Plate Wall.

I have seen this around some blogs and other design shows, and I am kind of really into the idea of a free flowing plate wall as quirky decor!
If someday I have a house with a nice open wall that needs something, I would love to be able to pull this off.

Does it seem like too much? I think if you had a strong color to tie into all of them it would look really cohesive and interesting.

I guess I need to start going into little antique stores and grabbing some cheap old plates to put together. HOW FUN!
{p.s. I am absolutely jealous of the daisy plate in left picture. love love.}


  1. I LOVE that idea!! I think it's awesome. I wish I had more walls to do something like that. I hope you do it someday.

  2. Plates? How boring, I want a wall with pictures of about two dozen grandkids. Your share will be at least four.


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