girl's nights are good for the soul...

My best friend was in town last week for a work conference so we decided to take full advantage! She was being put up in a hotel, so I drove up to Salt Lake City to have some dinner with her. I took her to one of my favorites, the Bruges Waffles & Frites downtown. After getting a sugar high we may or may not have hit up some Mexican food *insert embarrassed face here* I guess when we are together we still eat like we have our sixteen year old bodies!

As we were eating we remembered that Tearsa didn't live too far away, and that even though she had just had a baby, we should invite her in on the fun! She decided to be a "crazy" mom and come join us at Jamie's hotel for a girl's night!

After stuffing ourselves we headed back to Jamie's hotel to do some swimming and hot tubbing. The weather was perfect because the sun had gone down but it was just warm enough to create perfect night time swimming. If only the grumpy man working didn't kick us out of the pool right on the dot... we could have stayed out there all night. 

We went up to Jamie's room, ate a bunch of candy, and talked the night away. At one point I stopped and realized that we had talked about buying houses, credit scores, and baby poop. When did this happen?! When did we grow up?

*Don't mind the poor quality of these photos. Night time, and hotel lighting does not make for the best camera phone pictures ;)

Another night Jamie came down to Provo and I showed her the best spots. We got some chicken and waffles at Station 22, and some shaved ice at my favorite spot. Basically Jamie came up to Northern Utah, and I made her eat a lot of food :) 

I have known Jamie since I was three years old. She knows more about me then anyone in this world. And Tearsa, Jamie and I met her when we were sixteen at EFY (Church Camp) back in 2006! I have already known Tearsa for seven years! While we all still feel like those sixteen year olds, it has been a true delight to watch my dear friends go through all the exciting phases in life. High school, college, marriage, babies. Life is such a blessing when you share it with others. Thanks for the fun night girls!


  1. I feel the same way- when did we get old?? As we all grow up and get married and start our adult lives, it's so fun to get together with old friends and feel like our 16-year-old selves! Love girls nights!!

  2. I love girls nights. This looks like so much fun! -Hanna Marie

  3. Have you ever had Shaved ice(in Provo)from the company Yuki? All my girl friends and I love it>>You MUST give it a try sometime!
    1796 N 950 W in Provo

  4. I think I have been on one girls night out way back when...........I think it is a faded memory

  5. Awe- I adore girls nights! I do not get them too often cause my bestie is in California!

  6. Looks like such a fun night! Don't know what I'd do without my amazing girlfriends. Thankful for them every day. What you said at the end is is such a blessing when shared with others :)

  7. what a wonderfully fun evening! girls nights are definitely the best!

  8. I agree, ladies nights are incredible!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  9. i love this! i hung out with 2 of my friends since elementary over the weekend, and it's always fun because it doesn't matter how much time goes by, whenever you get together you can pick up right where you left off!

    your food options all sound amazing. bruges is incredible. i need to find a copy-cat recipe.

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  11. I love slumber parties with my girlfriends! I think this post inspired me to plan one! :)

  12. "Life is such a blessing when you share it with others." Truer words, my friend.


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