Pinball Wizard...

One of mine and Trevor's favorite dates is to go to the Nickel Arcade. It is something we both really love, and really get into. A couple weeks ago me and Trevor went to the all time favorite...Five Guys Burger's and Fries... of course. It was amazing... as usual! Can't get enough of it. Best Burgers EVER! :) I have always loved them, but because of Trevor's passion for them we eat there all the time, and I am developing my own obsession. LOVE THEM. We have eating there down to an art now... yup yup, pay attention:
 First you DEVOUR, Burger and Cajun Spiced Fries!

 Lick the fingers, you know the fries and burgers are messy...


Anyways back to the Arcade date. After 5 Guys we hit Nickelmania. We had SO much fun! We won the most tickets we have ever won! I hit a jack pot, and so did Trevor so we were able to buy loads and loads and loads of candy! We ate it all that night.... um NOT a good idea. We were like little kids in the arcade and ate that candy like we were little kids and paid for it later, haha. But it was all worth it, it wassuch a fun date night with the hubberz!

Had to Play the Terminator Pin Ball.... Seeing the night Trevor proposed we watched The Terminator! Classy, I know.

This is what jack pot winners look like!
I had SO many tickets busting out of my purse!! haha

Being a little prideful....

Basking in the glory of beating a bunch of children in arcade games... ha-ha.

Just a drop in the amount of goods we got :)


Gummy Burgers are the bestest! I always love getting them. Does anyone know if you can get these in the stores? I seem to only to find them at arcades, carnivals etc?

A Date with Aucki...

So a couple weeks ago my little brother invited me and Trevor to this Black Out Party the school was having. (Seeing I am married now, I am not as up to date on the fun activities going on around the U) Trevor had too much homework and couldn't go. Since my little brother (Alex aka Aucki) goes to the U with me and lives literally in the same house complex as me, and I hardly ever see him, we decided to just go together, kind of like a brother &sister date. It was a lot of fun! They had a lot of great food, and dancing. They gave us T-Shirts which we could put glow in the dark paint on etc. etc.
I think my favorite part about the whole night, would be the amazing food. They had something called dessert sushi. It was SO cool. They put some type of sugary custard on top of sugared rice and decorated the sushi with slices of strawberries and kiwi's etc with chocolate on top. It was SO YUMMY!
It was a really fun night to hang out with the bro :) He of course wanted to party all through the night, and I was missing Trevor and already tired... pretty sad I feel tired and act like an "old married lady" when I am only 21. So I headed home on the Trax... Great night, great food, great brother :)

Take the strawberry sushi....

Put chocolate on it... &enjoy!
(please excuse the chocolate in my teeth...haha)

&if I didn't have enough food, they had smores!

"Don't put your feet on the seats."
I always put my feat up on the trax seats and that comes across on the intercom... oopsie.
It apparently takes 21 days to break a habit...

Our Search Story

I am sure some of you have seen that cool commercial Google did on a Parisian Love. It is sooooo cute. If not go check it out here...
Although not nearly as long, or as cool, they have made it so you can make your own search stories! I love it. So I decided to make one of my own. I couldn't resist and did a search story on me meeting Trevor...


I moved to Salt Lake City as a transfer student to the University of Utah.
I met Trevor at a beginning of the school year BBQ, I remember the biggest impression I had was, “Wow this guy has long hair.”
At the end of our first date he took me to a studio and played guitar for me, and tried teaching me how to play drums and guitar.
After that we pretty much never stopped hanging out.
I Love You’s were exchanged, and we became Trevor and Alycia Crowley on August 11, 2009, when we were married in the San Diego Temple.

Feel Good Anyway...

So Trevor is leaving me for the weekend. He has a Jazz competition in Reno. I can't come because the school is paying for their transportation and hotel rooms, and he has to share a room so it would be pointless for me to make the trip alone and stay alone in some hotel room... oh well.
This is only the second time since we have been married that we will be apart from each other for more then 24 hours :( The first time totally and completely sucked, so who knows how this time will be. At least this time he will only be gone for the weekend and not 5 days! I better get used to it because I am sure the future will bring many more times where we will be separated. I always thought people were lame for being so complainy when their spouses left for a bit... like "hello, it isn't that big of deal!" And well, I guess it isn't that big of deal... but now that I am married I totally understand. Your life just ISN'T the same for the time that he is away. Life just isn't as great when you don't get to see them, your day just isn't quite right.
Anyways, I shall survive. I have enough studying to do with finals coming up, and I really need to work on not stressing myself out. A couple months ago I got really worked up and stressed out about mid-terms and school and ended up having some actual physical consequences and problems because of it. I had always heard stress can really affect your body, but never really fully believed it. Well I totally do now. So I have been working on not stressing myself out. Doing all the stress relieving things. The past month it really has helped, and my issues went away. I just don't want them coming back again, and with finals coming up I can feel me starting to worry about tests and final assignments. So I am just going to breath, relax, focus, stay in control, haha.
One thing I did this week was pick some BEAUTIFUL tulips we have growing out in our front yard. I read that plants can help with stress, and I really do love having fresh beautiful flowers around. They just make you happier. Can you believe these are all over our neighborhood? I Love it. I also read that people who own dogs have healthier hearts and less stress (This information when related to Trevor did NOT help in my attempts to get a puppy...) So this weekend I am going to stay calm about school and life, not stress out. Hang out with a girlfriend (Lauren, so EXCITED!) to keep my mind of missing Trevor, and get started on some Finals and end of the semester projects. I CAN DO IT!
Hope everyone has an amazing weekend :)



Oh baby Hayley. This girl is just so sweet and calm. She is the quietest baby ever, just such at peace. (Although my brother informs me she is much more talkative (as in making baby sounds) now. Which I will get to see for myself when her and her family move here for the summer. I am SO excited :) Hayley is probably going to be out of that adorable little baby stage by the next time I see her. She will  be 1 next September. I can't believe how fast the time goes. She is the youngest grandbaby of our family, and the youngest of my Nieces and Nephews so far! I love her so much, I love to kiss her head and her puffy cheeks. One thing I love about Hayley is her big eyes. They just stay open wide and glare at everything around her, taking everything in. Babies really are the most amazing thing, &you can tell this one is very special. She is a sweet girl :)

 Yes my brother (her father) drew a smiley face on her back... lovely.

Love you Hayley!

Landon aka "Moose"

Oh my Landon.... this little chubberz will be one this August. He is my older sister's second son. He is basically all about food, and smiling! This boy is just SO happy! His laugh is contagious, and his face just lights up when he does. He just keeps growing and growing and is just a thick heavy ball of boy, this is why everyone calls him "Moose." I just can't wait until he gets older and we can start to really hear him talk. I personally think he will be one of those guys that is a gentle giant. Just a big dude, that is a total teddy bear. My favorite talent of Landon's would be his Sumo Wrestler impression. Now trust me I have been to Japan and have been to a Sumo wrestling competition and met them after... Landon pretty much has this Sumo thing down to a "T"...

Love you LANDON... Can't wait to see how much even bigger you have got since I last saw you!