August Favorites


  1. Those look like fun items, Alycia! I love your blog! I have been a big fan for three years! I will have to try the e.l.f. products. I love e.l.f.! That Kate Spade purse is perfect! I need to get myself one of those. Great post, and great post idea! I will have to remember that.

    -Courtney from Barefoot in Blue Jeans

  2. i love that bag, those handles are my favorite kind. they had it in black, and i was gonna get it but didn' i wish i did! ugh.
    enjoy yours!

  3. Oh Monster, I am FINALLY getting around to catching up on some blogs. Okay you are hilarious, I seriously can't stop laughing! Great reviews, I want that nail polish. I want to come paint nails with you!? When...? :) And you look gorgeous as always!


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