The Holy War

Here is a picture of people ready to rush the field before the game was even over! People were even jumping out of the stadium seats onto the field, im sure someone broke something. the cops were trying to stop people but there were way too many people. Waiting in that line was worth it to watch and experience such a crazy game! But to be honest, i wished it had been more exciting, because it wasn't even close, it was a total blow out! UTAH UTES WON!!!! CREAMED is probably a better word. BYU was pretty upset, i had heard about the rivalry before but experiencing it was very different. A fist fight broke out right in front of me! We had great seats too really close to the field it was awesome!

A SEA OD RED! After the streets were full of red and the town again couldn't go to sleep, Winning this game was huge for two reasons, we beat BYU our biggest rivals also known as "The Holy War" and it meant we were still undefeated and would be going to the BCS Bowl!!! EXCITING times here in Salt Lake City.

Trevor missed the "turn around and smile memo" haha.

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  1. How fun to be at school the year there is so much excitement with the team!! They had an awesome season!


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