Dancing at the Capitol

So my sorority had a big holiday dance at the Salt Lake City Capitol Building, and it was so much fun. Trevor was my date. The building was gorgeous, it was all marble and gold leaf and murals! So much fun. After the dance we went to our Sorority Mother's house and made ginger bread cookies that looked like our dates!! We also played games, ate food and watched Elf. Great NIGHT!

I thought mine and Trevor's cookies looked great, i didn't even help him and he did such a good job on making my lace on the cookie haha I loved it! We didn't win the contest and i thought we should have...pssh. OH WELL!

Standing on those stairs next to Trevor dressed like that i felt like the first lady! haha FUN NIGHT!

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  1. You two look great and I think your cookies should have won. I'm impressed with Trevor's cookie decorating skills. We'll have to put those to use sometime. :D


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