Blisters, Arcade Games, &Best Friends

So remember when I said mine and Trevor's favorite date is to go to the arcade/nicklecade? Well this last time, I got a little too competitive with the finger flamer game... &ended up with this...


Yes a pretty decent size blister on my finger (it looks A LOT worse in person, and really hurt). Goes to show you how bad I wanted to WIN that Jackpot! All in all it was well worth it.... I mean it is all about the Candy :)

P.S. It is this amazing ladies Birthday today :) She is my Bestest Friend Jamikens (Jamie) Love her to death! &so Happy I get to be with her to celebrate!



  1. Haha love all the candy in your purse! Fun! :)

  2. wow now that's serious playing figure lol too funny! and yay I love birthdays happy birthday to your bestie, cute pics!

  3. Wow! I've never known anyone to get a blister from playing a game. That looks like it hurts. What is that game anyway?

  4. you have to trace your finger through a maze and get to the end before it ends. It is really actually very hard, despite how easy it sounds. It goes SUPER SUPER fast!

  5. That looks so painful...but I think I would have done the same thing for candy ;) Love your yellow nail polish!

  6. hahaha! Alycia I never pictured you as a "gamer" The blister is hilarious! I miss you girl!

  7. Happy Birthday to your friend....You both look so cute :) I am sorry for that blister but I bet those candies will help...BTW: I love the yellow nail cute for summer!
    Kisses and have a great day, sweetie!

  8. ouchy! Thats dedication girl!

  9. Wow, that's dedication!

    On a side note, I love your nail polish!

    Happy birthday to Jamie!

    x Jasmine


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