mexican caviar.

Well, well... I don't mind if I do.

You know those friends that always bring an amazing dish to a party, or over to your house for dinner? Well that is Molly in my life. She is always creating the yummiest dishes - you know, the kinds where your still eating and can't help but say, "I have to get this recipe!"

Well lucky for you guys, I did. This dish will be a hit no matter where you are - alone, or with a crowd, it is scrumptious. It doesn't hurt that it is totally healthy as well. I love when taste doesn't get compromised for health :)

Mexican Caviar

1 bunch Cilantro (chopped)
1 bunch Green Onions (chopped)
Tomatoes (chopped)
2 Avocados (chopped)
1 can black-eyed peas, undrained
1 small bag of frozen corn (thawed)
1 envelope Good Seasons Italian Dressing
1/4 Cup Vinegar
Mix it all together
Add some Lime juice and a diced Jalapeno

This type of dish would be a hit for any party this summer, maybe even for your Fourth of July party :) 

tid + bits - jef holm edition

Jef Holm and Me :) 

While I normally share tid + bits from my week... today I will be sharing just on one giant tid + bit of my week this week. 

I went to a blogger meet up on tuesday.... and Jef Holm was there. Jef from the Bachelorette! His company People Water were sponsoring the blogging event, and he decided to come out for it and hand out waters. I instantly recognized him (you don't miss that hair anywhere!) and was trying not to stare at him like a total creeper. But then an incident happened that I couldn't ignore. I was waiting in line to get an Italian Soda, and there was a bit of a crowd. I felt a hand on my waist and a voice that said "excuse me" I turned and it was Jef. He was trying to get through the crowd, but to be honest all I could think about was how he had his hand on me hahaha. I am not even a big bachelorette fan, but he is definitely my favorite along with Sean on the show, so maybe I was blushing. 

I wasn't going to bother asking for a picture, but when another girl asked me to take one of her and him, I figured it was now or never. My sister Kira is in love with him, so I HAD to make myself do it, at least for her! At first my camera was doing something funny, so we just stood there for a bit waiting for her to take it. I didn't mind, he chatted with me for a bit with his arm around me... I wasn't complaining or anything.

He was so nice! Really sweet, a charmer. And believe it or not, I thought he was even cuter in person. The pictures and even on T.V. really don't do him justice. Let's just say I am happy the situation was like when I ran into Shia Labeouf... now that was being star struck haha.

That is all people. That is all.

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just an idea.

Top: J.Crew Jeans: Silver (similar) Shoes: Target Hat: Forever21

I love this casual summer look. That hat by the way from F21 is becoming my favorite. I love the touch of bright yellow on the rim, and it was such a good price! I have also worn these sandals almost every day this summer so far... haha.

*Documenting my personal style to make sure I keep the promise to myself, to always be fully dressed with a smile.

  ♥ ♥ ♥

When I first started my blog I shortly after opened up a little shop on Etsy called Alycia Belle Creations, where I sold headbands that I would make. Growing up my Dad always called me Belle or Alycia Belle (he still does by the way!) It is a nickname that only he (and sometimes my mamma) calls me, and I thought it suited the name of my little shop. I have missed that little shop, and have been wanting to re-open it with something else handmade to get my creative juices flowing again - my hands get bored!

With Trevor gone for his internship, my little sister moved in with me for the month of May and into June. Even though she spent most of her time with her fiance (a-hem!) it brought back memories of when we had shared a room together growing up. Taking this inspiration and the fun trend of bright colors going on right now, I have been going crazy making fun glammed up friendship bracelets and beaded bracelets.

I am planning on reopening up my shop and selling some A.B.C Bracelets. They are a throw back to the girl's camp days, with some added glam. I think they are a fun accessory that will add a POP to your look.

As you can see I am wearing some of the bracelets I have made in this post, what do you think? I want to make something YOU personally want, so I think I will be doing it custom order style. I have much more then you see here - think swarovski crystals, and crystal chain ;) - but wanted to get some input on the idea of doing some cheap fun custom bracelets!

sarah's bridal shower.

Last week was my little sister Sarah's bridal shower. I still can't believe she is getting married! The day ended up being extra special because my Mom from San Diego, and my sister Kira from Canada were able to make it. As well as my sister-in-law Sharley and a ton of friends we grew up with from San Diego. It was just a great day! Is there really anything better than family getting together to celebrate special moments happening in each other's lives?! It was a beautiful day :)

                                                  ♥ ♥ ♥

little notes.

Top: Shop Kempt  Skirt: Jcrew Shoes: Target

On Sunday my little brother Alex gave his homecoming talk at church. He did such a great job! I am so proud of him and he has grown so much. I will be blogging about his homecoming soon :) Thought I would post what I wore to his homecoming for my personal style post.

*Documenting my personal style to make sure I keep the promise to myself, to always be fully dressed with a smile.

  ♥ ♥ ♥

Dear Vanilla Greek Yogurt,
You taste amazing to me. You feel like cheat food :) I love you. 

Dear Bachelorette,
Dang you. I had decided to swear off this dumb show all together. I was doing good, didn't watch the last season. But then, of course... you had to bring back Emily, and drag me back in. Dang it.

Dear Auckie,

Dear Trevor,
Never again. You will never leave me that long ever again.

Dear Readers,
I just can't thank you enough. The last couple weeks before Trevor got home were really really hard on me. I found comfort in your common experiences, and sweet words. I wish I could just spend all day writing each and every one of you guys back for your comments. I am going to make a commitment to be better at doing that :) Thank you. I am back to blogging again, and feel rejuvenated after a much needed break.

tid + bits

+ The start of this week was a blast. We threw a shower for my little sister Sarah. It was Sun Flower themed, and I tried to make some cupcakes that were "inspired" by sunflowers. No fancy pedal making over here, but I think they turned out cute. They were yummy anyways, which is all that matter when it comes to cupcakes right?

+ After the shower me and my sisters drove down from Utah to San Diego. HOME! It was such a fun little girls trip, and we had a blast. It went by so fast, and we talked the whole way of course, haha. The first thing I did when I got into town was hit the beach the next day with my friends. There was an adorable surfing class going on with a bunch of young girls. Oh the memories of home and trips to the beach.

+ Had an amazing pesto chicken bacon sandwich with my friends at lunch. Wish I could eat lunch by the beach every day... if only... I don't miss San Diego or anything do I? haha

+ Picked some lemons for some fresh lemonade from the tree in our backyard. I love that our backyard has lemon trees and palm trees.

As you can tell I have been in San Diego this week! Can't wait to share even more about my trip!

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As you could probably tell, I kind of disappeared the last few weeks. But in my defense, I was busy sucking up every last minute of my husband this past week. After his first year of Law School and recently being apart for so long... getting some actual time together this past week has been amazing! My anticipation for him to get home got the best of me, and I decided to put together a great warm welcome home for Trevor last week! I had a couple banners hung up around the house, made him some baked goods and left some notes around the house :) 

We then decided to go get all you could eat Sushi, which was divine! We spent the afternoon at the water park, and since it was such a hot summer day, I decided I had to take him to the amazing shaved ice place  that my sister introduced to me. Trevor loved it :) But who wouldn't? Ice cream and condensed cream on your shaved ice? Perfection I tell you.

It was a night of celebration :) celebrating being back together. He really does work so hard, and I am just so proud of him.

When you don't see your spouse for well over a month... you really do appreciate the little things. A great reminder to not take each other for granted. Be a little kinder, listen, and love more. Love you Trevor... welcome home :) 

"Home is wherever I'm with you."
♥ ♥

hope all things.

 Trevor gets home next week... and it has me reflecting on the past six weeks.

If you haven't noticed, I haven't been around much on the blog the last little bit. I am going to be honest. I have been having a hard time this past week.

You see, neither Trevor or I are what I would consider "needy." While we enjoy being together, we also appreciate our "me" time. Because of that, I would say we did really great until about the four week mark. You can keep yourself busy all you want, start projects, clean, yadda yadda... 

But there is something sad about living in a place where you know there is supposed to be another person with you.

Separation is inevitable throughout our lives. We spend our youth trying to cling to our parents, while they try and teach us how to be on our own, how to be independent. All with the goal that we will eventually leave our home, and live on our own.

And we do. We start to build lives with other people, and start our own family. Sometimes I think back to my childhood and realize just how special that time was... me and my siblings all under one roof, together, loving and learning. It went by too fast.

Children grow into adults, and now I find myself sharing a life with another person. We are slowly, but surely, building our home and life together. Our little individual family. Trevor and I have never spent more then a few weeks apart since we met, so him being gone for about seven weeks has been an adjustment.

I consider myself a strong person, and I am not saying to be sad or vulnerable is weak, but I was surprised when the other day when Trevor called me, I just broke down crying. I had, had enough. I wanted him home now. The past week I have seen a side of myself that I didn't know existed. I just had no energy to do anything, just letting myself feeling sorry for myself and missing some companionship, and Trevor. Thankfully yesterday I snapped myself out of it... at least for now. I hope I can keep it up... but I wont lie, I am very excited Trevor will be coming home next week. I really can't take it much longer.

Separation in this life is inevitable. We will have to be apart from loved ones sometimes. It is just life. And we will all leave this earth and leave loved ones behind at some point. 

Some say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. I am not sure I completely agree with that. I think it just makes you miss them terribly... haha. I think it can give you some perspective, make you realize what you really have and all that.

But for me, separation instead helps me learn and understand more about hope. Love and hope that we will see our loved ones soon, or even after death. That emotions like pain and suffering can be temporary. That the person who left the dent in the pillow will come back and fill it again. Hope.

I can't wait to have Trevor back.

I choose to hope all things.

 ♥ ♥

p.s. I will not being doing tid+bits this week, but will have a link up next week for sure!