A Date with Aucki...

So a couple weeks ago my little brother invited me and Trevor to this Black Out Party the school was having. (Seeing I am married now, I am not as up to date on the fun activities going on around the U) Trevor had too much homework and couldn't go. Since my little brother (Alex aka Aucki) goes to the U with me and lives literally in the same house complex as me, and I hardly ever see him, we decided to just go together, kind of like a brother &sister date. It was a lot of fun! They had a lot of great food, and dancing. They gave us T-Shirts which we could put glow in the dark paint on etc. etc.
I think my favorite part about the whole night, would be the amazing food. They had something called dessert sushi. It was SO cool. They put some type of sugary custard on top of sugared rice and decorated the sushi with slices of strawberries and kiwi's etc with chocolate on top. It was SO YUMMY!
It was a really fun night to hang out with the bro :) He of course wanted to party all through the night, and I was missing Trevor and already tired... pretty sad I feel tired and act like an "old married lady" when I am only 21. So I headed home on the Trax... Great night, great food, great brother :)

Take the strawberry sushi....

Put chocolate on it... &enjoy!
(please excuse the chocolate in my teeth...haha)

&if I didn't have enough food, they had smores!

"Don't put your feet on the seats."
I always put my feat up on the trax seats and that comes across on the intercom... oopsie.
It apparently takes 21 days to break a habit...


  1. I love the piggy back picture :) You two look so cute together. Hey, that's your second date this year isn't it? You went to Zach Lyman's reception together. I'm glad you guys had that time together before he leaves on his mission. Love you both!

  2. I love the pictures! Your shoes are so cute!!!
    If looks like you guys had lot of fun!
    have a nice day!

  3. That looks like it was a fun party. Loved the pictures.

  4. Looks like fun! I'm following you now! ;)


  5. i love those shoes!! so cute!!

  6. glad you had fun!
    the pics are really cute, love the t-shirts they gave you and your shoes:)

  7. Y'all are too cute! Glad you had fun!

  8. you two are just to cute for words!! such great photos I love them!!

  9. That food looks AMAZING! I LOVE smores, AND your shoes =] I can't wait to start at the U next month so I can hear about all the fun events.

    I wanted to tell you, PLEASE be careful riding trax alone at night. There has been a lot of crime lately downtown on 4 south and I just had my car broken into this morning.

    I'm sure you're safe, I just want to spread extra caution!

  10. strawberry sushi!

    you two are so cute! glad you had fun with your brother.

  11. It looks like y'all had a lot of fun. Idk about the strawberry sushi though..lol

  12. thanks for the comment. you're gorgeous (: i wish i suited a fringe.

  13. that looks like so much fun! It's great that you can have nights like that with your brother :D
    Your shoes are awesome, I'd want to put them up everywhere!

  14. you are so cute I love your fringe! mmm I want some chocolate covered strawberries!


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