A Painting Made for Me.

I have always enjoyed art, looking at it, making it. It is more of a hobby, since I can’t devote a lot of time to it. Well the other day while at work, instead of doing home work or something productive {oopsie} I came across this really unique cool artist. I love her work. I was clicking through all the images of her paintings and thought they all looked so funky and cool and different and enjoying all the colors, when I came to this painting…

{Casey O'Conall}
There are so many reasons why I love this painting. I absolutely love the colors, some of my favorite, but besides that it is mainly the emotion it evokes. While I enjoy art, I have seldom had the urge to want to purchase a piece for myself to have. I want this. It represents so many things for me while looking at this. I feel like it was painted for me. Is that crazy to say? It would hang right above mine and Trevor’s bed. This painting is how I feel every time we go to bed to fall asleep. One of my favorite things in this world, is how perfectly my head fits right there on top of Trevor’s shoulder, and how I tuck right into him like a puzzle piece. And to top it off, to finish the completeness of it all, while wrapping his arms around me, with perfect instinct he always tilts his head down on top of mine and holds me close. Then seals it all with a kiss.


  1. ...and the girl has blonde hair and the guy has darker hair like you and Trevor. This painting was made for you. How sweet! I'd keep asking her if she would paint another one :)

  2. What is the web address for this artist?


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