As some of you know Trevor's internship with Senator Orrin Hatch's office turned out really well. They really liked him, and at the end of his internship offered him a job. He was thrilled! He has the opportunity to do some cool things and it has been such a great experience already. He says it is his favorite job he has ever had. Well for Martin Luther King Jr. Day the Salt Lake City Branch for the NAACP had a lunch held where they invite a bunch of prominent people in the community and give out awards to certain students etc. Senator Orrin Hatch was obviously invited but was going to be out of town, so they asked Trevor if he would go and represent the office. HOW COOL. So on Martin Luther King Jr. Day we got to go to this beautiful luncheon in the Little America Hotel {yes, the hotel Trevor use to be a waiter at... doesn't get much better then that eh?} The food was AMAZING, the presentations and speeches were very cool, and at our table we got to meet some people who worked for Fox News, and the President of the Education system for Utah {I of course talked to her about my desire to be a teacher} It was a pretty fabulous afternoon, where Trevor and I felt like we were not "important" enough to be there, haha but we enjoyed ourselves anyways :)

I brought the camera but this shin dig did not seem like the appropriate place
to whip out my camera and start taking pictures. It was a little too classy for that, haha.
I did get this one on our way out though of just the two of us.
They had professional photographers taking pictures but don't know where I could
find any of those online, so here is a newspaper article on the event.
Fun stuff.
oh yeah, the owner of the Utah Jazz was there, niiiiice.


  1. How fun for you both :) You've had a couple of nice meals now and a concert because of that internship/job - lucky!!! I'm glad that Trevor enjoys it and that you enjoy yours. You both deserve that.


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