Univeristy of Utah

Well moving up to Salt Lake was such a drag and full of so much drama. Everything that could go wrong, did. But I have been here for a couple months now and have been loving life and getting adjusted to living down town in the city! I walk to the trax from my house, and take the trax everywhere, they are so convenient. I am loving my classes, but they are definitely stressful and not easy. I just want to be done with school and be in teaching in the classroom! Anyways some things that have happened since I have been here….
  1. Joined the Lambda Delta Sigma Sorority. I am in the Beta Chapter!!
  2. University of Utah girls Lacrosse Team
  3. Singed up for the Salt Lake City Half Marathon! (I start training soon)
  4. Made some good friends!

This is Trevor, he was my date for the Barn Yard Dance.
Scavenger Hunt in the Canyon.
Beta Powderpuff Football Game.


  1. i start grad school there in may. im moving from SD to there as well. i am not looking forward to utah weather. ugh...

  2. So glad you are finally settled after a rough couple of months. You don't know how badly I felt that I wasn't able to be up there to help out during the worst of it. Elaine almost went out there to help out too. We were so worried about you!! You're a trooper though and pulled through. Not the way you want to start your semester of school off though. I'm glad you've made good friends and are getting involved in things and keeping busy. I want to come and watch you run the 1/2 marathon and I want to see you play lacrosse too. You'll have to send us the schedules. Love you!! Mum xxoo

  3. Yay, a new blog from Alycia. I am so glad that you're finally settling in.

  4. i love that you were in a lds sorority up at the u! i joined one too! best decision ever.


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