different high chair for Ella, but after getting this one it blows it out of the water. Seriously. It covers all the issues I had with my previous high chair, and even covered things I hadn't thought about. We are big fans of 4Moms over here, Ella couldn't get enough of her MamaRoo the first six months, and this high chair is turning out to be no different. Sometimes Ella just likes to sit in it and play next to me while I work. Today I am doing an Instagram takeover for @4moms_hq so you can hop on over there throughout the day to see the things I love about it. But I will also be covering all of that here... So here we go! 

One of the first things I noticed about this high chair was how comfortable Ella was in it compared to her previous one. The bucket seat helped her sit up properly, and the adjustable tray placement creates a perfect fit; making it so she could reach for her food with ease with no spills on her lap. Her confidence in this chair was soaring and for the first time she wasn't moving all over the place while I tried to feed her!