No meat, No tooth...

This is the Best Picture Stanton Got, doesn't look so bad here... but it was.

So a couple weeks ago Trevor went on a hunting trip with his friend Stanton, they didn't catch anything... OH WELL. Apparently they only ever saw one elk the whole time and it was a cow (which means a girl elk, which they are not allowed to hunt) Trevor came home with some pretty crazy stories.
First crazy story: At one point during the afternoon (i guess it isn't the best time to hunt for elk dead in the afternoon) him and Stanton decided to explore, and went in search of some cool caves they had heard were in the area. They found one and were in it when they could hear this noise. At first they tried telling themselves it was just rocks falling or something... but it didn't take long for the both of them to start getting freaked out. They both just knew something was in the cave with them and it was NOT rocks falling. They decide to leave the cave to find blood on some of the rocks just outside the cave... FRESH Blood. Stanton apparently touched it because it looked so fresh, and the blood came up on his fingers. In the HOT sun up there in the mountains for it to still be that wet meant whatever was dripping with blood had just been dragged over those rocks. Then they found a cougar print in the area heading towards the cave they were in. Well Trevor and Stanton are pretty convinced that moments before they wondered into the cave the cougar had just grabbed some lunch and was going into the cave for a shady place to eat. They were pretty freaked out but thought it was pretty cool but decided to not stick around much longer.
Second Crazy Story: It was the last day of hunting and their 5th day out camping and hunting and the weather had gotten really bad. Apparently it had been snowing was very wet and rainy weather, not so fun. Stanton and Trevor had found a good "spot" whatever that means in hunting to look from/shoot from and they decided Trevor needed to go down a bit and "scare" some Elk up. So Trevor started down to go try to send some elk up where Stanton was (I don't really understand that mind of these boys or hunting but whatever haha) Trevor is hiking around for a bit, feeling pretty miserable from the cold etc (&missing me of course :) when he kind of find himself stuck. He came up to an straight up cliff, and really couldn't figure out any way to get back to where he was without having to climb it. Trevor while telling me the story goes on about how scary this was for him. (For Trevor to admit he was scared, means this must have been bad!) He said the whole time he was going up he was scared he was going to fall everything was so wet, etc etc. He was so worried the whole time going up.
Third Part of the crazy story: He made it up okay and feeling better about his situation, not feeling like he is about to fall to his death, he then slips on some wet patch smacks his head against a log, and his gun falls and smacks him right across the other side of his face. OUCH! and this is how Trevor lost a huge chunk out of his front tooth! He said he was so mad about having to climb up that wall, and then falling down and then chipping his tooth and how much pain he was in because of it just everything... he picked up the chunk of his tooth and just chucked it over the cliff he had just climbed up in anger. (I almost want to laugh at this part of the story because I can just imagine how he did this, I almost think it is cute when he is mad, haha.) Anyways They left to come home shortly after.
Crazy Story part Four: So the guy who guided Stanton and Trevor to hunt in this area is a member of their former bishopric from a past ward they were in. They have stayed in touch and are good friends. This guy just happens to be a dentist. Trevor calls him to explain what happened, and his situation about he just got married and doesn't have insurance. The guy totally understands and offers to fix Trevor's tooth for FREE. Pretty Cool eh?
Final end to the Crazy Stories: Trevor right before our wedding had hit his chin on something and hurt his front tooth. He swore he could see a crack straight up his front tooth a very fine line. Well after the dentist looked at his tooth he confirmed Trevor's thoughts. Apparently he had already had a crack in it that didn't help and probably was a factor in why it chipped when he fell. So for now Trevor has half a fake tooth, he was in a lot of pain because he did a lot of damage to the back of his tooth and exposed some nerve endings, ouchie! He has been advised that this is only a temporary fix and that eventually he will have to most likely get a root canal and a cap for a totally fake tooth. YAY for my husband's successful hunting trip, came home with no meat and no tooth, and If wasn't already complaining about how much money this trip was costing, he just rang up the bill even more. NO more HUNTING trips haha.


  1. Ha! You know there will be more hunting trips. It's not just about the kill it's about the camaraderie - ask Dad. His tooth will be fine. I thought he cracked that tooth when I was there when he was moving stuff down to the apartment from upstairs. He had me look at it but maybe he'd already once before. I think you should make that nice dentist some cookies and have Trevor write him a thank you note. He was a lifesaver for sure!

  2. any dental work you need done will only cost you a trip to Canada. Justin will do your work for free :-)

  3. You know, if you don't have insurance by the time that tooth needs fixed it might be cheaper for him to fly up there and have Justin fix it :)

  4. Wow GOOD TO KNOW! Maybe while were on that trip up there that we talked about Kira. The whole skiing, hot tub cabin idea :)

  5. That is five days worth of whiskers in that picture? It'd take me two months to have anything close to that.

  6. haha yeah, Trevor grows quickly. He actually went on the trip with a mustache but everything else is just the 5 days.


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