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So excited for Wendy bird on her graduation! Promising future these two. Also loved being back at my Alma Mater! Please excuse my "disheveled, just got off work, it rained, it's Friday and I'm pregnant hair!" Haha 

I haven't done a tid + bits update on my blog for forever and that is probably due to the fact that we have been so busy! I also haven't been very good about documenting things. Sometimes just being somewhere when you are pregnant is enough of an accomplishment that taking pictures  of such events is the last thing on my mind, haha. But I thought it was about time I did some kind of an update on life. Trevor and I continue to work our butts off, and scramble on the weekends to get stuff done. I swear our place has been a hotel the last few months! We have had friends and family staying with us a bunch.

My parents came up a few weekends ago for Wendy's graduation, and my other sister-in-law Sharley's baby shower. While they were here they helped Trevor and I with our yard which got incredibly out of control while we were gone in New York. Utah has been having a ton of rain and my goodness our grass must be mutant grass because it looked like a jungle when we got back. My Dad was amazing and mowed the lawn while Trevor and I were at work, and we have a big lawn you guys! Then Saturday morning Trevor had left early to go turkey hunting, and when I woke up my parents were out weeding our yard and flower bed in the rain! They really do go above and beyond when it comes to serving those around them, and it was a really sweet gesture. Trevor and I were both so appreciative. Just getting the yard in shape made such a difference! The house looks ten times better and I am excited to get some new plants in the flower bed and polish it off. My mom and I were even talking about how to make over the front doorway. Many, many exciting and exhausting house projects coming to the blog soon ;)
After Wendy's graduation, which was later in the evening, we all went to one of my favorite places in Utah for something sweet, Bruges Waffles & Frites (mentioned here, here and here.) Wendy opened some gifts, we chatted, enjoyed some frites, waffles and some Flemish stew that my Dad called by its proper name that I can't remember now. My Dad served an LDS mission and lived in Belgium for two years so he loves this place! It was a great night and we are all so proud of Wendy. She will definitely be going places. She gets impeccable grades, and already secured herself a pretty great internship for the summer. The next morning was Sharley's baby shower! I am so happy she did it here in Utah so I could be there. I figured this would probably be the only time I see while we are both pregnant, and I wanted to document it. Our due dates are only 2 weeks and 3 days apart! Although, it is looking like her baby will be scheduled to come earlier. Sharley's shower was book themed which suits her perfectly. It was the cutest idea ever and the details were awesome. It was a beautiful shower and a fun morning!

I also got to spend Mother's Day with my parents, which I honestly can't remember the last time I was actually with my Mom on Mother's Day, so that was nice. It was extra special since I am going to be a Mom myself soon, and felt like this was my first "official" Mother's day! We had a great breakfast, where we exchanged awesomely cheesy Mother's Day cards and gifts, and then went to Church. After Church Trevor, my little brother Alex, and my Dad prepared me and my Mom dinner. They made on of my favorite meals from growing up! Homemade roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy. My Dad even made some homemade lemonade from some lemons from our tree in the backyard. Yup, he brought them up from San Diego specifically for this dinner, I was in heaven!

We took some prom-esque pictures :) Or just being weird, whatever  haha

A few weeks ago I attended Bright Night with my friend Tearsa. I went last year and briefly blogged about it as well. I know the ladies who started the event and they each are such rock stars! I love them to bits and they did an even more amazing job than last year if you can even imagine. It was such a fun evening spent with so many fun and inspiring women. There really a lot of amazing women here in Utah, it can be overwhelming! My friend Ali spoke and it was really cool learning about how she started and grew her business. She makes some incredible bags, her company is Sage & Harper, you should check her out! Tearsa and I had a blast, which we always do, so that wasn't a surprise. It was nice to just get out together, get inspired, eat amazing food and have fun.

And on a random side note of complaining, Trevor and I have had some bad luck these past few weeks! Someone stole several hundred dollars worth of merchandise off my doorstep. BAH. These packages shouldn't have arrived until we were back from New York, but they came early. I learned the hard way that I should put my mail on hold while we are away. I will chalk this up to first time home owner lessons because we have always had apartments with lock boxes so this was never really a concern before. Some people really suck don't they? I hope they felt bad when they opened them up and saw a bunch of maternity clothes! Geeze. THEN a few weeks later while Trevor and his friend were out hunting, someone broke into his Bronco, and took his wallet out of his glove box. He had some particularly important stuff in his wallet for some reason so it was an extra hit, but thankfully, for the most part, it is pretty easy to recover the losses with stuff like that with being able to cancel cards etc. But still, both of us in a matter of weeks having something taken from our property... SUCKS!

I have been enthralled with this book. I love reading the different birth stories and feeling more empowered as a woman and realizing the amazing ability of my body! ❤️ A beautiful gift from my sister! Also, these waffles. If you live or find yourself in Salt Lake and want a unique breakfast spot recommendation, check out Pig & a Jelly Jar! Yum, yum. 


  1. Any event or just walking around the house is a chore while pregnant. You are a rock star for going out! I mostly sat around and waited for the babies to be here. ;) that totally stinks stuff was stolen from you. :( your glowing and Ina may helped me go natural and it was awesome and powerful!

  2. You look great! So glad you got to see your family on Mother's Day weekend!
    I hate that you guys got things stolen from you...twice. People are awful!

  3. I haven't read Ina May's guide to Childbirth but I read one of the Bradley Method books and it made me feel the same way. I wanted to have a natural birth but wasn't sure I could do it and reading that book gave me so much confidence in my body's ability to do it! I would reccommend it highly if you want a natural birth. If you get the one called "Husband Coached Childbirth" it is geared toward the dad and helping him understand how to be a great coach for you. But it was still a great read for me as the mother-to-be, as well. Good Luck! Can't wait to see that pretty girl. (and also pictures of your home improvement projects!)

    1. I have heard so many great things about the Bradley Method! I am going to be taking a hypnobirthing class and maybe will have to read this book too! Thanks for sharing. Isn't the human body amazing! I know it is hard for women to think they can do it naturally, but HELLO, only how many years ago ALL women did it. We need to have more faith in our miraculous bodies!

  4. Love your tid-bits! Have the weeds died?

  5. You are quite the busy gal! Dang! :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  6. Oh no it totally sucks getting stuff stolen. Some people sadly don't have morals.

  7. I agree, just getting places pregnant sometimes is an accomplishment in and of itself, it's just extra impressive when you manage to take pics!
    Sorry your packages were stolen, I hate when stuff like that happens :(

  8. You do look great, I have never had anything stolen from me so don't know how bad it would feel to know you have been robbed although my eldest daughter was robbed a few times when she lived in the dump at Cardiff once she is sure was by a so called friend.

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