Bear Lake Weekend

I had a TON of questions about this sweater when I posted this pic on Instagram. You can find it  HERE.
Trevor and his friends decided spur of the moment to get together at Bear Lake for the weekend. Since moving to Utah I have heard a lot about Bear Lake, but had never been, so I was pretty excited to finally see why this place was so great. For those of your who don't know, Bear Lake is in both Utah and Idaho, right on the border. We got in late Friday night, so when I looked out the window of our condo Saturday morning and saw the gorgeous blue, blue, blue lake, I knew I already loved it there. The town reminded me so much of Waterton, Canada, which I have blogged about a lot in my Canada trips. I just felt at home in a sense. Unfortunately for us the weather wasn't that great. It was rainy on and off the whole weekend, but when the sun came out we soaked up as much of it as we could. Even with the rain it was a great weekend. I couldn't get over how beautiful it was!

Saturday morning we headed out to the beach and while it was a tad too chilly for us girls to get in the boys had no problems going out and playing Frisbee! We relaxed on the beach and once it started showering we headed back while boys stayed behind to play some pick up football with some other beach goers. When us ladies got back to the condo we headed to the indoor hot tub and pool, which was heaven sent after the chilly morning we had. We played in that pool all afternoon. We had some lunch and then the boys joined us for even more swimming! Even though all of us are in out mid to late twenties we looked like a bunch of teenager having chicken fights and doing cannon ball jumps in the pool. After we had showered up we rented some bikes. We had a surrey and some banana bikes and has a total blast riding around Bear Lake. We oohed and awed over the beautiful landscape and houses. Had fun racing and totally wiping out. Let me tell you, those banana bikes are so FUN! They are a lot harder to ride then they look but they are a blast. I totally want one!
After the bikes we headed down to the main street to get some raspberry shakes, which apparently are what the town is known for. Each place claims to have the "best" raspberry shakes, but we just picked the one with the shortest line, and it did not disappoint. It was scrumptious! Later the boys played volleyball until the sun went down, while the girls chilled out back at the condo. We ate dinner and enjoyed the rest of the night hanging out. Sunday morning we made another attempt at the beach since the sun was out! The water was still a little chilly but not enough to keep me away. It was a fun day just hanging out in the sun. Before we headed home we stopped on the main street for some lunch. It was really such a great weekend, and I can totally see why people love the area so much. This will not my last trip to Bear Lake! :)
View from our Condo! The boys playing volley ball.
Yup... HAHA
A great getaway weekend :)


  1. It sounds like a very fun weekend in a gorgeous place! The Bear lake is really beautiful.
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  2. Love looking at all of your exciting adventures. They always look like so much fun!!!

    XOXO One Stiletto At A Time

  3. I am really craving a raspberry milkshake now! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

  4. Those bikes look like so much fun and that lake is beautiful!

  5. What a great post,love it!
    Keep in touch xoxo
    Antonella! :)

  6. Love Bear Lake! Next time you're there, you need to go to a show at Pickleville Playhouse! It is hilarious!! And yeah, those raspberry shakes. DROOL.

  7. I've always wanted to try those little bikes!


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