Americana and the Zoo.

Me and my friend Allie and Katy have a tradition. It all started back on my 16th Birthday when they came over to my house to surprise me and took me out to breakfast. They took me to this really fun restaurant in Del Mar right by the water. It is an original building from the city's history and they have the most amazing breakfast menu. Ever since then we would always take each other there for eachother's birthdays, and now that we are all out of highschool, whenever we are home we go together. So of course we met up at Americana for breakfast :)After the perfect morning catching up with two of my most dearest and truest friends, the whole family went to the ZOO at night while they have all their Christmas Lights up. The lights were pretty cool to see, and we ended up enjoying the park with not alot of people around, and seeing the animals you normally wouldn't get to see that are awake and about during the night. The best was for sure the Lions. I have never seen them that active and loud and up close before. A very fun night with the family. Plus I got to hold cute adorable babies all night. It doesn't get much better then that now does it?
The Family.

Justin and Trevor scaring the crud out of everyone.
The extreamly cool Lion.
If you look behind my you and kind of see in the dark the coolest Koala Bear.
Me and Sarah.
Me and my girl just chillen, you know how we do :) haha.


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