Camping out for the coveted game

So right after the TCU game me and Trevor felt spontaneous and decided to camp out in line for the coveted BYU vs. Utah game. When i say coveted, boy do I mean it. People were selling tickets for this game online for thousands of dollars. Because the game is at the Utah home field this year if you are a student you can wait in line and get two tickets for free! SCORE! I have always wanted to go to one of these games and i knew that this was my opportunity!

We were about the 5th tent from the beginning of the line, we were so lucky there ended up being hundreds of tents wrapping all around campus!!!

People got very creative for spending their time! haha we had alot of fun with all the people we met around us, but boy was it loooooong. I spent two nights and three days out there on the street and never left!

The Head Coach of the Utes team Kyle Whittingham along with some starting players from the team came with Pizza's to thank us for our support! I snagged a picture since i was one of the first in front of the line :)

FINALLY! we got our tickets! (i look horrible i know, no make up or shower for three days!) It was worth it though!!

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