I'M LOVING: Kate Spade Surprise Sale!

Oh man guys, I am so tempted to buy something right now! I am trying to be better about spending especially with the baby coming so it is taking everything in me not to get something right now. So to help me cure my need, okay, wants, I thought I would share with YOU some of my favorite picks from the Kate Spade Surprise. I LOVE when Kate Spade does their surprise sales because you can get such great stuff for a killer deal. I literally got as far as putting this beauty in my cart and almost paying for it before I said, NO, NO, NO. But look at that price? It is such a cute little hand bag. It is so similar to the red Kate Spade bag I have that I love with the tassel, the cow, hide and the striped lining. Oh man... someone get it, just someone out there must have this! haha I also got this bag during the last surprise sale and think it is such a classic staple. I use it all the time for Church or other functions that are nicer but not necessarily fancy. I am also loving this bag! I love the the cinch top, and how cute is that back pack? Okay, okay, I will stop.

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  1. I definitely picked up a few amazing deals on this surprise sale!!!! They had so many cute things!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, that black bag is so perfect! Resisting temptation is real hard sometimes!


  3. Ahhh thanks for letting me know! I want so much stuff but this surprise sale was definitely not in the budget.

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