So it begins.

So the new semester has started. Boy am I in for it. Not only is my school workload seriously impossible, but I have been assigned a 2 month big project to do at work, people here at the library call it "my baby." Anyways where to begin? Why do Professors purposely assign you so much reading and homework to do as if all you have is THEIR class? I mean I am NOT exaggerating here, I am talking hundreds of pages a night for just ONE class... and all my classes are like this. I guess this is just what happens when you are taking the highest upper level courses. So here are my complaints... ready?

Advanced American National Government
The teacher is so old, which isn't bad except he talks so quietly and is so monotone boring you want to rip your hair out class goes so slowly... (mucho amounts of reading.)

Political Analysis (Scientific Empirical Research)
My teacher is from Turkey... he has THE thickest accent ever, and has a humor no one gets. He is all in all a really nice sweet guy, but I don't understand a word coming out of his mouth, which is bad seeing as this class involves math mixed in with politics.... math being the key problem here for me. (mucho amounts of homework and reading that doesn't seem to even help.)

International Economics
Another teacher with an accent... great. At least this one is kind of dreamy to look at. This teacher is from Germany (I think I have my first student teacher crush here, haha.) Anyways Economics isn't the easiest for me, and I can't always understand him... I can better then the Turkish guy though. But seeing that he is very attractive I tend to not pay attention as well as I should. (good amount of reading with a mucho amount of homework.)

Geography of Utah
Oh man. This lady is CRAZY! You know Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter... this is her. Dead serious. She has her own language, I am not kidding! She uses symbols on her syllabus that mean things and she doesn't give you a key or anything to understand what it is she is talking about. She is THE most unorganized person I have ever met, epically for a teacher. Everyone is already confused with what is going on and instead of using the University website for work (WebCT) she has created her own which is about as understandable as she is. This chick is a nut. (tons of assingments and a huge project due at the end of the semester and tons of reading.)

History of Utah
This guy sounds like a black preacher when he lectures... which I guess is better then falling asleep in Advanced Gov. He really does almost yell when he talks, and puts inflection in his voice like a preacher does, haha. He unlike the Geography teacher is very very organized and because of this has given us a great outline of the massive amounts of readings that we have to do every day. An impossible amount. Which we will randomly get pop quizzes on to make sure we are reading every page... great. Just in two days I think I know everything amount the Anasazi Indians that settled here in Utah. This class is going to be just peachy.

So there.... my ranting and raving is over, for now. I will see you all in 5 months, seeing as all my time will now be spent buried in books! At least I find a majority of this stuff interesting right? geeze, haha.


  1. Yeah , its a lot of reading , but look how much smarter you'll be in 5 months :-)Gotta love those profs - where do they find them?
    Hang in there Pumpkin'

  2. You can do it! :) and maybe if you get your "baby" done in record time you'll have more time to do some of that reading at work. I LOVE the new blog layout. It's hard to read the black print over the engagement picture though. Maybe you could do something to that so it's easier to read.

  3. okay, ignore my comment about the print over the engagement picture. I just went back and it's like the computer screen lightened up or something. I can read it :)


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