So my Senior year of high school I got my wisdom teeth out. My good friend Jillian had been ranting and raving about this new show called Lost. Since I had some pretty intense wisdom teeth experience, I knew I would be out on the couch for a good couple days to a week. So she let me borrow her copy of the first season. I got addicted. Only problem was with school and life I had missed a lot of the second season. When college started, I got behind, and I refused to watch any episodes unless they were in order. Well now I am 21 and I hadn't seen anything but the first season of Lost. Trevor had watched a bunch of the seasons but in random order. We decided to sit down and watch all of them in order from the beginning and catch up for the season finale. We started at the end of April, and went through ALL the seasons. We finished the last episode Friday night. Now the only problem here is, that me and Trevor don't have cable. We were watching them all on Hulu on Trevor nice big Mac screen. Problem with this you ask? We couldn't watch the finale last night, because it will be posted TODAY! We tried to find some friends to watch it with, but no luck. So I have been avoiding the internet today as best as possible, as to not ruin anything for me. I will be watching the finale with Trevor tonight. I won't be coming back on here, so feel free to leave your comments about what you thought of it! I am SO excited :) 
Oh and I highly recommend watching them in order like that, it helps you keep all the details straight. It always helps when they leave you hanging... I can't imagine all you guys waited 6 months in between those intense last episodes of every season?!
Me and Trevor have no idea what we are going to do now, with no more Lost to watch. Then we wondered what we ever did before? JKAJFHSD Crazy... all in all, we are kind of excited we wont be a slave to the show anymore. I hope the ending doesn't disappoint! Let me know what you thought!


  1. Since you said you won't be on here til after you watch it, I am leaving a comment. I hope you found that the finale was perfect and beautiful because I thought it was! I thought it was very touching and I cried A LOT...and I don't mean a few tears here and there...I mean streaming tears that wouldn't stop. Yeah, call me a dork. I thought it was sad that here we see years down the road that they are all dead, but yet it was beautiful and happy how they all got to be with each other again as they step into eternity together. I first lost it when Charlie and Claire remembered each other. They ended it perfectly with Jack dying. But, how sad :(

  2. Oh man, I hope you really liked it, but I didn't. I don't know maybe I'm dead inside or something, but I didn't cry at all.

    I think I kept expecting my mind to be blown at some point, and I didn't really see anything unexpected. Some tense parts, but no twists.

    I don't know, I loved Lost for its unpredictability and this finale was just kind of predictable. And I'm still kind of confused at what the alternate reality was. They basically relived their lives and then had to realize that they were actually dead? So was everyone they interacted with already dead?

    ehh, at least I still have questions?

  3. After quite a bit of time and suspense, I got caught up also! I completely agree... I don't know how any waited so long until the next episodes between the seasons! I'm going to watch the finale tonight also and I am so excited but rather confused as to what to do with my time now.

  4. See I am not sure about it! It was emotional...I cried like a baby..and I loved everything about it...but on the other hand I wish it would have a different ending...There was so much in that 6 seasons, so I hoped it would answer more questions...

  5. It was AMAZING! Totally unexpected and incredibly beautiful. I'm super sad that it's over, but it came to a wonderful close.
    I hope you loved it too!

  6. I really liked the ending! And I cried lots, it was so emotional to me. A lot of questions weren't answered, but I liked that it became more about the relationships. It was a fitting end.

  7. By the time you read this you will know: they were dead the whole time! Blah! I'm not a fan of that ending!

  8. I watched the finale last night and have been staying away from people's blogs because I didn't want anything ruined for me. I loved the ending, I thought it was a perfect way to end the show.

    My friends and I have been watching it together from the beginning, now we don't know what to do!

    x Jasmine


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