Vampire Diaries...

anyone else totally stoked that the Vampire Diaries is back on?.... um yea :)

P.S. I had a nightmare last night. The first one in a really long time.
It was really nice to wake up from it and have Trevor right by me.
Instant hugs and comfort to get me back to sleep :)


As some of you know Trevor's internship with Senator Orrin Hatch's office turned out really well. They really liked him, and at the end of his internship offered him a job. He was thrilled! He has the opportunity to do some cool things and it has been such a great experience already. He says it is his favorite job he has ever had. Well for Martin Luther King Jr. Day the Salt Lake City Branch for the NAACP had a lunch held where they invite a bunch of prominent people in the community and give out awards to certain students etc. Senator Orrin Hatch was obviously invited but was going to be out of town, so they asked Trevor if he would go and represent the office. HOW COOL. So on Martin Luther King Jr. Day we got to go to this beautiful luncheon in the Little America Hotel {yes, the hotel Trevor use to be a waiter at... doesn't get much better then that eh?} The food was AMAZING, the presentations and speeches were very cool, and at our table we got to meet some people who worked for Fox News, and the President of the Education system for Utah {I of course talked to her about my desire to be a teacher} It was a pretty fabulous afternoon, where Trevor and I felt like we were not "important" enough to be there, haha but we enjoyed ourselves anyways :)

I brought the camera but this shin dig did not seem like the appropriate place
to whip out my camera and start taking pictures. It was a little too classy for that, haha.
I did get this one on our way out though of just the two of us.
They had professional photographers taking pictures but don't know where I could
find any of those online, so here is a newspaper article on the event.
Fun stuff.
oh yeah, the owner of the Utah Jazz was there, niiiiice.

A Painting Made for Me.

I have always enjoyed art, looking at it, making it. It is more of a hobby, since I can’t devote a lot of time to it. Well the other day while at work, instead of doing home work or something productive {oopsie} I came across this really unique cool artist. I love her work. I was clicking through all the images of her paintings and thought they all looked so funky and cool and different and enjoying all the colors, when I came to this painting…

{Casey O'Conall}
There are so many reasons why I love this painting. I absolutely love the colors, some of my favorite, but besides that it is mainly the emotion it evokes. While I enjoy art, I have seldom had the urge to want to purchase a piece for myself to have. I want this. It represents so many things for me while looking at this. I feel like it was painted for me. Is that crazy to say? It would hang right above mine and Trevor’s bed. This painting is how I feel every time we go to bed to fall asleep. One of my favorite things in this world, is how perfectly my head fits right there on top of Trevor’s shoulder, and how I tuck right into him like a puzzle piece. And to top it off, to finish the completeness of it all, while wrapping his arms around me, with perfect instinct he always tilts his head down on top of mine and holds me close. Then seals it all with a kiss.

Plate Wall.

I have seen this around some blogs and other design shows, and I am kind of really into the idea of a free flowing plate wall as quirky decor!
If someday I have a house with a nice open wall that needs something, I would love to be able to pull this off.

Does it seem like too much? I think if you had a strong color to tie into all of them it would look really cohesive and interesting.

I guess I need to start going into little antique stores and grabbing some cheap old plates to put together. HOW FUN!
{p.s. I am absolutely jealous of the daisy plate in left picture. love love.}

Why I Love My Husband...

Because sometimes he lets me listen to this while we do the dishes...

He-he, Bless his Heart :)

Old Lady?

So when me and Trevor got married, I really wanted wedding china. It is a lost tradition, which really makes me sad. Those moments where my mother said we could use the "nice china" I got so excited and would jump at the chance to help set the table. I just won't ever forget the memories that surround the dinners and conversations and fun times we had while using the nice china, Sunday dinners, Guests, Birthday's, Father's day, Mother's day... all these special meals we used the china.
Well it isn't very traditional to give wedding china as it use to be, but someday I still want some of my own. I decided I want something simple that will go with everything, but still has something about it that is kind of unique. I have been looking for awhile now and have found many different fun colors and things, but I think I found that simplistic look, with a touch of uniqueness I was looking for... and OF COURSE I would love one that was made in collaboration with Martha Stewart. The other day we were in Macy's and I made Trevor stop by the china so I could see it in real person. I lovvvved it. triple loved it. Even MORE so in person. The picture doesn't truly show, in fact let me just note, pictures online of fine china DO NOT do it justice! Even ones I thought were ugly when searching online were beautiful in real life and in front of me. They really are little pieces of art to eat on :)
{Martha Stewart Collection with Wedgwood Bouquet Dinnerware Collection}
There are some other patterns to mix and match with to change it up.
I am in love.

So do I have an old lady style if I love everything old fashioned, like wanting my wedding dress to have a touch of vintage in it, not even knowing the cut of diamond I loved was a vintage cut and the fact that I want fine china to have dinners on?

One plate at a time right?

So it begins.

So the new semester has started. Boy am I in for it. Not only is my school workload seriously impossible, but I have been assigned a 2 month big project to do at work, people here at the library call it "my baby." Anyways where to begin? Why do Professors purposely assign you so much reading and homework to do as if all you have is THEIR class? I mean I am NOT exaggerating here, I am talking hundreds of pages a night for just ONE class... and all my classes are like this. I guess this is just what happens when you are taking the highest upper level courses. So here are my complaints... ready?

Advanced American National Government
The teacher is so old, which isn't bad except he talks so quietly and is so monotone boring you want to rip your hair out class goes so slowly... (mucho amounts of reading.)

Political Analysis (Scientific Empirical Research)
My teacher is from Turkey... he has THE thickest accent ever, and has a humor no one gets. He is all in all a really nice sweet guy, but I don't understand a word coming out of his mouth, which is bad seeing as this class involves math mixed in with politics.... math being the key problem here for me. (mucho amounts of homework and reading that doesn't seem to even help.)

International Economics
Another teacher with an accent... great. At least this one is kind of dreamy to look at. This teacher is from Germany (I think I have my first student teacher crush here, haha.) Anyways Economics isn't the easiest for me, and I can't always understand him... I can better then the Turkish guy though. But seeing that he is very attractive I tend to not pay attention as well as I should. (good amount of reading with a mucho amount of homework.)

Geography of Utah
Oh man. This lady is CRAZY! You know Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter... this is her. Dead serious. She has her own language, I am not kidding! She uses symbols on her syllabus that mean things and she doesn't give you a key or anything to understand what it is she is talking about. She is THE most unorganized person I have ever met, epically for a teacher. Everyone is already confused with what is going on and instead of using the University website for work (WebCT) she has created her own which is about as understandable as she is. This chick is a nut. (tons of assingments and a huge project due at the end of the semester and tons of reading.)

History of Utah
This guy sounds like a black preacher when he lectures... which I guess is better then falling asleep in Advanced Gov. He really does almost yell when he talks, and puts inflection in his voice like a preacher does, haha. He unlike the Geography teacher is very very organized and because of this has given us a great outline of the massive amounts of readings that we have to do every day. An impossible amount. Which we will randomly get pop quizzes on to make sure we are reading every page... great. Just in two days I think I know everything amount the Anasazi Indians that settled here in Utah. This class is going to be just peachy.

So there.... my ranting and raving is over, for now. I will see you all in 5 months, seeing as all my time will now be spent buried in books! At least I find a majority of this stuff interesting right? geeze, haha.

Friends and Romantic Gondala Rides.

I got to spend the afternoon with my friends Anjalee and Megan, we went down to Pacific Beach and did a little shopping, and then went and got Megan's nose pierced... um OUCH! It was fun to catch up. After my afternoon with them I went home to get ready for Trevor's Christmas present, The Gondola Ride I got him for us to take down in Coronado. It was pretty cool. I have been on a real one in Venice with my mom and it was so much fun, and this one was just me and trevor all alone out in the water in the dark. The guy told us that the boat was imported from Venice. So it was as close to the real deal as we were going to get without being in Italy. It was really nice, we had our sparkling cider, and some cholcate covered strawberries while some italian love music played in the background. It was a real treat. After our Gondola ride, Megz and Anjalee really wanted to meet Trevor, so we all went out to Corvet Diner. It is in a new location now, but was still good. It was a great day and a nice ending to our Christmas in San Diego.Camera was on accidental zoom. I liked it though :)
Me and Megz
Found the largest Weed Ever! haha the pictures is even still cutting off its length!

This is why I love San Diego.

So another fun day our family had over Christmas Break was spent at the beach. We went to this really cool Fish and Chips place in Carlsbad and the food was amaaaaazing. Seriously. Yum Yum Yum. Has anyone noticed how much I talk about food over this Christmas break? Yeah I gained 3 pounds. Don't worry I have already lost it and some more since, but I swear I can't go home without gaining some weight. Every time. Especially Christmas time. All those yummy Canadian treats and moms baked goods yum. Anyways back to the day, great fish and chips and the weather was in our favor and we hung out at the beach all day. The kids LOVED the sand haha, and me and sarah went in the water! We put wet suits on since it was a little chilly for us but brave Trevor went in without anything with some of the other boys too. While we were leaving the beach these wild dolphins were in a big group popping in and out of the water. Now I have seen wild dolphins before, but never had I seen it like this. This one dolphin came clear out of the water! You could see the WHOLE BODY! Ugh wish I had my camera out to snap that. It was pretty dang cool.
Another fun thing we did as a family was take family pictures. I will have to put some up when we get them back! It was pretty cool the waves were going nuts, and half the family (Including me) got totally soaked... nice. Haha it was pretty funny. Anyways later that day we went to this Museum of Music out in Carlsbad. It was really cool, and esp. fun for Trevor since there was a specific exhibit in his area of interest with synthesizers etc. I fell in love with yellow daisy (of course) guitar. Maybe someday! haha Anyways it was alot of fun, and for once Trevor wanted his picture taken. He actually ASKED to have a picture taken. You know that means he really thought this stuff was cool, haha :)
Me and Sarah are crazy, what can I say?
Some pictures Trevor actually ASKED me to take!My Future Guitar :)
Loved this picture of Ben.
Me and Hayley ready for family pictures :)

New Years Eve &Day.

This New Years Eve, Kira and Justin came out with me and Trevor and my friend Nicole to the big young adults dance. It was a lot of fun to go out with Kira since growing up there was such an age gap we never really got to do these fun kind of things together. We played laser Tag, Saw a magician, and danced the night away. It was a lot of fun! The morning after we continued something that has kind of become a tradition in our family for New Years day to go take a hike somewhere. Like last year we went to my all time favorite, Torrey Pines Hike. It was so fun and so beautiful. I LOVE the ocean. :) It was the perfect way to kick start the New Year. Only negative of the hike was having to all cram into the car since they were not going to let anymore cars up to the parking spaces, but we begged and could let one car go so we all climbed in.... we got a lot of stares but it was funny. After the hike Grandma took us out to Souplantation. It was a great afternoon!
Trevor and his stylish diaper bag :)Align CenterSisters
Me and Nicole.
New Year's Eve Kiss!

What a day...

So one of our fabulous family outings we all went to this amazing hidden treasure in San Diego called Kit Carson Park. It reminded me so much of when I went to Park G├╝ell in Barcelona! It was fun to look at the cool artwork and sculptures all over representing story's of California and California's beginning. After exploring and climbing all over everything, we went to Chee Burger Chee Burger! OH my Trevor and I love this place :) amazing amazing amazing... Brandon trying the pounder challenge (I was very impressed) He finished while getting a shake as well... crazy! It was a fun evening. Later that night I went out to dinner with my friends Jamie and Sarah at Bucca Di Beppo (another favorite) which was SO good and fun to see them. It is no surprise I gained 3 pounds over Christmas Break eating out so much to these great places. After dinner Sarah had to leave but me and Jamie went to see a movie. What a great day :)
Love :)
Wanted to put up the pic of me and Trevor with this cool star background, but have not got it of my Dad's camera yet and he didn't put it on his blog. I will put it up when I get it!
Snakes anyone?...
Sisters :)
Chee Burger Chee Burger=yum yum YUM.Brandon's Burger the size of his head, and weighed a pound!
Sarah Jamie and Me.
Me and Jamikens :)
Me and My Sarah B :)