Going Home For Christmas!

 the adorable cupcakes from mia's party

I can't even explain how elated I am to be going home to San Diego for Christmas! San Diego will always hold a huge piece of my heart, and will always be home. I can smell the salt in the air already!

I also can't wait to be with all of my family! We will have almost everyone there, everyone is coming except my oldest brother Brandon and his family. I guess they have a good excuse, his wife had a baby on Saturday! I now have five nieces, four of them provided just from my brother Brandon alone!

Our road trip started last Friday! We are working our way down to San Diego by stopping in St. George to spend some time with Trevor's family. Speaking of nieces, our niece Mia turned one this week and had her birthday party on Saturday. So fun to actually live close to some family and experience things like birthdays parties with each other. If you live near your family, you really should appreciate that!

All in all it was a pretty exciting weekend. Mia turned 1 on Friday and we had her birthday party on Saturday. My sister-in-law went into labor Friday evening and had their fourth daughter, Mackenzie!, early Saturday morning. Their third daughter, Rosalie, turns 2 today! So basically, a lot of birthdays and celebrating niece's this weekend. I love being an Aunt, and seeing my family grow is one of the happiest feelings. I love seeing my family happy!

Tomorrow we continue the road trip down to San Diego! Growing up I absolutely despised road trips... I mean, driving from San Diego to Canada with five other siblings annoying the crap out of you and smashed into an astro van with no air conditioning doesn't sound appealing to anyone, so I guess that's where that comes from.

But since meeting Trevor I love road trips. Driving just the two of us together for hours is the best to me. We don't see each other nearly enough, so I love when we have that time that can't be interrupted. I probably like it so much because I can just talk, talk, talk and he can't go anywhere ;) Plus, not having to share snacks with seven other people is a perk as well!
But really, I can't tell you how excited I am for a break! The holiday season is the busiest time for me at work and I have been slammed since November. I have been looking forward to this break and plan on soaking up every last second of it. I am coming prepared with my vitamins and airborne because every time my family gets together we never sleep, and we all get terribly sick.

So here we come Leavitt Christmas 2013, I CAN'T WAIT!

Hope you all have an amazing Christmas Break with family and friends :)

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  1. Lovely. Hope you and yours have a splendid Christmas, Alycia - sounds off to a good start already. :)

    PS: Love your social media icons! How on earth do you get them to change color when you hover over them...?

  2. It's beautiful here right now!!! As usual. It'll be a nice break from the chill. Enjoy!!!!

  3. So glad you're going home. I agree- we have a 12 hour drive and it's one of my favorite things because it's the most time we ever get to spend together.

  4. Oh yes, an Astro van. That about sums up childhood for me. :) And I cannot express the jealousy I feel about you getting to go to CA. Since we went for Thanksgiving and since my family will be up here for a wedding on Jan 2, there wasn't much reason to go home for Christmas this year. All the more reason for me to take my kids down there in Feb when I'm DYING to see the sun. :) Have a fun and safe trip!!!

  5. aw it makes me happy to think of families being together for christmas!! like, i feel all cozy just thinking about it!! i hope your trip is amazing!

  6. Ahhh, I love San Diego! I went there on holiday around 5 years ago the summer before I got married and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I agree about road trips, my husband works crazy hours and it's so lovely to just have that time in the car to talk!


  7. How exciting to have a new niece for Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful time in San Diego, and I'm jealous that you get to be someplace warm for Christmas.

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