Little Notes.

Top: Forever 21 Skirt: F21 Shoes: Seychelles Jewelry: Jcrew & Forever 21

Sometimes there is nothing better then wearing a flowy skirt you can twirl in... just sayin'

*Documenting my style to make sure I keep the promise to myself, to always be fully dressed with a smile.

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Dear Life,
Could you just stop for one week, just ONE week! I need more time in my day to get stuff done... so many projects I have in mind, with no time to do any of it... baaah!

Dear Bloggers,
You guys make my day! I love when I meet people who blog, or people whose blogs I read! I wish there was a blogger meet up every week :) haha You guys are some of the best people, and I love getting to know you!

Dear Color Me Rad Run,
WOW. When you said color... you were not joking! I expected the flying dust, but not the squirt guns of water!! That stuff sticks! Thanks to you I still have powder in my ears... and bright blue smurf armpits.

Dear Trevor,
See you in six weeks... life is lame. Can't believe I have to drop you off and won't be seeing you until June. Skype dates?!


I am really sad this weekend is over... because Trevor leaves tomorrow for six whole weeks, and it is just now starting to hit me. But with that said, we have been having a blast the last little bit... or I guess just me... Poor Trevor had to do Law Review after his Finals this past week and said it was harder than Finals were and it was the hardest week of his life :(

We did do some guitar dream shopping, and tasted some DIVINE gelato, get the Sea Salt Caramel from Talenti!

I recieved some flowers and lunch for my Paralegal Job, I guess it was Administrative Assistant Appreciation Day, so that was nice!

I got to see my Tearsa :) LOVE HER

Had some divine Tacos.... Bacon, Avocado, Shrimp... best combo ever!

&I did the Color Me Rad Run with my little Sister! It was intense, and so much fun! More details on that later :)

Hope you all had a great week, and excited to start May!

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tid + bits

Some TID + BITS from my life this week... 

+Did you guys hit up Bijou last weekend here in Utah County?! I go every single time :) I picked up some great stuff this year, like these adorable earrings made by Made by Jewls LOVE THEM! Check her out.

+We got homemade honey form some friends. You read that right, HOMEMADE! Can honey be homemade you ask? Well I guess you can count it as homemade if they got it from their brother's own beehive! I absolutely hate bees, but having tons of honey in your own back yard on hand is pretty appealing I must say. Can't wait to get this stuff on some toast, with peanut butter of course!

+Have you all heard of Cafe Rio? It is a-ma-z-i-n-g.... if I am being honest I only think it is amazing on Saturdays. I love their Fried Cancun Shrimp Tacos, they are worth dying for really. Anyways, tangent... Trevor and I heard they had made an Italian version of Cafe Rio, so we went and tried it out. It was okay. I wouldn't say I was super impressed, probably won't go back again, but my pasta was yummy!

+My dear friend Tearsa went to Vegas and got herself hitched! Her family through her and her new hubberz an open house here in Utah. I seriously love Tearsa to death, she is one of those people I had an instant connection with when I met her, and the friendship was just easy. So easy that we have stayed in touch since we met at a church camp back when we were only, what, 15 or 16? She was living in Germany at the time, moved back to Brazil where she was born and we stayed in touch, and probably got even closer as time went on. We both ended up in Utah and our friendship got even better. She is now in California, LUCKY BUTT! haha Anyways, I am really happy for her and Tony, he is THE sweetest guy ever :)

+At their open house one of her Brazilian friends brought some Pao de Quejio - Brazilian Cheese Bread. We are talking warm, just out of the oven, amazing cheese bread. I think I need to eat one of these every day of my life... no joke.

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Bad hair day...

Trevor needed a hair cut BADLY, I am talking you couldn't even see his ears anymore. His sister usually does his hair, but since she and her husband just moved, he was just going to wait until the next time he saw her (hence the months of no hair cut). She was in town and was going to do it, but didn't get down in time before he had to go a study session, so he had to suck it up and go get it done by someone else.

Trevor's hair is BONE STRAIGHT, and when cut too short it kind of just sticks out like fuzz. Well, he ended up hating his hair cut, and to be honest the girl did do a pretty bad job, it wasn't even at all. One side was way longer then the other, haha.

We were heading out to go celebrate his last day of finals and finishing up his first year of Law School and I found him in the bathroom desperately trying to do his hair. Poor guy.

You can't really tell in these pictures how bad the cut is, but you can tell by his face he was no happy camper! Either way, we didn't let it damper our night of celebration!

First day of Summer...

Love Trevor's face in this one :) haha

This past Saturday was the first Saturday in over a month where Trevor wasn't at the Law School studying all day. It was amazing! We could actually DO something together and with friends!

We took full advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend, and hit up the park.  The day involved automatic airplanes, soccer, and toss. The weather was amazing and it felt so good to soak up the sun and the mountains around us. Then we hit up Five Guys. If you have been reading my blog for awhile now you would know how much Trevor LOVES Five Guys. He always has to explain to people how it is the best burger he has ever had, haha. Not going to lie, I love them too :) &their generous fries!

We topped the night off dancing in our friends living room with strobe lights and some gelato... I am not even joking about the dancing part. There was even video footage taken of my amazing dance skills :) Maybe sometime I will share it! hahaha Hope you guys all had a great weekend, I think we can say Summer has officially started!

Little Notes.

Top: F21 Jeans: LuLus Shoes: Steve Madden Purse: old

What is black and white and red all over? HA. HA. Just kidding, I couldn't help myself with this outfit though :) Thought I would bring a punch to my wardrobe with some hot colored pants!

*Documenting my style to make sure I keep the promise to myself, to always be fully dressed with a smile.
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Dear Kim Kardashian,
Mayor, really... REALLY?!

Dear Tearsa and Tony,
Congrats on getting married, I LOVE YOU!

Dear Dad and Ben,
So fun following along with you two during the SoCal Ragnar... next year I think we should all do it as a family, I am serious! So fun! Great Job!

Dear Trevor,
CONGRATS on finishing up the first year of Law School :) It was rough, but you did it! Just two more years, and those are going to fly by my love...

Dear April,
Please don't end, I am not ready to have Trevor leave for a whole six weeks :(!

tid + bits

+For a long time I have been searching for THE perfect yellow stoned ring. Happy to say I finally found it. I am seriously in love with it :)

+Trevor has always taken it upon himself to do his own laundry. For that I am grateful, however... he doesn't like to put his shirts in the dryer and has developed the wonderful habit of hanging them all over the apartment to dry. He also has developed the habit of never picking them up from where they dry and putting them away, so I end up eating meals next to clean shirts? Baby steps I guess... haha

+I absolutely LOVE sandal season :) But even better then that, I love scoring cute sandals on super sale :) $12 bucks people!
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Remember to Breathe...

As many of you know, or those who have been reading my blog for awhile, I was born in Alberta, Canada. For the most part, my entire family originates from Canada. My family moved to San Diego when I was only three years old, so San Diego is home to me. 

But every time I visit Canada, I can't help but feel a strong connection to my history, my past, and feel like, it to is my Country. It as well has a sense of home to it. I grew up hearing stories of my parents upbringing, how my mother was on the hockey team, ski racing team (and many more teams actually!)... how she dearly misses being able to order fries and gravy.

How my dad spent six months out of the year living and working in one of the most beautiful National Parks I have ever seen at his family's hotel. How they lived in the farm lands, how they skied, and played in the daylight until as late as ten at night.
While the smell of the salty ocean brings back memories of my childhood, the lavish beauty of mother natures finest forests and landscape are what hold my family history's memories.

I often wonder how I would be different had I been raised in Alberta versus San Diego. Would I be that different? How much of our ancestors get passed down to us anyways? While I have debated the little differences that would probably have come from being raised in two very different places, I can't help but feel like I got the best of both worlds. While I have my own love for the sea, the canyon lands, and beach coast, I also get to have a connection and love for the mountains and vast wild life that my family has so long been apart of.

At the end of the day, God's earth is the world's finest master piece. The beauty of all the forms of mother nature is seriously breathtaking, and not to be taken lightly. Just felt like sharing these thoughts along with this beautiful video of my home land, my history and heritage, and the message to Remember to Breathe.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Don't miss out on the moments of beauty that surround us in our everyday lives. 
Remember where you come from. Remember God's beauty. 
Remember to Breathe.

*For those of you wanting to visit Canada, you should also check out British Columbia, my grandparents live in Nanaimo and I must say, that part of Canada is probably one of THE most beautiful places I have ever been.

Little Notes.

Top: Jcrew Sweater: F21 Jeans: Anlo - Piperlime Shoes: Steve Madden Boots Jewelry: Jcrew

While spring has arrived, there are still a lot of spring showers going on here in Utah, with rain on and off all week! But I think you can still pull off a spring inspired look with the pop of a bright color under something that can still keep you warm, like the brightness of this pink top!

*Documenting my style to make sure I keep the promise to myself, to always be fully dressed with a smile.
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Dear Sarah,
So excited for you and Sam! Still can't believe you are getting married. As you have already seen you got some great blog lovin' and well wishes that were sent your way last week! I LOVE YOU.

Dear Trevor,
Maybe we should just accept you wont ever get a good night's sleep before a test (or me for that matter) because you get so dang anxious. Maybe we should assume this and you can go to bed super early the day before, that way you at least have some built in sleep time? I think that is a brilliant idea! haha

Dear 16 and Pregnant,
I just can't stop watching you. (Guilty pleasure folks) I have been watching you since your first season, and I just can't get enough! Already loving this new seasons :) haha

Dear Rude Dude,
I still can't believe there are people like you out there. Hitting my brother with your car while he was on his bike and NOT stopping and getting out to make sure he is okay... it is just beyond my comprehension! Thankfully he was okay, but it would have been nice for you to pay for his now destroyed bike! (aggh so frustrating)

Dear Readers,
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Hope you all had a great weekend!


Oh how time flies by, don't I say this every InstaLove post? haha Trevor had his first week of finals last week, and that sure took a toll on our sleeping schedule (since we don't sleep when he is taking finals) haha. Finals aren't over, so this means another week of no sleep next week, fun!

My Mom sent Trevor the most adorable "Junk Food Bucket" it should do a good job of giving him snacks during his finals. Sometimes my mom blows me away! :) 
Loving that after 4 years of growing my hair out I can finally sport some decent looking braids! haha With that said my bangs are in that awkward stage of growing out, so I have been wearing lots of head bands and pulling them back.

Oh and speaking of hair, Trevor's sister Courtney came over and gave me a haircut, I needed one badly esp with my awkward bangs haha and Trevor also got some manscaping done :) 

I also hit the Bijou Market this weekend, did any of you guys go? Did you get any good stuff? I did!

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I am happy to announce that I have updated my advertising options into a whole new process! 

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D & A said...
I would love a picture of the LA temple. That's where I was married.
e-mail me :)

tid + bits

Get ready for some cuteness right about now...

 The Happy Couple :)

+My favorite seasons in Utah are Spring and Fall. Right now there are blossoms just everywhere you look. I love it! Growing up in San Diego you never see the seasons change like you do living somewhere like Utah. Over the years of living here, I have truly grown an appreciation for the gorgeous nature here!

+My mom recently returned from Canada after going up to watch my two nephews. She did not disappoint in bringing back the rest of us some of our favorite Canadian goodies. I am sorry America, but when it come to the sweets and treats, Canada has you beat. I spend months out of the year just craving for some of this stuff! In fact right now, I really want some Popcorn Twists, anyone from Canada want to send me some?! :)

+Didn't go crazy on the Easter candy over here, trying to be healthy, but I had to get me and Trevor a chocolate bunny and some Cadbury Creme eggs... I mean, those are kind of mandatory :)

+As you may recall from yesterdays post my little sister got engaged a couple days ago. Normally my tid + bits are of things going on in my life, but since my sister is a big part of my life, I had to share some tid+bits of the proposal (and these aren't even half of the cuteness that was captured).
-------A little background, my sister is a MAJOR horse lover, always has been. So these beauties were just the cherry on top of the proposal! Oh and she LOVED your comments yesterday, she read every single one of them :) Thanks guys!

P.S. You guys! I am going to try and e-mail everyone back who commented on my Remember to be kind post. It was very comforting to know that so many of us have gone through, or are going through the same kinds of things. Like I mentioned before, right now is kind of a lonely time for us, and to get that kind of feedback from you guys, just that you understand, really really helped me feel better. I didn't know how good that could feel, not feeling alone in something... so thank you, you guys are the best.

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My baby sister...

My little baby sister got engaged last night. The whole thing is still taking some of us some time to wrap our minds around because she will always be the youngest of six kids, and we don't want to accept that she is growing up. With that said, I am so excited for her! I think her fiancé is a great guy, and together they are just a great couple :) You can tell how in love they are with each other, and is there really anything better then young love? I think not!

Can't wait to start planning a wedding! :) This is going to be fun!

Remember to be kind...

 Please excuse my goober of a smile in this picture haha

Things have been a little tense in the Crowley household. You see, Trevor is about to finish his first year of Law School. The notorious first year of Law School. The worst experience ever apparently. And I am here to say, that everything you hear about it, is absolutely true. 

While Trevor has been stressed with studying for Finals, I have been struggling with being alone all the time (which I better get used to, because Trevor will be leaving more for a month and a half this summer for an internship in Arizona!) I drop Trevor off at 8:30 every morning, I then go to work, I come home around 5:30, go to the gym, come home, eat dinner by myself, clean, etc. etc. Then around 10:00 P.M. I drive over the Law School to pick up Trevor, who has been at the Law School ALL DAY LONG. He usually has already eaten dinner by himself at the Law Library. He might grab a little something more to snack on, then plops himself on the couch and studies some more. If we are lucky, we will watch a show or something together for half an hour--keeping us up way later then we want to be up, but we just want some time together. So we wake up and start that routine again, but of course, extremely tired on top of it.

This schedule has been going on for awhile, and to say we are sometimes grumpy about it, is an understatement. He is stressed out with studying, pressure of grades and doing well, and being tired, while I am tired of working all day and coming home to, well, nothing. We have both been feeling very lonely lately, and the other day we had a dumb argument over something stupid (like most couples right?) We had just snapped. 

Isn't it ironic where arguments or bad feelings generate from sometimes? We were both just angry we haven't had much time together, and those frustrations turned into an argument. It doesn't make much sense now does it? We fought because we want to spend more time with each other? haha

While figuring out the balance during this stressful time hasn't always been smooth sailing, it has made our relationship stronger. We are in a result communicating better, and I am constantly being reminded to just be kind. This is my goal for the next year. I know some people start their New Years Resolutions at the beginning of the year, but I like to start mine whenever I feel the urge to make a change in my life. I want to be kinder. I want to be known as a kind person. I want to always be kind to my husband, friends, and those around me.

I am so thankful for the type of relationship I have with my husband, that even after a big fight, we can come together and resolve it, make our marriage stronger and continue forward. I can only imagine what a lifetime of this kind of transition and refinement can do for a couple, and people individually. I truly am looking forward to it. 

Together we are making each other better people, every day :)