Friends and Romantic Gondala Rides.

I got to spend the afternoon with my friends Anjalee and Megan, we went down to Pacific Beach and did a little shopping, and then went and got Megan's nose pierced... um OUCH! It was fun to catch up. After my afternoon with them I went home to get ready for Trevor's Christmas present, The Gondola Ride I got him for us to take down in Coronado. It was pretty cool. I have been on a real one in Venice with my mom and it was so much fun, and this one was just me and trevor all alone out in the water in the dark. The guy told us that the boat was imported from Venice. So it was as close to the real deal as we were going to get without being in Italy. It was really nice, we had our sparkling cider, and some cholcate covered strawberries while some italian love music played in the background. It was a real treat. After our Gondola ride, Megz and Anjalee really wanted to meet Trevor, so we all went out to Corvet Diner. It is in a new location now, but was still good. It was a great day and a nice ending to our Christmas in San Diego.Camera was on accidental zoom. I liked it though :)
Me and Megz
Found the largest Weed Ever! haha the pictures is even still cutting off its length!

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