Smith's Gift Card Pairing

It seems like so many people have already left for their holiday vacations! It was a ghost town at work today. I went to the mall earlier this week to pick up some last minute gifts and it was bustling. It is that time of year! People trying to get those last minute gifts before Christmas. 

Often times I like to grab a gift card so the person can pick out something they really want, but I always feel like a card just doesn't have the same feeling as a personal gift. So over the years I have done gift card pairings. Where you have the gift card but do something a little extra to spruce it up and make it feel a little more festive or fun.

Lucky for me, I have a Smith's right down the street from our apartment. Not only is this convenient for groceries, but they also have a huge selection of gift cards. It can be your one stop shop for getting everything you in need in one place. 

I thought of a handful of great gift card pairings you could create just by going to your local Smith's grocery store!

Pair your gift card with something from the floral section! I found this adorable little Christmas themed fir that would be such an adorable gift.

Pair the gift card of your choice with your favorite candy! Or better yet a bouquet of candy!

Pair your gift card with an ornament you think they would like!

Need some even more ideas?

Stroll down the book aisle and pair your gift card with a book! Wrap a pretty ribbon around them both and voila!

Get a fun festive mug and fill it with hot cocoa and marshmallows! Stick your gift card in their too!

Find a great scented candle and wrap your gift card around it with some ribbon.

Wrap your gift card around some Martinellies or another holiday drink of your choice.

See how the possibilities are endless? Next time you need a quick convenient gift, stop by your local Smith's and do a gift pairing! You can make gift cards much more personal while still enjoying the convenience they provide!

Hope you are all on your way somewhere fun to spend the holidays with family & friends!

*this is a sponsored post by Smith's


  1. great idea to make the gift more personal... loves it

  2. Love that idea! I am right there with you on giving gift cards... I always feel that the person can get exactly what they want, but it is not a personal gift.

  3. I love this idea! I will really try this! :D Thanks for sharing!

  4. You are a current my Beloved Friend!!!!! Again, thank you so much for the awesome Gift Card and message! As well as referring to how you came up with this and did it. Amazing idea!!


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