Christmas Day.

Christmas was a lot of fun. We all woke up (WAY too early in my opinion!) and watched the little grandkids get all excited over their Santa gifts. It was very sweet. Trevor got me some boots for the winter I had been wanting and then totally blew me by surprise by giving me some pearl earrings. He said he saw them and thought they were very "me." Pearls and me... wow does my husband know me :) I gave him the the complete set of seasons for one of his favorite T.V. shows Arrested Development (which he loved) the guitar I worked on for him (which I think he was surprised by) and then the gift for both of us, a (romantic) gondola ride down in Coronado bay. We got a lot of really great gifts and are so thankful to everyone. Later we ate mom's traditional pull apart cinnamon breakfast :) yum and then dug through our stockings. We chilled around the house and then went to Christmas Card Lane with everyone later that evening, which is a must here in Rancho Peñasquitos. A perfect day, a perfect Christmas, and mine and Trevor's first Christmas together :)

P.S. All these grand babies around is torture, they are so adorable and perfect, it makes me want one haha :)
Daddy calls me Belle... so of course this picture was a must :)

My favorite picture now.

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  1. Not just Daddy, we all called you "Belle". Lately though I say "sweetie" I don't know why I don't say Belle as much but you will always be our "Alycia Belle" :) Fun pictures and fun times. I love the picture of Hayley sleeping in your arms also.


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