Trevor, Alycia, and Laura Bush.

Well some cool news to report! As some of you know Trevor works at Senator Orrin Hatch's office, and I work in the administration department of the University of Utah Library. Well Monday October 26th was a big day for both me and Trevor because Laura Bush was speaking at the Women's Conference (also David Archuleta was going to speaking) held by Orrin Hatch, and The Library was having Laura Bush speak at the Library's rededication.
So Trevor thought he was going to be able to go to the women's conference but found out the day before he would have to work the front desk that day while everyone was out of the office for the Conference. I felt bad for him until I heard that he had, had the opportunity if he wanted to take a picture with David Archuleta, and with Laura Bush, but PASSED IT UP! I couldn't believe this when I heard him say it because why would you pass that up? Well as Trevor explained to me... "I am not some 16 year old teenage girl so why would I even be remotely interested in getting my picture taken with David Archuleta? And who is Laura Bush anyways? A PAST first lady who isn't important for anything more then that. Now if she had actually been a governor or senator or presidential candidate or something then that would matter to me."
ANYWAYS, crazy guy, I got the best seat in he house to see Laura Bush speak at the Library Rededication. J.W. Marriott Junior spoke on behave on his father's and family's contributions to the Library over the years and his speech really blew me away. It was my favorite of the whole day! The Marriott family is so cool. Anyways this rededication was a big deal! The Govenor spoke, the President of the University spoke, the head Librarian (my boss) spoke, J.W. Marriott Jr. Spoke and Laura Bush Spoke. The Senator Orrin Hatch was there, Elder M. Russell Ballard from the 12 apostles was there, and you can't forget all the mega rich family's that donate so much to Utah and Salt lake like the rest of the Marriott family, the Rice family, Eccles family etc etc. Do those names sound familiar, haha? Anyways alot of important people all over Utah came to this huge event. They talked a lot about how next to the Capitol the Library is the MOST expensive building in Utah. They took into account the type of materials that the Library holds, and important documents and history (I couldn't help but think about how OUR family history is in there. An original page of the Book of Mormon! I mean come one! and so much more) It was a really cool conference and I just people watched while I ate my food after. Once most of the people had left I went up on the stage with some friends I work with and sat in the Chairs where the speaker were. I sat in Laura Bush's seat (tried to soak up some of her DNA! :) haha) Then I went to the pulpit where they all spoke and had my friend take a picture. I took some pictures on my phone but they didn't turn out too well. A guy at the library we know had a really really nice camera and he took some pictures of me sitting in Laura's Seat and at the Pulpit (without the crazy lady in the way eating her food) So I will have to get those and put those pictures for you all to see later! It was a crazy time at the Library that whole week before and that day but it was so worth it! It was so far one of the coolest things I have been able to apart of :)

Stupid Lady Standing in front of my Pulpit (I will have to post the better picture when I get it!)

We had to wear Red and Black so I thought my outfit fit perfectly (I wore the dress I wore to Ben and Sharley's wedding!)

I was technically "working" while I was there So I had to wear my tag, but I really just got paid to sit and watch, and eat food after :) not too shabby!


Univerisy of Utah Library Rededication

Senator Orrin Hatch: Women's Conference


  1. p.s. I don't know what you are talking about ... I really like that crazy lady in front of you :-)

  2. What a cool experience! I am so thrilled you have such a great job that is stress free :)Too bad we didn't get to see a picture of Trevor with Laura Bush on this post. Trevor missed out on an opportunity. Had he had his picture taken with David Archuletta and given it to Sarah he would have become her favorite brother-in-law :). You'll have to tell him that in case he doesn't read this.

  3. Oh, and I think your outfit worked perfectly :)


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