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Tid + Bits of LIFE❤

Posted on: 6.30.2014

Even though we have so many changes and transitions going on right now, we are not letting that stop us from enjoying as much as we can of summer! Trevor has been working full time and studying for the Bar, which has been really hard because I feel like I hardly get to spend any time with him. With that said, he has been really good at utilizing his time and has been great about trying to make time for us when he can. He will surprise me with a fun date, and have something planned for when he is done studying for the night and I really appreciate that. The other day we went to breakfast at the Original Pancake House, and it was nice to just reconnect again after a long week of studying and working. We also recently attended a wedding of one of Trevor's childhood friends. Can I just say how much I love going to weddings? I love the celebration of love! It always makes me think of my wedding day, which was the best day ever, so I am always in a great mood at weddings. I also don't mind seeing my husband all dressed up ;)

With both of us working full time while in the middle of moving, time hasn't been on our side. We have been eating out way too much, so I have really been trying to get back on track and make dinner at home. Often when trying to eat healthy we stick to the same things and Trevor can get really bored with it. I have been having fun trying to create new and different meals. I like recipes that are quick and easy, but also healthy. Speaking of eating healthy my new job might be the death of me. Don't get me wrong, I have been loving my new job, the only problem is they always have food around! This is not going to be good for my waist line if I am not careful. But who can pass up a doughnut on National Doughnut day? Plus, it matched my outfit.

I have been working on balance in my life. Work and play are both very important! I have been enjoying making more intentional time with my friends and loved ones. Even something as simple as a dinner date and a great conversation with a girlfriend can make everything right in your world - Thanks Katie ;) I also spent the afternoon with my kindred spirit Miss Tearsa. I don't know how it started but since I met her way back when we were just immature sixteen year olds I have always called her that. Things have sure changed since then - Tearsa has the most adorable son, and has a little girl on the way! I am so happy that we live so much closer now. We plan on having lots of hang outs. Over the weekend she brought Terrin down and we had lunch and went swimming. Time with Tearsa is always a good time, but Terrin obviously had most of our attention. He is the CUTEST thing, and we had fun doting on him in the pool. I love having such a good friend live so close :)

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Life Lately

Posted on: 6.01.2014

Coming home from vacations always suck, but the last few weeks coming back from Thailand have been worse than normal. (I promise to update on the rest of our trip soon!) Trevor and I have had a lot on our plate. He started work the very next day after getting back, and was commuting from Provo to Salt Lake. He eventually got tired of it so he started staying during the weekdays at his good friend Stanton's house. While Trevor has been working and studying for the bar, I have been focused on apartment hunting, job searching, and packing up our current place. All the things I absolutely hate doing, and lucky me, I have been doing them simultaneously. Thankfully after a few weeks, I found the perfect condo, a great job, and have almost packed up our whole apartment - YAY! 

Life hasn't been all work though, we had a little get together to celebrate Trevor and his good friend Stanton who both recently finished their graduate degrees. Trevor's parents came up for a visit on their way to a fun road trip down the California coast. I attend the wedding of one of my dear friends from high school. And we spent Memorial Day with friends, which of course included having a barbeque and playing croquet and card games outside in the beautiful weather. Spring through Fall in Utah is pretty amazing. It is as if it is trying to make up for the bitter winters that last way too long in my opinion. I'm not complaining! One thing I will complain about however was that Trevor made me change our tire this weekend. He didn't help at all and wanted to make sure I knew how to do it step by step. While I complained, I secretly admitted to myself it was something I should know how to do and was happy to be finally learning. Honestly, it isn't hard at all, I just hate getting grease all over myself. I sure would hate to get a flat while wearing anything half decent. 

And a fun little side note, this past Monday was also the same day, five years ago, that Trevor got down on one knee and proposed :) Crazy how time flies!

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Posted on: 4.24.2014

Where has the month of April gone? I swear it was JUST April Fools Day, is this a joke? As evidenced from a few posts, the last few months have been a tad rough for me. But it forced me to take some serious inventory of my life and re-evaluate where I am spending my time and with whom. Sometimes we just need to realign our priorities and I am so happy I took the time to do that. I am feeling more refreshed and focused than ever. I have been spending more time enjoying the little things. Spending as much time with Trevor, and my friends as I can. I have been working out and being more active outside. I am feeling like I have really grown in certain areas of my life and am feeling so renewed. I am ready for an amazing summer!

tid + bits of life via instaLOVE♥

Posted on: 3.09.2014

It has been awhile since I did a tid + bits, and there really are a lot of random and fun little things going on these days. I feel like time is going by in warp speed! The end of law school is almost here, and Trevor has been extremely busy. More details on why soon ;) Since his time is so tight we have been really trying to utilize our time together. None of this sitting on the couch watching t.v. business. We have been trying to plan more active dates.

Last week we went rock climbing, and it was a total blast! Before we knew it we had been at the climbing gym for over three hours. Talk about an all over body work out. I think my arms are still sore. We were even able to fit in a ski weekend with Trevor's family. The night before we left we went to a pizza hot spot here in Provo called The Slab. So... Um... just so you guys know, a slab of pizza at The Slab is really two giant pieces of pizza. I thought I was getting two slices and Trevor thought he was getting three. No wonder it was so expensive! You should have seen the stares we got when our order filled up half of the table next to us! HA! 

See that beach? We are headed there in a few shorts months! We are going to THAILAND! I have always loved traveling, and will honestly admit how hard it has been to not be able to while we have been in school. I struggle with wanderlust on a weekly basis. One or the both of us have been in school since we met, so the fact that we will be done has had us itching for a big trip. Trevor has worked his butt off in school and deserves an amazing break and vacation. We also have our five year wedding anniversary coming up, so this is kind of just a big celebration trip! We will be going to Bangkok, the island of Koh Samui, and we are pretty sure we will also do Chiang Mai. Any tips or advice on where to eat, stay, go, etc. would be amazing! I am coming to you sea of internet people, let us know what we need to know for Thailand :)

I am still going strong on trying to eat a more balanced diet and work out consistently. I have lost 8 pounds since January, and inches *fist pump*. I currently love finding new and fun healthy recipes to make. I shared this incredible one on my instagram and though some of you may enjoy it as well. I love me my carbs and sweets and this one makes me feel like I am actually eating pancakes made with flour :)

I made these scrumptious puppies with ONLY two eggs and a banana. Seriously.

DIRECTIONS: Blend 2 whole eggs, and 1 banana (ripe) together. I like to add a drop of vanilla flavoring or a dash of cinnamon. Then heat your pan to a LOW medium, with coconut oil or pam spray. These pancakes are delicate, so be careful when you are flipping them. Flip pancake once you see the edges start to harden, and little bubbles pop and form on the surface. This here is one serving, and I had already ate one of the other pancakes! I topped it off with a light spread of organic peanut butter, strawberries, and honey drizzle. Guilt free pancakes!

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Posted on: 10.21.2013

The island sorbets from Costco will make any day in your life better. The coconut one is to die for.

Just walking around looking like an old lady version of Ronald McDonald. I get put in the most awkward situations I tell yah...

Whenever we make trips down south, Trevor and I always stop in Beaver for some of the best cheese curds you have ever had!

Gummy Burgers. Need I say more?

Conference Sunday. The day when Mormons make big breakfasts and watch conference in their PJS :)

Kira brought some Canadian candy when she came down and gave me these Halloween version of one of my favorites, Smarties! It made my day!

I have been loving fall and soaking it all up before winter arrives!

I have been having a blast planning a fun party with my friend Alix. She approached me with wanting to do something, and it has been a lot of fun working with someone who is so passionate. Can't wait for when I can show you guys all the details.

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Posted on: 9.09.2013

Over Labor Day weekend me and the siblings I have living here in Utah all got together with our spouses for dinner. We are calling them "sibling dinners", and plan to do them once a month! The newlyweds hosted first and Wendy and Alex made some delicious chicken tacos! Super easy to make and yummy, I will have to share the recipe sometime!

Water Park, Snow Cones, Arcade Games and Arcade candy winnings?! THE BEST! I think you could say Trevor and I have been trying to make up for lost time this summer! 

After knowing each other online since we had just started our blogs, Ashley from the Shine Project and I finally met! She is just as sweet in person as she comes off online. I bought some jewelry to support her Threads project! Fun event :)

When I am not doing marketing stuff, I get to do fun stuff like create my own Pure-Fume! Basically, I have the best job! Working for Aveda is the best!

The Italian Collection at Bath and Body works is amazeballs. You NEED to get this soap in your life as well as the candle. Sparkling Limoncello = DYING.

This weekend we hit up the Utah State Fair with some friends. I don't know if we are too old for rides now or what but that was the first time I have gotten sick from rides. But who cares about the rides, we all know the best part of a fair is the food! Oh and I got bit by a mosquito and had some wacko reaction, hence why the right side of my face is swollen. 

The Fashion Place Mall Event was fun as usual! They always throw a great party! I brought along one of my oldest and dearest friends, Stephanie. We have known each other since we were three and we had a fun night together. After we hit up the movie theater and saw Austenland... HILARIOUS! If you guys are Jane Austen fans, or just want a good laugh I highly recommend it. It is totally stupid and ridiculous, but it made for a great Friday night.


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San Diego & a Wedding via InstaLOVE♥

Posted on: 8.27.2013

As you guys know, my little brother got married! Going back home is always so much fun for me. Driving around my old stomping grounds is just memory after memory and I love every second of it. It is rare when every last member of our family can be together. There are just so many of us now! It was sad to think that this was the last Leavitt wedding, and that we wont have that excuse or reason to all come together again. Plus, us Leavitts like to party, and with no more excuses to throw a giant bash, I think it was a little bitter sweet.

I will do a big post about the actual wedding when we get the wedding pictures back, but I thought I would share the trip to San Diego and wedding via Instagram :)

On the drive down from Utah we passed this beauty. We knew there was a Taylor Swift Concert in San Diego the next day, and so we had a pretty good idea where this was headed. I was pretty dang giddy seeing this, since this is as close to Taylor Swift as I will probably ever get (even if it is just her band/stage equipment). I thought it would be a good idea just to follow it, but alas, my husband wasn't up for the adventure. Lame.

Every time we are with my family Trevor spends more time with all the nieces and nephews then he does the adults. The second we got there they were all over him. Love this shot of him and my niece Sydney in the backyard :)

The best donuts on the planet are from PQ Donuts in Rancho Penasquitos, where I grew up. I have yet to find anything close to them here in Utah, and it is really frustrating never being able to curb a donut craving living so far away from these amazing things!

Wednesday night my mom threw together a little shower for Wendy with some of our San Diego friends. It was a great night to celebrate my new sister!

The evening before they got married Wendy went through the Temple for the first time with all of her family. I always love going to the San Diego Temple. When we were there I realized Trevor and I were there getting married that same week four years ago ♥

Everything about their wedding was beautiful. The weather, the temple, the family, them. I got to be a bridesmaid which was the cherry on top :)

After the Temple ceremony we got a quick bite before we needed to help with setting up for the reception. Trevor got one of the Leavitt favorites, the infamous Grande Burrito. It is about the size of his forearm.

Two of my favorite people got married! To say I was excited is an understatement! The reception was a BLAST! We danced the night away. More pictures to come soon :)

The stunning couple!

San Diego will always hold a huge piece of my heart ♥ It will always be HOME.

Saturday we spent the afternoon at the beach. Diving under wave after wave reminded me so much of my childhood. The weather was perfect, the water just the right temperature. I could do it every day if I had the chance ♥ I didn't want to leave...

Every time my family gets together it is crazy! It is always a ton of fun, loud, and never boring! I never get any sleep when we get together. To get a taste of what I am talking about, you can check out the instagram video I took of what game night looked like on our last night HERE...

tid + bits of life via instaLOVE♥

Posted on: 7.25.2013

Last week while getting ready for Church I looked in the mirror and realized I had done an entire 70s get up without even realizing it! Don't mind if I do :)

I needed a new cell phone case, and picked this fun one up from Rifle Paper Co. Love the gold! They have such a fun selection of iPhone cases. Check them out!

A few weeks ago at work we took the students on a little field trip to the Lavender Fields. We got some Lavender ice cream, which to be honest, I was hesitant to try. But it was DIVINE! Who would have though? And I totally wore some purple pants because I knew we were going to the Lavender fields :)

Best post work out snack? Shaved Ice from Hokulia Shaved Ice. They have one in Provo and now Orem too. You guys, condensed milk on top, with ice cream in the middle... it just doesn't get much better then that!

Last weekend Trevor was in town!!! YAY! :) The first night he got in we went to Station 22 in Provo and got their chicken and waffles. You guys, not only is the combo of waffle, fried chicken, bacon and maple syrup just heaven on earth, but it is by far the best fried chicken I have ever had. I need to know how to make their fried chicken!!!! P.S. Trevor is wearing the t-shirt he was wearing the night I first met him :)

I know, I know, enough about the Royal Baby right? I saw a funny thing on Instagram that said, "We fought for Independence so we wouldn't have to care about the Royal baby." Pretty funny. However, I am from Canada, and have always been raised being aware of the Royal family, seeing Canada is a common wealth country and all. So with that said, I am just a teensy bit obsessed with Will and Kate. I think it was so cool that she wore a blue polka dot dress, you know that was intentional. I love that she gave a nod to his mother who isn't here anymore. I love how nice and real they just seem :) So YAY for the Royal Baby Boy!


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tid + bits of life via instaLOVE♥

Posted on: 7.11.2013

I know it isn't friday yet, but I am still trying to get caught up from my trip to Canada, so until then, get your tid + bits posts ready for link up tomorrow! :)

I posted about this trip awhile ago, but had to post this gem of a picture! Courtney making sure Mia doesn't float away, and me making sure Courtney doesn't float away :)

Amazing food, amazing girls. Still dreaming of that breakfast, and wanting to plan another girl's trip with these ladies :)

Golden Gate Bridge. Enough said.

Coming home from a weekend trip with girlfriends, to even more fun girlfriends. What more could I ask for? Being silly while helping Liz repaint her office!

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