5 Day Juice Cleanse and Giveaway with Just Organic Juice

It tastes like CHRISTMAS people, CHRISTMAS!

If you follow me on instagram @alyciagrayce you would know that a few weeks back I did a five day juice cleanse from Just Organic Juice! After watching the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix one night, I was fascinated by the idea of juicing and health benefits you reap. I have always wanted to try one and see what it was like. I honestly wondered if juice could really satisfy me all day, let alone three or five days.

When Just Organic Juice contacted me about trying out one of their juice cleanses to review, I was pretty excited. I have always felt that juice cleanses were pretty pricey, and never wanted to commit to trying one without knowing if I was going to enjoy it let alone be able to drink just juice for five days straight. So this was my opportunity! I started with a three day cleanse and was going to let them know if I wanted to do a five day. I wanted to make sure I was feeling good and felt like I could really do a five day. After reviewing their site, I picked the Hard Boot Cleanse from Just Organic Juice. I wanted a step up from the beginner Soft Boot Cleanse because I have drank juices before and knew what to expect with how they tasted. The Hard Boot cleanse is also their signature cleanse,  and "JOJ’s signature (and most popular) cleanse, designed for an ambitious beginner or an experienced cleanser who needs to reboot metabolism and refocus energy on life extending habits. The “Hard Boot” Cleanse will flood your body with live enzymes, vitamins and minerals, give your body the digestive rest to clean house, and help you shed those extra pounds. JOJ’s legal counsel has required the following disclaimer however, please read, “WARNING: the ‘Hard Boot’ cleanse will leave you addicted to feeling great and wanting more.”

Okay, so where should I start? First and foremost, the juices were DELICIOUS! As someone who has tried several other juice brands, I can attest that JOJ is one of the most scrumptious, in fact, I would say it is the best tasting I have ever had. The grapefruit and mint juice was a total treat, and their AlmonDelight is seriously out of this world yummy. These two were by far my favorite and they are more like rewards during your day of juicing. My co-workers were pretty jealous every time I pulled my grapefruit and mint juice out in the morning! The AlmonDelight literally tastes like how Christmas smells, and I can honestly say that if everyone around me was eating ice cream and I had one of these juices I wouldn't even be tempted, it is that yummy.

The only negative side affect I got from the juice, wasn't really a negative to me, especially because it is expected. I had some liquidy poop (TMI), but that didn't even happen until after day three. Besides that I was pleasantly surprised that I has no negative side affects from the juices. I was always completely satisfied and never hungry. I didn't have any headaches, and felt like I had a ton of energy. Way more energy then I normally do that lasted into the night. It was amazing! It really was an eye opener because it showed me just how much of an addiction food is. I missed having a hot meal, and being able to chew. I realized how these sensations did nothing more than simply comfort me. I didn't miss the food itself, as much as the comfort it provided, and that was a huge wake up call to my eating habits. Once I was able to acknowledge that, it really wasn't difficult and I continued on to do the five day cleanse. I will note that I am not a huge beet fan, but the beet juice didn't bother me at all until day five. I think the monotony of the diet got to me with the beets, but it didn't matter because it was the last day! I also knew I had that AlmonDelight waiting for me!

I know everyone is wanting to know if I lost any weight, which I am sure peaks a lot of people's interest in doing a cleanse. But I want to make it clear that this is first and foremost about your health. I really learned a lot about my food triggers, emotional triggers, and what it means to really give my body the nutrition it requires to function at it's best. I tend to get bloated during the week when I am overeating, and I ended the five days feeling more alert, energized, and not bloated. I also lost six pounds! I personally think most of that was just water weight that I normally am retaining from poor eating habits. But even if I hadn't lost a pound it wouldn't have mattered because of how amazing I felt. As I type this I can tell you that I have been craving the juices. I can sense my body wants them and misses them. This experience has shown me that my body responds so well to juices and having more vegetables and fruits in my diet and that I need to give it that. Now that I know this, I am much more willing to spend money on juicing in my future. In fact, I am pretty dead set on buying a juicer now! haha I wont lie, I miss the convenience of having these juices delivered to my door (in the cutest bag by the way) and having all my meals just planned and done for the day. Talk about saving yourself A TON of time!

As JOJ says, "Organic juices and cleanses will serve most any purpose: jump start metabolism, change eating habits, flatten a belly for that special event, increase energy, improve mental clarity and performance, or simply provide peace of mind that you are giving your body an organic infusion of nature’s best to invigorate the body and mind for healthy living."

All I can say to that is YES, YES, YES! If you have ever thought about doing a juice cleanse, TRY IT! And today I am SO excited to host a giveaway for JOJ so that one of you can experience this as well. I really am excited for you guys. Today JOJ and I will be giving away a Three Day Juice Cleanse from Just Organic Juice.

It is super easy to enter, only four entries! Follow us via instagram and like our facebook pages :) God LUCK! and Happy Juicing!   
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  1. I just watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead this morning and have been researching the day away about juice cleanses so it was so funny when I saw this post on my blogger feed! I think I'm going to try a ten day cleanse (ah!) in a couple weeks. I even already have a juicer! Anyway your experience is encouraging because I anticipate being extremely cranky haha. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I liked this post I do like my juice even though some tell me it isn't that good for me

  3. I would LOVE to win! I am 5 weeks post partum and am looking for a way to kick start losing the rest of this baby weight and getting back to healthy eating! Taking care of a baby makes it hard to eat healthy, let alone eat at all!

  4. Oh this would just be the greatest to win! I've been following them on Insta for awhile...admiring from a distance, would love to try the cleanse! Thanks for hosting this giveaway :)

  5. You are making me totally want to try this! I love cleanses for the should purpose of helping me clear out all the junk food/processed foods in my body and diet.

  6. this would be so awesome to win! thank you both!

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  7. I want to wiiiiiiiiin! Dying to try this!

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