Finale of Lost...

So I just finished watching the finale to Lost. Ultimately I would say I enjoyed it, and liked the ending. However I do have some mixed feelings. I would have liked to have all my answers about the Island answered... there are just SO many questions that you were left with.
But in the end what really mattered to me were the characters. To see all the characters come together again, and have THAT be a happy ending (even if they are dead) I did love that. All the moments of realization and flashbacks were amazing, and are what made the ending for me, and made it okay that I didn't have all my "magical Island" questions answered.
There are some interesting interpretations out there on the internet. I guess we will never know "exactly" everything.
But I do like the idea that they were all moving on to another life with each other, with the people they loved. Desmond's line sticks with me, "See you in anotha life brotha."


  1. Glad you liked it for the most part. I think if they had tried to answer all these "mysteries", a lot of people would still not be able to be satisfied. There would be those that still wouldn't like some answers. So, this was a beautiful ending with the things that really mattered.

  2. Yes, there were definitely lots of questions left unanswered but I still really enjoyed the finally and somehow I had a feeling they were all dead...

  3. I loved loved loved this whole series and the more I think about the finale the more I LOVE it! I can't wait to talk to you about it when you are here.

  4. I am about half way through season 5 and decided to watch some of the finale. MISTAKE! It was so confusing!! But it made me excited to finish season 5 and 6, and then watch it for real. Glad you liked it!!

  5. I wish I had gotten into Lost, just so I could partake in all the finale excitement!


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