Oh the Joy of Learning...

So today in my Economics class my teacher went into the discussion of some of the points made in the book Guns, Germs and Steel. Now I recognized the title because me and Trevor got Dad this book for his birthday. Well after todays lesson I am definitely going to go out buy this book and read it. HOW FASCINATING! With all the geography and history classes I have been taking over the years I finally feel like I am starting to understand some of this stuff, and this book just completely peaked my interest! Can't wait to get started on it (Now only If I can find the time!)

Another book that was discussed in my Economics class a little while back was this book called "Marching Powder" we discussed briefly what it was about and used it as an example to help us understand a concept in the class. In our class there was actually a guy who had visited the prison in Bolivia himself. This book is based on the true story of an English man who gets caught smuggling cocaine out of Bolivia and is sent to the San Pedro prison. This prison is more then just the filthy conditions and corrupt guards. This prison itself is a whole community! They are given absolutely nothing when entering the prison yet the prison has developed into this sick crazy place to live, where they pay the guards to go in and out, they produce cocaine this whole place has a system and becomes it's own very unique society. The book follows the main charcater as he learns the system of San Pedro. It just seems like the craziest story ever, and someday soon I want to read this one as well!
So I found this book while researching a bit on something I read in one of my Geography classes that TOTALLY caught my attention. It seems like It would be an interesting read. Tell me if this excerpt from The Eternal Frontier:Ground Zero by Tim Flannery catches your attention, and what does it remind you of?
"No humans have ever experienced anything comparable to the asteroid impact, but once-just once in human written history-a faint echo of the great impact was directly experienced by a small section of humanity....
After reading this section, I couldn't help but ask myself... "How come I had never heard of this before?!" Anyways these three books are on my list of to do's to read sometime. Who knew you learned something in college eh?


  1. :) You could always check them out of the library when you have time. Dad is reading his book you and Trevor gave him as we speak. It was Brandon who recommended it remember?

  2. I believe I called you mom and you asked dad what books he was interested in and he said that one :) although I do remember Brandon saying how much he wanted to read it.

  3. Brandon recommended it to Dad :)

  4. I love Guns Germs and Steel. I can hardly put it down. Although Brandon did read it before I did I have wanted it long before Brandon got it. I am also quite familiar with Krakatoa but I had no idea about the 56 hours of darkness and the fact that they couldn't hear anything. I think that is next on my reading list.


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