50 years.

A couple weeks ago Trevor's family got together to celebrate his grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. It was just immediate family, and such a beautiful evening.

I can only imagine the amount of growth a couple goes through when sharing an entire life together.

It must be a very tender moment, to look around and see a group of people... a group of families that you and your loved one created. To see them talking, laughing, sharing with each other in celebration of your life, and your family. To know you started something that will continue on even after you are gone. Family is everything.

Oh and yes... Trevor and I do like to have awkward hugs. This one is a particular favorite, haha. Despite what it looks like, it is actually super comfortable :)

i confess...

Top: Jcrew Necklace: Anthropologie Skirt: Forever21 Shoes: Target

These heels are seriously the most comfortable things ever! I love them, and they are so versatile! I have been wearing them with tons of stuff this summer.

*Documenting my personal style to make sure I keep the promise to myself, to always be fully dressed with a smile.

  ♥ ♥ ♥

+   I like to watch trashy reality television. I know, horrible. But before you go judging me I am not THAT bad, I hate Jersey Shore kind of stuff... but I do watch every single Real Housewives there is hahaha. My favorites are most definitely, New Jersey and Orange County. New York used to be good, but all the smart and funny people left like Bethany (which is another show I love!) haha.

+   I absolutely HATE chocolate chips. When I find out that a dessert has them in them, I am utterly disappointed. I have been known to pick every single one of them out of a chocolate chip cookie before... haha

+   Trevor and I had root beer floats pretty much every night this week, haha. Whoever though of putting ice cream in soda was brilliant.

  There is a part of me that hates washing my hands in the a public restroom. I can't help but feel like everything I touch just to wash my hands is making them even worse then they already are! (don't worry, I still wash them, but I don't touch anything after)

+   While on the topic of public restrooms... I always hover. Never, ever, ever sit.

+   I confess I have been a horrible blogger these past few months. Real life has been swallowing me up. Please forgive me. SO even though it took forever to announce, the four WINNERS of the last giveaway on my blog go to....

The TWO Essie Nail Polishes from Lovely Little ThingsHeidi

$15 Shop Credit at Her Threaded NeedleAmanda

Two Ad Spaces from  The Framed LadySarah B.  and  Sami

What are some of your confessions? Come on... you totally pick your nose in the car don't you? :) haha

Oh and two of my bloggy friends are starting a new blog about sisterhood & faith. You should check it out :)


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making homemade lemonade from my family's lemon tree. giant summer strawberries. wake surfing in utah lake. having alex hom after two years. summer days spent in our swim suits. staying at home, even if it is with a creepy snake. my favorite beach, del mar. beach days with girl friends. shopping trips with best friends. meeting jef holm. going crazy at the padres game with my sister-in-love.reliving my childhood in the cart with my mama.

it is turning out to be a pretty fun summer so far.

pioneer day.

July 24th is a state holiday here in Utah. For what you may ask? Well on July 24, 1847 the first group of Latter-day Saints settled into Salt Lake City, after being forced from Nauvoo, and other states on the East coast because of religious persecution. It is pretty cool to celebrate something that I know my ancestors specifically were apart of.

But to be honest, I didn't even know this holiday existed until I moved to Utah... haha does that make me a bad Mormon? The first year I moved here I was headed to work and they had shut down practically all the streets in Salt Lake City! I was late for work because I had no clue what July 24th was here in Utah, and that I would need to be prepared for alternative routes haha.

It is pretty much like the fourth of July all over again! Parades, fireworks, rodeos... the whole nine yards! This year my parents and little brother Alex happened to be in town looking for housing for him since he will be coming back to the University of Utah in the fall (Go Utes!) so we got to spend the day with them, which was a real treat :)

There just so happens to be a a replica little Pioneer village in a park across the street from mine and Trevor's apartment, and there was a big festival going on. We thought it was the perfect opportunity to finally check the little village out.

We had fun walking around and going through the houses and reading about the history of the first settlers there. It was getting pretty hot so we ended the day at our favorite local shaved ice place... I mean, shaved ice, ice cream, and condensed milk... if that doesn't spell out summer, I don't know what does.

A fun day with family and friends. 

 Yes. My husband doesn't do his hair, and walks around in public with giant holes in his clothes... what can you do?! haha 
He doesn't care what people think!
My Dad was a  Metallurgical Engineering Major (Basically the study of the Periodic Table for those of us not so smart haha) for his undergraduate degree. He likes to joke around that, that makes him a modern day blacksmith, so we thought this picture was perfect for him :)
 Alex and Trevor having fun on the stilts :) haha

A typical face from Alex :)
And of course, it wouldn't be a picture of me and Trevor if he wasn't squinting in it! haha


Since moving to Utah, I have found that DownEast has always been a store you know you can find some great staple clothing from, like this classic breezy skirt that has been perfect for my summer wardrobe! (It is even on sale right now) While I have shopped in their apparel section, I hadn't looked that much into their home decor. If you haven't given DownEast Home a try - I highly recommend it! 

DownEast Home is featuring Influences from the Far East in their decor for the month of July, and I fell in love with this beautiful wood piece! I also found myself wanting some of these, or these :)

So locate a store near you and check them out! 

You can also always find updates at

alex's homecoming.

As you all saw on the blog, my little brother came home from his mission! Alex gave his homecoming talk at church and after we had friends and family over for some food and hanging out with Alex so they could talk to him and see him. It was a great day! 

Alex showed us how they eat hot dogs in Chile, and I must say.... I don't think I can just have good ol' mustard on my hot dogs like I used too, the avocados on them were just amazing!


san diego.

going crazy during the game :)

A couple weeks ago I was in San Diego to welcome my little brother home from his mission. I love going home. I love the memories attached to it, the weather, being with my friends, and my family. No place feels as good to me as being back in San Diego for me. I long to feel that way about another place someday... I am sure I will. But right now, San Diego is the only place that does it for me.

While I was able to do all my favorite things. I hit the best Mexican food stops, tried a great place called Hodads downtown (best onion rings I have ever had in my life!), and of course, I can't forget spending time with my girlfriends mixed with the beach!

Then being with my whole family, all of us six siblings together is becoming a rare event. It was a blast. We spent time staying up late talking, playing games and watching movies. We were even able to see a Padres game together! My boss was even in town and came with us. I grew up going to Padres games, so it was so much fun to be there and feel nostalgic. I am not a huge fan of the actual sport, but I absolutely love the ambiance of baseball games. Going to a tailgate party and then being at the park, it is much more then a game, it is an experience :) While I may not love baseball as much as I do football, soccer, or lacrosse, I DO love and support any team from San Diego, my hometown.

San Diego has my heart. It was a great week with family and friends. 
As the famous line in the song goes, TAKE ME HOME to the Padres :)

♥ ♥