Don't Play With Fire....

Well today me Trevor and a bunch of his friends all went out to the middle of nowhere and shot guns and blew things up and lit things on fire! Sound safe eh? haha, anways it was alot of fun, but very cold. Anyways i was alot better at shooting then i thought i was going to be, of course that was when i was using the smallest gun Trevor had a 22 i think it was? haha. Trevor wanted me to try his AK47 and i am not going to lie, i was afraid! I have a video of it for you guys to see, i totally closed my eyes right before i shot i was so afraid haha. But it really wasn't that bad.

So Trevor and his friends are in love with this stuff called Tannerite, its an explosive. They like to put it in bottles and place them inside TV's, computers, washing machines, refrigerators! Trust me these boys will blow up anything! It is LOUD, CRAZY, and FUN!

Now when i said these guys are crazy i meant it, Exhibit A. This is Stanton, Trevor's best friend who decided it would be fun to light his feet on fire. Oh and Trevor lit his head on fire, i don't have a picture of this because i was freaking out so bad yelling at him for doing it in the first place. He ended up scorching his hair on the whole back of the head! ugh.

Me and Trevor making weired poses, the heat from the bon fire was intense which i think explains my weired face haha.

Trevor being camera shy.

Just a cool shot of the fire one of the computers were burning in. I guess something electrical when it burns makes pretty colors!

Here is the little clip of me shooting the AK47 hahaha.


  1. I really like the picture of you guys where you said you are making weird faces from the heat. I actually think you both look really cute!! Trevor & his friends remind me of Dad & your brothers. It must be a guy thing!! :D

  2. wow you are crazy!!! That electrical fire is awesome!


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