TCU Game with Beta Girls

So tonight i went to my first ever Utah Football Game, and boy was it insane! I went with some girls from my sorority and we had a lot of fun. In the last two minutes the Utes beat the game, people had already started leaving and the game totally turned around it was one of THE most insane games i have ever been too! The streets were full of red and black and there was a huge after party and the whole town was awake celebrating!! Winning this game was a big deal to send us to the BCS Bowl.
Right after the game everyone started to rush the field and you can see here just the start, but the whole field was covered and it took forever to get out of there!

Me and Jessica Court having some hot chocolate in the freezing Utah weather!
Me and Elyse staying warm in our mittens, also getting nervous since the game was so close.

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  1. That was a crazy insane game! Glad you have had fun being a BETA.


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