What a day...

So one of our fabulous family outings we all went to this amazing hidden treasure in San Diego called Kit Carson Park. It reminded me so much of when I went to Park G├╝ell in Barcelona! It was fun to look at the cool artwork and sculptures all over representing story's of California and California's beginning. After exploring and climbing all over everything, we went to Chee Burger Chee Burger! OH my Trevor and I love this place :) amazing amazing amazing... Brandon trying the pounder challenge (I was very impressed) He finished while getting a shake as well... crazy! It was a fun evening. Later that night I went out to dinner with my friends Jamie and Sarah at Bucca Di Beppo (another favorite) which was SO good and fun to see them. It is no surprise I gained 3 pounds over Christmas Break eating out so much to these great places. After dinner Sarah had to leave but me and Jamie went to see a movie. What a great day :)
Love :)
Wanted to put up the pic of me and Trevor with this cool star background, but have not got it of my Dad's camera yet and he didn't put it on his blog. I will put it up when I get it!
Snakes anyone?...
Sisters :)
Chee Burger Chee Burger=yum yum YUM.Brandon's Burger the size of his head, and weighed a pound!
Sarah Jamie and Me.
Me and Jamikens :)
Me and My Sarah B :)


  1. Cute fun pictures. The secret isn't Kit Carson Park but "Queen Califah's Circle" in Kit Carson Park. It was a cool place wasn't it? It's always fun to find new little treasures after living here all these years.

  2. Seriously so excited you have a blog. I freaking love you! This post was way cute :)


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