Arden Deals & Discount Code


Today I am highlighting a piece sent to me by Arden Deals, a new deal site! Amethyst is my birth stone so I always tend to gravitate towards it. This necklace had my name all over it and I love how it adds a fun element and some dimension to this pretty flowy top. Today Arden has been gracious enough to offer my readers 20% OFF anything on their site using the Code: CROWLEY20

Everything is such a steal, I mean, $13 baby mocassions? You just can't beat that! Plus add the discount code and you are practically walking away with them. They also have adorable capes and masks for kids, and I am loving the color options for this scarf. Check them out and see everything they have and are updating to the site.

Again, Arden has been gracious enough to offer my readers 20% OFF anything on their site using the Code: CROWLEY20 Sooooooo basically you should get on that.

Oh and if that wasn't good enough, if you check out their instagram they have a code for a free scarf with any purchase! Hello?!

Thailand Extras - ประเทศไทย


A year ago today we were on a plane traveling and making our way to Thailand! What a dream trip it was. There are so many of those moments during a trip that don't really fit into the story of what you did when you are journaling about it. This post is full of all those extra pictures and moments :)

Koh Samui
Thailand Extras

22 Weeks Pregnancy Update



How far along: I am 22 weeks and 4 days

How big is baby: The size of a Papaya!

Weight Gain: 20 pounds with lots of bloating and retaining water :) haha

Stretch marks: No new ones, same few on my hips and chest. It is funny cause one hip barely even has one, it is really just one side! haha I guess that hip got bigger quicker? 

Sleep: This past week sleep has actually been better! My Rhinitis has even been better! Hallelujah!

Craving: I never really left the cereal train, but it has been in full force this week! I got a little crazy and bought about five different cereals this past week all for me :)

Random: Baby girl has this thing she likes to do where she gets all up in my lungs making it hard for me to take a full deep breath. My goodness it is annoying! Thankfully it usually doesn't last long.

Feeling: Baby girl! I am feeling her move so much more now! I now feel her on the daily, especially later in the evening. It isn't so much kicking as her just rolling around in there. It can actually freak me out sometimes, but it is still insanely cool all at the same time. 

Notes to my little girl,

Just last night as we were going to bed I was telling your Dad how I hadn't felt you move as much as I usually do that day, and that it made me a little sad. He made a joke about how you must have slept in and got off schedule. Within minutes you were moving around and didn't stop! It was like you knew we were talking about you! It was so funny. What wasn't funny was that you kept moving for the next half hour and I had a hard time going to sleep, haha. I secretly didn't mind though, I like knowing your with me. 

XO Mom