Dry Shampoo!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TRESemmé for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
So I have heard this stuff works miracles, and I have been dying to get my hands on some. My sister uses it, and it seems like everyone is using it now! And lets face it, we all have had those mornings where we slept in, there isn't time for a shower, and our hair could use a wash! Also they say it is good to not wash your hair every single day, but if you are a blonde like me, you know how hard that is too... because by the end of one day, it looks horrible and shows grease way more then any other hair color.
Before the only place you could find dry shampoo was in specialty beauty stores, but now you can go pick it up at your local grocery store! I got TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo and couldn't be more excited! There are actually different kinds you can get depending on what you are looking for. The full line includes:
o Strengthening Dry Shampoo: The formula, with B12 vitamins and keratin, helps strengthen hair and leaves it full of healthy body.
o Volumizing Dry Shampoo: The formula, with mineral clay and citrus, removes oil while injecting hair with salon-gorgeous volume.
o Smoothing Dry Shampoo: The formula, with Vitamin H & Silk Proteins, refreshes your straight style by removing excess oil, impurities and odor to ensure your smooth look lasts.
o Moisturizing Waterless Foam Shampoo: The formula, with Witch Hazel, Citrus, and Aloe Vera, refreshes your hair by removing excess oil, impurities and odor while moisturizing hair.
So here are some tips on how to use it!
- Do shake vigorously before use and in between spray bursts for best results.
- Do lift sections of dry hair and spray lightly at roots
- Do spray in short bursts, holding 8-12 inches from head
- Don’t spray it like hair spray (all over and continuously)
- Do leave in for 1-2 minutes.
- Do use fingertips or a brush to distribute product evenly
- If clogging occurs, remove nozzle and rinse the nozzle under warm water, then reattach.
AND VOILA! Clean and refreshed hair in minutes :) 
&if you are feeling really excited you should check out this 
and enter her give away for a $500 Gift Card to Target to a lucky viewer!

Hope you guys found this helpful. I know when I first got my dry shampoo I had no clue how it really worked! haha
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bumbo bee... or bumble bee?

 Top: F21 Shorts: Hurley Shoes: Target

I don't know what it is about fall, but stripes and oxfords just seem to fit perfectly with it :)

So they say you learn something new everyday. Well this weekend I learned something new. I can't believe no one has ever pointed it out to me before. I was talking to Trevor and trying to tell him about this "bumbo bee" and he kept asking me what the heck a bumbo bee was? I was getting very frustrated because how could he not know what a bumbo bee was. I was like "Come on Trevor you know what I am talking about, a bumbo bee, they are yellow and black... they sting, a BEE!" He replied with... "Oh you mean a BumbLE Bee?" I just stood there frozen. How have I been saying bumble bee wrong my entire life?! haha I have always spelled it correctly but never noticed how I just bypassed the l and e and added an o when I pronounced it. Then I really started laughing when I realized my pronounciation is actually a seat for babies... oh man. 
I have since been trying to say it properly and it just isn't working for me. I guess I will be saying bumbo bee for the rest of my life. 22 1/2 years later is too late to start changing when it comes to my speech I guess, haha. This conversation got me thinking about other words we say differently. I am also guilty of saying mElk instead of mIlk. Yup, I am a melk girl. But I say pillow right, which doesn't make sense because if I say melk then I should say pellow.... but I hate when people say pellow. Oh man the English language, words, accents, all of it.... can just be so funny sometimes. What do you guys say that is off?

So go grab yourself some melk, sit outside in this beauitful fall weather, and don't get stung by a bumbo bee :) alrighty?! haha

&this one is just for kicks :) oh the animal sarah can bring out of me haha

free samples, &crazy people.

Dress: DownEast Top: F21 Belt: F21 Shoes: Target Necklace: ShopKempt

Can you believe I finally made it into the double digits with this 30 for 30? haha I know I was a total slacker and I am now closer to the fall 30 for 30 then I am the summer when I was supposed to start. Oh well. I am getting them done now, and I am seeing my closet in new ways everyday!

Life should be a party...
+ Going to concerts with the hubberz and loosing your hearing. Not sure I want to celebrate that exactly, but it was a fun night :)
+ Girls night with a friend :) Thanks Alex!
+ Going back to San Diego to be apart of one of my best friends weddings. It was perfect.
+ Getting alone time with my parents. Growing up with 5 siblings this has never really happened until this year.
+ Gold glittery nails!
+ Costco runs with the hubberz. Even though you Provo people are crazy, I have never been in such a crammed busy Costco in my life, and so many people greedy for samples! haha I mean, I know we all love the free samples... but wowza people, you would think you don't eat!
+ Costco Gelato... pistachio :) yum!
+ Loving being able to see everything with my glasses... it is a whole new world!
+ Watching the hubberz play guitar. I must say, I still think it is totally hot :)
+ Meeting blog friends in real life! I got to meet Lindsey when I was home in San Diego. We called it out blind e-harmony date :) haha It was fun! Isn't her little one a doll? He was pretty great.

What have you guys been celebrating lately?!

shall we dance?

Love this little moment captured at Jamie's wedding. 
It makes me smile :)

Also, sorry for dragging it on! The winner of the $100 Sephora giveaway is Tiffany Larson!
email me for further details :)

abc. 123.

top: billabong jeans:silver shoes: soda

Get to know me ABC's.

Age: 22
Bed size: Queen
Chore you hate: Washing the dishes. This might be because Trevor and I didn't have a dishwasher for the first two years of marriage. It sucked.
Dogs: I grew up with a Beagle, and I loved her, her name was Bridget. Trevor grew up with a Boxer, and his family now has two of them. We debate all the time over what type of dog to get. I really want a frengle. He just really wants something that is big, haha. We will see what happens!
Essential start of your day: I should say breakfast but I always skip that, I should say morning prays, but I am bad at that one too. I guess the most consistent essential part of my day would be a quick morning snuggle with the hubberz... I love those.
Favorite color: YELLOW!
Gold or silver: I use to always say silver, but gold has its place too. I say don't make me choose!
Height: 5'6"
Instruments I play (or have played): Well I did played the recorder in 4th grade! haha No but really I actually played the flute from 5th grade to 8th grade. I have been playing the Piano since 5th grade, and officially stopped taking lessons my Senior year. I need to practice more because I have lost a lot of that. Since marrying a guitar player I have learned one song :) I hope to learn more!
Job title: I am a Legal Secretary for an attorney here in Provo. Oh and a wife :) Trevor still likes to call me his "girlfriend" though, haha.
Kids: Not sure what this means exactly... but yes, I want them? haha
Live: Currently.... Provo, UT. But I will claim San Diego/Canada whenever I feel like it.
Mom's name: Lisa
Nickname: Oh man, are you ready? Belle, Alycia Belle, Leesh, Lee Lee, Sisha, Pumpkin, My little cutie (that's the husbands for me hehe) and Sunshine.
Overnight hospital stays: Not yet.
Pet peeve: People who crack their knuckles and people who chew with their mouths open! Of course my husband does both.
Quote from a movie: I have SO many.... but I have always been touched by the Birthday toast given in one of my all time favorite movies, The Count of Monte Cristo.... Make sure you at least start at the part I am talking about 1:26

"Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes. You must look into that storm and shout as you did in Rome. Do your worst, for I will do mine!" 

Right or left handed: Choose the RIGHT!
Siblings: I have 5 siblings. 2 sisters, and 3 brothers. I am the 4th and am sandwiched in between all the boys!
Time you wake up: Depends on the day. Sometime between 7 and 8.
Underwear: I wish I didn't have to wear it, haha. That's right for a long time I had the opposite problem of Tobias the Never Nude (Go watch Arrested Development already!)
Vegetables you dislike: Squash. I HATE squash.
What makes you run late: When I can't find my keys. It happens way too much.
X-rays you've had done: Teeth, & my wrist.
Yummy food you make: I would like to think everything I make is yummy! haha I don't know. I make a great box of Kraft Mac n Cheese (I don't follow the rules and create my own thing with it. yum)
Zoo animal: The San Diego Zoo is the best. I think my fondest memory is seeing the baby Panda that was born. Doesn't get much better then that. Since you don't get to see a baby Panda everyday I would have to say the Hippos, the flamingos, or the Giraffes!

I would love to see you guy's fill this out too :) Happy Hump Day!

our time.

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Well the books cost a fortune, but at least he has been getting good use out of them. Trevor has been reading non-stop since before class even started. I guess law school has officially arrived in our household. I already understand the joke people say about law school wives being law school widows. I am so used to Friday nights being our time together, but I had to wait hours for him to be done reading before we could have dinner together last week. I can already tell that we are going to have to take advantage of the time we have available and put it to good use. I think we realized that after the past couple weeks, so a bit ago we spent Saturday morning, after some studying of course, bouldering. Something neither of us have done before. Let me just say it reminded me just how much I need to be working out, I have no upper body strength! But I got better the longer I kept at it. We had a lot of fun :) After not seeing too much of him throughout the week, it was fun to do something together. In a strange way I think it has made our relationship better. We have less time together, but because of that, the time we do spend together we try and make really special and fun :) At the end of the day I am just happy I married someone who is such a hard-worker. Love you Trevor.

love language.

So I am not sure if I have ever mentioned this on my blog before, but my younger sister Sarah has a hearing loss as well as an Auditory Process Disorder. Going into all of that is another post all together, but today I wanted to share something she shared with me.
Her boyfriend sent her this you-tube video he found.
It melted my heart. So if you have a few minutes today, this will put a little smile on your face :)

blog, blogging, bloggers.

 (not really sure why I posted this picture with this post, haha. maybe because blogland can feel crazy sometimes? or maybe cause I talked to Jamie my bestie last night &I miss her haha)

So when I had my "ask me anything questions" post, I got questions that hit all different areas. Some about blogging, some about beauty/fashion, my life. So I thought I should just group them and address them separately. So I thought today I would start with the blogging questions I got. Here we go!

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

 What made me decide to start a blog?
I figured I may as well address this very important question first. What made me decide to start a blog? Well I have actually talked about this on my blog before. So first let me send you over there! So that is the longer version, let me give you the shorter version. I started a blog because everyone in my family had one, and my dad was giving me a hard time about not having one, and that he wanted to be updated on my life since I was away at college. So I started one. I hardly ever used it. It was called "Alycia's World" original eh? haha Then when I got engaged I started searching online for wedding ideas/etc. and got sucked into wedding blogs, and from there blogging in general. It wasn't until after I was married that I really started blogging. I love the world of creativity that blogging fosters, sharing ideas, and stories about each others lives. Blogging can be such an inspiring and uplifting pastime, and I am addicted to the "happy" it provides!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Blogging Tips
Now usually when people ask for blogging tips it means they want their blog to go "somewhere." When I started blogging, I was in it for the journal keeping aspect and sharing my life for friends and family. Little did I know that my "family & friends" would grow to include people from all over.  ---that's YOU guys by the way! ;) Some people blog just for that, and others want to find some form of "success." Success is different for everyone, it is all about how you define it. What do you want YOUR blog to be? Do you talk about food, crafts, fashion? or do you not want to be defined and want to blog about whatever you feel like? I guess that is me, the "Lifestyle" blogger? But just like with anything, if you have a goal, you need to make a plan to get there. So if you want a "successful" blog, however you define that as being, then you need to set little goals to get you there. Here is some insight on what I think makes a big difference in blog-land.

1. Presentation. We have heard this all of our lives right? Your blog layout and design is the readers first impression, so you want it to be attractive. We all define attractive differently, but I have found that the less clutter someone has on their blog, the more appealing it is. Try and keep things clean and organized. Presentation is 50% of blogging in my opinion (maybe more!). Also, it doesn't have to be expensive. 99% of my blog layout I taught myself how to do through google search, and didn't pay anyone anything to design it. Now they have that great template designer, so there is really no excuse anymore when it comes to blog design!
---- Part of the presentation when it comes to blogs is PICTURES! We all LOVE pictures on blog-land, am I wrong?! While people love to read good content, a picture says 1,000 words. So try your best to have great quality pictures. Not everyone can afford a really expensive camera, and I am a big believer that you don't have to have one to find success in the aesthetics department of your blog. However you must understand people will judge your blog based solely on the quality of the pictures! Most cameras today are great quality, your point and shoot should be just find. Read up on how to actually use your camera so you are getting the most out of it. It amazes me how little people know about their cameras! (trust me I still am learning too! haha)! Just be aware that people like pictures :)

2. Blog for YOU. A lot of people start blogging and think it is going to happen faster then they expected. Well for some people their blogs just might, but for most of us gaining followers or getting comments takes time. I was blogging for almost a year before I got significant people commenting or following my blog. That is why it is important to be blogging for YOUR happiness, because if you are trying to blog for other people, that is no fun, and you will just end up being disappointed.  So don't get discouraged, if you are having a fun time blogging and you are enjoying it, others will start to enjoy it too! Stay consistent and put forth that effort and eventually the readers will come, if having readers is your goal.

3. Be consistent and sincere. You can't blog once a week and expect people to keep on coming back to your blog. When you are consistent, readers are engaged in your blog!  Some people say they run out of ideas to blog about. I am not really sure how to answer that one, except see above. Know why you blog, and where you want to go with your blog, and your content should follow. If you are really starving for ideas, see what it is you like to see in other people's blogs. What are they writing about that you love and are interested in or inspired by, and find ways to do that in your life and blog. Back to being consistent, some people find that a blogging scheduled helps. I have kind of applied that to my blog, but have also found I don't like being tied to or limited to a schedule that has been set. That goes right back to blogging for YOU and making YOU happy :) When you are happy blogging, you will also be sincere. People like to relate to other people, and by being genuine and sincere people will connect with that. This is the best part of blogging anyways, the connections we make with other people! Show people you are human, trust me, chances are... they are human too.

---another aspect to this is people who blog simply to make money, get famous, get free stuff, or get invited to places. Those who get into blogging solely for those reasons are destined to be disappointed. As mentioned before, people can tell when you are being genuine or not. Readers can tell if people are blogging for the joy or are solely in it for the perks. This isn't saying people can't enjoy the perks that can come from blogging, but it shouldn't be the only reason they do it! Also don't rush into accepting sponsors! I didn't even think about accepting sponsors until I had over 1,000 or so followers. Even then I was afraid, I mean why would anyone want to pay me to put their buttons on my blog?!  But people had started to ask about it, so I figured, if there is a need for it and people want it, I can provide that for them. I still feel weird about it today! When you start to put a price on your blog you're also turning it into a business. People are paying for something and expecting that in return, you can't blog whenever you feel like it if you have people counting on you. You have made a commitment with someone. That doesn't mean you have to post every single day, I take days off all the time. But I usually never go 2 days without blogging. At the start of this year I was so busy with school work right before I graduated. I probably went two months without hardly blogging.  I just did NOT have the time.  Trying to blog and do school and managing it all at that point was too much for me. I took a much needed break, because trying to get things done because I thought readers wanted it, made blogging not fun for me anymore. That would not have been a good time to have sponsors on my blog, it wouldn't be fair to them, right? I didn't get sponsors until I knew I could commit the time for my blog, me, and for them!

4. Be Respectful. Your readers and sponsors are the ones who come back every day and read your blog! Don't write them off or treat them poorly! You can do things to show your gratitude with an awesome giveaway, or guests posts. Not everyone can do this, but who doesn't love a good giveaway from time to time?! If you have the time, respond to questions and comments. I really do try to do this, but it can be hard when you get so many and have things to do during the day. But people like to know their not being ignored. (I swear I read every single comment people! THANK YOU!)

5. Source Content. Part of the "respect" mentioned above is sourcing where you borrowed or took anything offline. Sometimes people are worried they will loose followers if they have links to other people's sites and blogs, but your readers are not going to leave you because of that, in fact they will probably appreciate you sharing the wealth with them! If you don't know the original source for your pictures, etc, be open to someone sharing it with you. Then link appropriately!

6. Network! Get your name out there! Don't be afraid to say hello or email your favorite bloggers. If there is someone you want to interview, ask them! Go ahead and trade buttons with someone with a similar readership as you and even taking out sponsorships on larger blogs that have a following you wish to have! Don't be afraid to branch out to other "genres" of blogs... crafting, recipe/food, fashion, mom blogs, etc. The more the merrier! Pass it around! If you are not active in the blogging world, commenting, talking, sharing, how do you expect anyone to know who you are? Very few people will just "find" you!

7. Don't be annoying. Don't spam people's blogs with your link. No blogger likes when people are just trying to get you and your readers to their blog and leave their links and other sites attached to their comments. Just by leaving a comment you leave a trail to your blog if people want to read it. I don't think it is necessarily bad to leave links in the your comments leaving, BUT just make sure you are not coming off as trying to fish for followers! It all comes back to being genuine. If you leave comments, you should be genuine as well! Another aspect of being annoying, is some people are turned off by auto-music playing on blogs. Some people don't care, others do. I say, do what YOU want for your blog. Just a tip if you are trying to take your blog "somewhere"--- it does bother some people. So if you care what other people are thinking, you might not want to have it, but change the setting so it doesn't just start. But again, let me reiterate, do what YOU want!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Sorry for the novel people, YOU asked remember! haha I hope this helps people to find/achieve whatever it is they are looking for when it comes to blogging. I know that for me, blogging became an outlet at a time of my life that I didn't even realize that I needed it... and boy did I need it. I throughouly enjoy creating, reading and being inspired by all of you. I enjoy the friendships and words of encouragment, jokes, just all of it. I think you know what I mean, or you wouldn't be here right now reading this, right? haha

So since I just yabberd on for forever (this has probably been one of my longest posts in terms of writing!) haha Why don't YOU guys share some of the tips/frustrations/whatever you  have to say when it comes to blogging or people's blogs?!

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

that time i ran into shia labeouf...

Blazer: Jcrew Dress: Down East Shoes: Target

So when we graduate from high school my parents like to give us a big gift. They base this gift on our passions and interests, something they think we will really love. For example, my older sister Kira is an amazing oboist. She is actually a professional oboist now, but when she graduated high school she was going off to school to play and so my parents got her a brand new beautiful Oboe. My siblings interests all seemed so obvious to me, and when it came to my senior year, I had no idea what I would be getting. I have always been a lover of history and travel, and so when my parents sat me down and told me that me and my mother would be going to Europe, I was BEYOND excited/surprised. I was so giddy and so thrilled. Why do I bring this up?! Well one of the places we went to was London, of course, and we were touring around on those lovely double decker buses. There I am absorbing the sites in London, when guess who walks onto the bus?! Shia Labeouf. My mouth just dropped right open because I have been a fan of his since Even Stevens and then when he played in one of my favorite childhood books on the big screen (Holes) I was hooked. I was little surprised because he was shorter then you would imagine, but still, I was STAR STRUCK. I got the nerve to go and sit up right behind him, and my mom kept telling me to ask him for a picture (I mean who runs into famous people and actually has their camera with them?! lucky right?!)
But I couldn't move. I was just staring. Of course he saw me staring, I mean I was the only young person on the whole bus, I don't think anyone else knew who he was. But he looked right at me and kind of smiled, and he knew, that I knew who he was. At one point it looked like he was waiting for me to say something to him, but I couldn't. I remember thinking, "I don't want to interrupt his time off, touring the city. He wants to enjoy himself and not be interrupted by a silly girl like me." Eventually he stood up to get off the bus, and I just continued to stare as he got up and started to walk off, he smiled at me and left. He got off the bus to get onto another one, that is how the tour buses work, they take you to different parts of town etc. and I saw him get onto the next bus, and sit down. Our bus hadn't moved yet, and apart of me wanted to grab my mom and follow him. He pulled out a banana and started eating it, saw I was still starring at him, and smiled again, with a kind of wave attached to it. Then our bus drove away. I can not believe I didn't just say "Hey, I have been a big fan for a long time, mind taking a picture with me?!" How hard would that have been?! I mean I was right there, no crowd of girls fighting me for his attention, nothing. Oh well... I spent the rest of the day thinking how maybe if I had talked to him he would have been swept off his feet and he would have asked me to be his date for his red carpet appearance for the London premier of Transformers. Darn.
So random long point of this story is.... the other day when Donny Osmond walked into the same ice cream store that my mother and I were at... she wasn't going to go up and say hi to him. Then she remembered how I was when I was sitting next to Shia and how I regret not saying anything... and she went up to Donny cool as a cucumber and had a great conversation with him! Lucky woman. Where was my courage when I needed it?! haha I never would have thought of myself as the "star struck" type haha... Oh well, more power to you mama, you go girl! :)

UPDATE to the story... I did get several pictures of the back of his head, some profile shots and him eating a banana. :) haha

sorry nana :)

 Top: F21 Vest: F21 Jeans: Silver Shoes: Soda

You guys sent me some great questions! &I can't wait to get to all of them :) I am thinking that some of them might need their own post. So I will get to working on that. Until then, keep asking away! 
So I have been HORRIBLE at posting my 30 for 30... I am bad bad bad. I feel like every post I have done for my 30 for 30 has always had an apology attached to it, not cool. So I am going to try my best to finish posting the rest of them! (Sorry Nana!) --- Yeah you read that right, my Nana loves my 30 for 30 posts and is wondering why she hasn't seen any of them for so long. So I have to make it up to her!

Life Should Be a Party....
+ Spending the weekend with my parents :) I love when I get to see them!
+ Making new friends, sounds cheesy but some of the people I am working with are a hoot! Shout out BROOKE! :)
+ Finding a yummy pizza place! Like Trevor and I need anymore good pizza places.... Pizza will be the death of us. If we ever going missing for a couple of days, come check our apartment to make sure we are not in a Pizza Coma.
+ Going to the Pratt Family Reunion and learning so much about my heritage. I love love love genealogy!
+ Feeling like I can finally find my way around Provo without getting lost.... maybe.
+ Having ice cream with some blogger friends, I love when you can finally meet in real life! haha
+ Running into Donny Osmond while at the ice cream store and having your mother go up to him and embarrass the heck out of you! But I am happy she did :) He was of course her idol growing up! haha More on that encounter later...
Link up your Life Should Be a Party Posts here!
(If you are not following the guidelines to the posting rules, aka, don't have a button up on your blog, ahem! then I will be deleting you from the list! sorry folks, that is just how the cookie crumbles!)

P.S. My $100 Sephora Giftcard Giveaway has closed, but since it is Monday, &we all need some pick me ups on Mondays, I will be letting any of you who haven't already have ONE LAST quick chance to enter. You have until midnight TODAY! GO!

my stinkin' flip flops!

So today was one of those days where things just can't seem to go right. Trevor and I share a car, and today was my first official full day of work at my new job. I am a legal secretary for an Attorney here in Provo. So of course Trevor was running late, and since I drop him off at school, that meant that I was now running late. Usually I am early. I literally show up to work sometimes half an hour early, because I seriously hate being late. So I rush home to finish getting ready so I wont be late for work on my first official day. I rush to my car, I rush to work, I am pulling into work when I look down and realize, I put on my everyday rainbow sandals. MY STINKIN' FLIP FLOPS! If you could only see where I work you would understand how horrified I was. The building looks like a Mansion, everything in it is really nice and the employees all dress to match and there I was in my beach sandals. Normally I would have been so early I would have had ample time to go home and get on some new shoes, but of course with my luck, not today! Dilemma. Then the thought comes into my mind that my little sister's apartment is much closer then mine, I call her.... she is of course already at class and she doesn't know if anyone is at her apartment. I decide to take the chance and go to her place hoping someone is there who will let me in so I can pick through my sister's closet for some shoes. I knocked, and knocked, and knocked. I mean were in Provo, maybe some stranger off the street will be kind enough to just let me borrow some of their shoes on my good word that I will return them?! haha It was seriously a thought that crossed my mind. Yeah I guess I was that desperate. So I keep knocking. No one answers. (I found out later someone was home! UGH!)  By now I realize I am going to be late for work if I go back to my place and get some shoes, so I decide I better call into the office and the girl who is training me insists it isn't a big deal if I come in with my sandals on. So rather then be late, I came into work today wearing really nice clothes, and some flip flops. groan. I was so embarrassed, but no one really seemed to mind. I love how your brain fools with you when you are uncomfortable. I swore everyone was looking at my feet, haha. Really they weren't, I was just paranoid.  Anyways, I absolutely hate when days go like that! *sigh*
What a great way to start the week, I swear Holidays sometimes are like a double-edged sword. They are fun to have, but when they are not that long, for example a long weekend, it just throws me off! Hope you all are having a better start to your week haha :)

Labor Day!

Hope you are all enjoying your day off. I know I am! Since it is technically the end of summer, Trevor and I have lived it up this weekend spending tons of time together :) I have missed him since he has been cooped up studying since school started. I love how Labor Day just happens to be on a Monday, perfect timing for a life should be a party post :)

Little to Big things I am celebrating in my life as of late...
+Discovering a new Strawberry Lemonade brand. It is yummilicious &if you like Red Robin Lemonade then this is the next best thing you can get at your grocery store! I am in love, haha.
+ I am loving our new apartment and ward we moved into :) Excited to meet new people and make some friends down here in Provo.
+Loving the summer sun that is starting to die down so it is bearable. Fall is the best season here in Utah in my opinion.
+Spending all day at the water park with Trevor :)
+Stuffing ourselves with all you can eat pizzas... the dessert ones get me every time!
+Sending my bestie really inappropriate yet hilarious voice mail messages.
+Getting a job that had over 130 applicants, I was so nervous, and I am so excited :)
+Having a husband be so sweet to me because I was in pain. Um yes, embarrassingly enough I chafed in between my legs from the shorts I wore to the water park! Weird?! Um yes, haven't had that since I was like, oh 6 years old! haha
+Buying a cute hot coral/pink sports bra to give me a boost towards being better at working out, since I have gotten lazy lately &have been drinking way too much for this strawberry lemonade.
---(On that note, how is everyone's 30 for 30 coming along? I am trying to find a better way for all of us to talk about it, any ideas? Maybe if I had you guys around I wouldn't have skipped a couple days :x yikes!) haha

Link up your Life Should Be a Party Posts here!

P.S. 4 more days to enter the $100 Sephora Giveaway! 

hairy situation.

  This is my hair after I blow dry it :) haha Beautiful I know!

My hair is naturally wavy, and super super thin. Because the wave in my hair is in between curly and straight, I usually always have to touch it up with an iron to go either way. Although I have always hated having such thin hair, I think it is the reason why I am able to either curl or straighten my hair really well. So I guess you could say I get the best of both worlds! (at least this thin hair can offer me something of value, haha) But with that said, thin hair tends to fall out... when you brush it, style it, pretty much when you move it at all haha. So I am always looking for products that can minimize this for me. Because I get tired of people picking hair off of me, and I bet poor Trevor is tired of finding long strands of blonde hair all over the apartment.

My old straightener was on the fritz so when the very nice people from Misikko sent me over a top of the line flatiron I was beyond giddy! They sent me over the Hana and I didn't hesitate to whip it out and give it a try :) The Hana is a 100% pure ceramic iron, which is the best type of iron you can be using on your hair, plus ceramic iron also don't rip out as much of my thin hair, BONUS. Misikko has all different kinds of brands when it comes to hair care. One brand they also carry that I love is the Chi Iron which my sister-in-law swears by (she is a hairdresser)!

The Hana is actually one of the first affordable 100% ceramic irons out there &it was featured in Marie Claire and Redbook magazine, so that is saying something!

Voila, straight hair! &I didn't even loose any hair while straightening it :) 
Sorry for the gross yellow lighting from the bathroom!