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I just bought my cap &gown. This is so surreal :) woot woot!

Senator, Zuckerberg, & Jimmer.

Sorry for my lack of posting on Friday with my Learn Something series. I have a good excuse I promise! As some of you may know from reading my blog, Trevor works in Senator Orrin Hatch's office. His latest project has been organizing a big event that was held at BYU last Friday. Senator Orrin hatch invited Mark Zuckerberg to come speak to students and the public in technology forum. For those of you who don't know who Mark Zuckerberg is, he is the founder of the social networking website Facebook (duh) and Senator Orrin hatch is the Utah Senator. I was really excited to go, and to get VIP floor seats! I was in the 3rd row on the floor and was so up close I could see details and lines on their faces (sorry to geek out, but I never get that close to anything!) The forum was great, and there was a huge turn out. I was excited to help Trevor and be apart of the event ----I cut out the note cards and questions for Mark and Orrin :) haha

After they held a luncheon for some "special" people, the Senator and Mark. I was told before hand by Trevor that he probably wouldn't be able to get me into that, so I had made plans to go and have some yummy bread with honey butter from the BYU student center. Last minute someone from the office asked if I could come to the lunch and help take pictures of everyone especially Mark and the Senator. I was thrilled :) I got up close and personal, and felt totally awkward taking picture of Mark, with him looking at me out of the corner of his eye etc. haha All in all in was a fun day and was very exciting! The Senator recognized me from a previous event and gave me a big hug, sweet guy. It was also nice seeing my hubberz in full action at work. He is a dependable guy, and it was a fun bring your wife to work day :)

Of course my camera died before I got a ton of pictures on my personal camera, but the other staff have a ton that I can't wait to get copies of. Until then.... here are some I found on the web of the event.
Mark is known for always wearing a hoodie, so the office thought it would be fun to give him a sweater/hoodie from all the different schools in Utah. Trevor actually bought the BYU one that they gave him. I wasn't so impressed with the University of Utah one they gave him, which was a shame (go UTES!) haha Oh well...
Oh and if the day wasn't good enough.... we hung out in Provo that night and who was in line in front of us? The Jimmer of course, haha! What a day.... sorry for geeking out people.


So I believe it was about the 8th grade that I started getting these headaches. I noticed them after reading a lot or using the computer for an extended period of time. My mom took me to the optometrist but I didn't think that would really help because when I was reading, the words were never blurry. I walked away with my first pair of glasses that day. Apparently I have a very mild astigmatism. Basically my eyeballs are shaped like footballs and so my focus isn't exactly on point, so my eyes work double time to correct this. So after reading a lot it wears them out. Because of this I never really needed my glasses to see anything, but simply to avoid headaches after reading. I have never had to be dependent on my glasses to be able to see things, or read things.  Which was so convenient.
Well the past six months I have noticed that my teachers PowerPoints are really crappy. I had kind of brushed it off just thinking the school needed new equipment or something. Then one Saturday afternoon, Trevor and I headed to Costco. I was looking for a particular section--you know how Costco has those HUGE red words above different sections of their store? Well those words, were blurry. I rubbed my eyes a couple times thinking my eyes must just be tired. Trevor assured me that my eyes were probably just still waking up or something. I started to freak out a little by the end of our shopping trip when I noticed I couldn't really read anything in the distance. If the print was big enough then I could make out what is said, but nothing was crisp. I went back to school and realized it wasn't the schools equipment, or my teachers PowerPoints. It was me. I couldn't even make out certain things on the white board anymore.

At twenty two years old, I feel like an old blind lady. I am not sure what it is exactly, if my astigmatism just has gotten worse, or if I am nearsided now? Soon I will be making an appointment to get a new prescription, but this whole depending on glasses to see thing kind of really sucks. I can't even make out who people are if they are too far away... sad day. So to make myself feel better about being blind I am using this opportunity to get a new pair of frames :) I have a coach pair that I love, but I would like something a little more fun.
This is where you folks come in! I need some helping choosing between these two, black or the coming back tortoise style? I can't decide. I think the black might go with more which makes them more practical, but  I don't want it to be harsh on my face. I think the Tortoise ones wouldn't look as harsh on my skin, and seem really fun....but then probably wont match nearly as much as the black. I think I am leaning more towards the black for practicality, but what do you guys think?
Let me know what pair you would get and why! THANKS!


This is why I am going into Education...

Children are the future. It is time to use the confidence of our youth to our advantage and empower them with a good education so they can be successful.

learn something.

I need to relax a bit more, and have some fun :) Can't wait to do that when I get a little break next week, Spring break WOOT WOOT!

Silly Lessons...
+ Trevor has officially become one of the weirdest people I know, haha. You learn so much about a person after you have lived with for awhile. I thought I had seen every side of his personality until last night...

+ If you are going to have a "define the relationship" conversation on the phone, lets not do it in public so loud in the library that everyone can hear all your "jersey shore" details. This really isn't my lesson, but should be someone else's... I guess I learned to be careful where you have personal conversations on your cell phone. You never know who is listening and can hear you!

+ I should just know that until I graduate.... everything else is probably going to fall to the wayside. 

Serious Lessons...
+ The temple is a beautiful place, that I need make sure I am going to more often. Yesterday morning was the best :)

+I may give him a hard time, but Trevor really tried to make this week more bearable for me, and it was HIS birthday! I think I need to make it up to him BIG time.

+My sister is one of the strongest people I know. Actually lets make that my two sisters. I have amazing sisters who are examples to me every day. Really, I do.

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twenty six.

Happy Birthday to my Love.
I like this picture because it says so much about you in just one frame.
I like crab legs.
I like all you can eat buffets.
I don't like people taking my picture.

P.S. Don't feel "old." You can feel old later... I mean before you know it we will be in our 30's with kids! Yikes!


A few weeks ago I mentioned the excitement and miracle surrounding my older sister's pregnancy. Unfortunately the other day they found out that the baby had no heartbeat. She was 11 weeks along, and is now waiting for a miscarriage to happen. My family is heartbroken for her. What amazes me through all of this is her perspective on life, miracles, trials and gifts. Kira and her family have had to go through so many different trials already, and it would be so easy to be angry at God, but they don't approach their life like that. They take their trials and move forward stronger then ever. I truly believe God doesn't give us more then we can handle, but that can be hard to remember when you are in the middle of a trial. Kira likes to say "I can do hard things." I couldn't help but think about her saying that this past weekend with everything her and her family are going through. I have such an amazing family, with so many different examples in my life. I love you Kira, and I know that this experience will strengthen you and your family even more then you ever imagined possible.

learn something.

Me &my Little Sister ♥

Silly Lessons...
+ Apparently it is totally normal for guys to have bodily functions and needs such as going to bathroom  and, burping and lets just say it farting.... but if a girl does it, it is the end of the world. Even if she is in the privacy of her own home, in her bedroom.... thanks Trevor.

+ I guess I need to check how I am dressed before I leave the house, I went to the gym with my pants on inside out. They were spandex pants so lets just say it was pretty noticeable with the large seems going down my butt with the tag hanging out like a tail. Of course I didn't notice until we got home.

+ I thought you couldn't have nice things until after your children grew up. I guess you can't have nice things until after your husband grows up. (the list would be horrendous if I told you all the things Trevor has broke since we have been married, BAH!)

Serious Lessons...
+ Words that do not match deeds are unimportant - Ernesto "Che" Guevara

+ Only I have control over how I feel. I need to stay more positive and not get so worked up over everything little thing. This will make life much more enjoyable, and less stressful. I have been doing these 7 second long breaths in and out at night before I go to bed. Doctors say it will help you relieve stress, and I have found it really does make you feel better. Try it.

+ I love my family &they are never going anywhere. (Some lessons you need to remember every day.)

+Life is precious, and we need to come together when things get hard. I was an exchange student in Japan, so this really makes me sad. Japan is such a beautiful country full of beautiful people.
My heart goes out to everyone effected by the disasters that happened this morning!!

Thanks for joining along guys, if you haven't already done so, link up your Friday lessons learned! 


I found another way to make an easy necklace like the one I did out of my bracelet! You basically do the same thing, except this one was made with two strands of long pearls. It has been fun playing around to see all the different kinds of necklaces you can make doing this with all other kinds of jewelry. Have you guys tried doing this yet?

mexican market.

I spent the afternoon with "cinco ninas" a while back and documented some of our adventures while at the Mexican Market. Our family friends introduced me to an amazing Mexican donut called Conchas. They are a Mexican shell-shaped pastries that are sold in Mexican bakeries (panaderias). All the pastries were cheap cheap cheap and such a good deal! The girls love that these donuts look like a, for lack of a better word, boob. HA. They taught me that the best way to eat them is to zap it in the microwave for a little bit so they are super warm and go a little softer. They were soooooooooooooo good. So if you find yourself around a Mexican Market or bakery, get yourself a Concha! Or some "Cha Chas" haha
It is perfection really.

fruit cockatil.

A couple weeks ago Trevor and I had dinner with some family friends. They made the yummiest fruit cocktail and thought I had to share the recipe (Thanks Molly!) So here you go, something super yummy to eat. I couldn't help but think how nice this would be on a hot summer afternoon... the summer really couldn't come soon enough for me right now ;) haha

What you need:
2-3 cans crushed pineapple
1 quart pears with juice
1 quart peaches with juice
pomegranate seeds
1 can orange juice concentrate

Mix it up and ENJOY :)

learn something.

I think it is about time we mix things up a bit! I want to start a new series on my blog! Every Friday I am going to gather together a list of all the things I have learned from the week. I mean, they say you should learn something new every day right? So why not share all the random to major lessons we have learned through out the week with each other?
This can be from silly to serious, and I hope some of you decide to join me!

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learn something.

I think it is about time we mix things up a bit! I want to start a new series on my blog! Every Friday I am going to gather together a list of all the things I have learned from the week. I mean, they say you should learn something new every day right? So why not share all the random to major lessons we have learned through out the week with each other?
This can be from silly to serious, and I hope some of you decide to join me!
Next week I will put up a place to link up to the series.

Things I learned this week…
+ Do not try talking to Trevor about anything semi-serious if he has not had food yet.
+ Don’t think because the sun is shining in Utah that you don’t need gloves or a heavier coat, because the weather here is bi-polar and it will start hailing on you on your walk home.
+ It is great to make friends with people at work, but be careful…. They might just start telling you details about their life you really didn’t want to know about.
+ Take stickers off apples and other fruit items before you eat them, HA!
+ As seen in my last post, DON'T use the hubberz deodorant after you have just shaved your pits.

+ I may complain a lot right now about school and how crazy my schedule is, but I absolutely love working with kids and what I am doing. I know I am heading in the right career and that couldn't make me happier.
+ I can say NO. I don't have to spread myself so thin all the time. I need me time too.
+ If I put my mind to it, I can do it.

feel the burn.

Top: (Striped) F21, (Flannel) Billabong Jeans: F21 Shoes:American Eagle

I have been slacking on my fashion posts. It has been strictly sweat pants and messy buns over here lately. So I thought I would put some up to show myself I sometimes still have time to actually get ready for my day, haha. Anywhoooo I am not really sure where it went... but my deodorant went missing. hmm? The other day I hopped out of the shower and couldn't seem to find where my deodorant went. I was in a hurry so I grabbed some of Trevor's (you know you have all done this before). I noticed he had bought a new brand, it was a pure gel kind, which I hate those kinds of deodorants, but I needed to hurry up and I wasn't about to go out and about without some deodorant on. So I put it on.... all of a sudden my arm pits just started stinging! The burn surprised me and felt very familiar. It felt like it did when I would do a quick shave and then head to the beach with my friends and get into the water.... ouchie! Then it hit me... I had just shaved my arm pits, and then put on this liquid deodorant meant for men... ouch, haha. I told Trevor the story later that day and asked him why he had bought a new deodorant. He replied, "Oh yeah I hate that stuff, I didn't realize it was the gel kind and only bought it because it was on sale." Well at least the hubs is being frugal :) haha Lesson learned, don't put on liquid deodorant after you shave. 

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

via google images

Sunday night I got a little sweet tooth. I wanted something yummy, but didn't want to have to make a mess in the kitchen. Then I found this wonderful recipe for flourless peanut butter cookies! How cool is that? Normally I would have my own picture, but I ate these way too fast for picture taking... like I said, I was hungry. What I love about this recipe is you can do so much with it....or not....which is the beauty of its simplicity! I am even interested in using this organic sugar substitute because with the organic peanut butter we used, this has the potential to be one healthy cookie!

What you need:
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 egg
Different things you could add: brown sugar, real peanuts, vanilla extract, cinnamon, gummy bears :) haha the list really does go on and on.... ENJOY!