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trying to stay motivated...

heard this quote and had to make a graphic for it, haha i think i need to put this on my bathroom mirror!

So I mentioned in my last post, I was worried about this past week because I was going out of town and wouldn't be able to make my own meals or have time to exercise. So what was the damage?! I gained a pound. Not totally happy about that, but oh well. I tried to make as healthy of choices as I could, but also wanted to enjoy myself. 

Coming back this week and eating better I am realizing that there is this wall I am facing because I have never had more then about 6 pounds to lose before and having already done that I am having a hard time realizing I can't just maintain the weight, I need to lose more and actually keep eating healthy all the time.

Like I mentioned in my first post about my new year efforts to eat better and lose the extra weight I have put on, I mentioned that in the past I have been able to eat right for a few weeks, drop the weight fast, and pretty much maintain it and go back to eating whatever I want for awhile. My body doesn't do that anymore, this is something I need to maintain and it is a change that I am having a hard time getting used too.

So I am hoping this wall doesn't last long and I can just stick it out so I can keep seeing and maintaining results. I know compared to some I don't have much to lose at all, but it sure makes me understand how hard that must be for some people who have an overwhelming amount to lose. I just want to be at that point where my body doesn't crave the bad stuff and actually wants and craves the good stuff, but I know to get there I have to cut out certain things that I haven't been doing this past week.

So no more weight loss to announce with this weeks update, but I am just trying to keep on doing what I am doing and stop with the justifications of eating something I know I shouldn't! This post sounds pretty familiar to last weeks haha but that is just where I am.

As you may have seen I went to a blogging conference last week and was really excited for this one night which was a "clue" theme. I found the PERFECT dress online, but since I am a totally new size right now, it has been hard to know what size to get. So I ordered up since I have put on weight hoping that was about right. It got here just a few days before the conference and it didn't fit!!! It was SOOO tight. A little part inside of me hurt because I know I normally should be able to wear that size of a dress if not smaller. The biggest motivator besides being healthy right now is the fact that I love the clothes in my closet and can't afford to buy all new ones because of bad eating habits!! haha

So here is to the best motivator for all girls out there, CLOTHES! I need to get rid of this extra weight because my clothes are just too tight for comfort right now! But with that said, this week is my birthday... I mean, am I really going to skip out on my cake?? BAH! See I am already doing it...

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method & smilebooth...

If you follow me on instagram you would have probably seen your instagram feed being jammed with a bunch of photos from something called Alt Summit. Alt Summit is a Design and Blogging Conference that I have been wanting to go to for a few years now. I can't wait to share all the nitty gritty details of it with you, but until then... I thought I would leave you with just a taste of how much fun the three days were! 

Pretty much every event had some kind of photo booth. My favorites were the ones that had a Smilebooth I basically want to buy a Smilebooth off of them to have for my own personal use at home... just saying. I mean, how fun would that be?! 

By far the best party was the Method party, so I figured I would share the smilebooth photos from there first. We basically danced the night away in a "mod" inspired room! Disco colored dance floor?! Nothing beats that! I mean with Summer and Brooke from the Girl's With Glasses Show? Of course it was bound to be a hit!

So here you go... a little taste of crazy fun in front of the camera :)

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show time... eShakti

don't mind my red white skin, it was pretty chilly that day and I had to take my coat off to take these haha :) oh the joys of winter!

So a little while back eShakti contacted me about doing a review for one of their dresses. Me try on clothes? You don't have to pull my arm! I clicked on over to their page and was loving all their different designs, and then I noticed something that got me very excited.... very excited :)

CUSTOM ALTERNATIONS! No taking it somewhere, no waiting, the option is RIGHT there as you are looking at a dress. How many times have you looked at a dress and thought, "Oh if only it had sleeves!" or "If only it was longer!" Well folks, eShakti is your answer to that.

You can customize the length and sleeve style of their dresses... HOW exciting is that?! You can tailor it to suit YOU and your style. I was even thinking what a fun idea it would be to do bridesmaid dresses from the same pattern and change up the styles for each one. The possibilities are endless and it is such a great feature to have that I wish every store out there did it!

So I picked this wonderful black and white polka dot number and picked my sleeve length and skirt length and patiently awaited its arrival. Well it came and when I opened it I knew I love it before I even put it on. It was such a flattering silhouette on me and I loved the design of it. Putting it on just confirmed my expectations of their site.

I honestly can say I will be repurchasing from eShakti again! Anywho, I suggest you take a look at their amazing options, and see what alterations you could do to make your piece literally custom perfect for you!

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I have a special treat for you today! Is there any better way to go into the weekend? Do you see that adorable ring?! It is the Diamond Bow Ring

I got it from Hello Fab and have been loving it! It is such an adorable twist on a diamond and makes for the perfect girly and feminine ring to spruce up your look, and with all this bad weather here in Utah, I have been needing something to spruce up my attitude! :) Today you can enter to win one!

So how will this go down... do as many entries as you would like :) Giveaway ends 2/1 PERFECT timing to get it by Valentine's Day, and let's face it, what accessory could be cuter for the day of love?!

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I have been learning that is helps a ton if you research the menu of where you are going to meet up with friends so you can find something on the menu that is a healthy choice - so you know going in exactly what your getting! I went to Zupas the other night with my friend and got Cafe Zupas Summer Chicken Salad, super healthy, and yummy! Now you need to go try it... I mean it.

Okay folks, I guess this weight topic is a popular one, am I surprised? No. We ALL face issues with eating right and working out, and we all want to be better at it. 

My last update was full of sad and happy feelings on how I had gained WAY more weight then I initially realized but had already lost 5.5 pounds. I went on to loose .5 more... and that is it. 6 pounds isn't bad at all, but I hate that dreaded week after you have lost a lot of weight.

When you drop weight fast you can pretty much expect the weight loss for the next week isn't going to be as high, but somehow deep in the back of your mind you don't care and all reason goes out the window and your left wondering why you didn't lose more weight, or the same amount since you did everything the same.

I wouldn't say I fell off the band wagon this weekend, but I definitely stretched the "free day" farther then it was meant to go. I got to that point of being bummed out I hadn't lost anything after being on such a high last week. It is fine, I am back to eating right today. I guess that is the important thing, to not get hung up when you aren't "perfect" with your eating and instead of throwing in the towel you just start eating better again, because reality is, we are never going to be "perfect" eaters.

However, with that said, I am very nervous about this week. I have all these goals of dropping the extra weight, but I am going out of town this week for about four days. Four days of eating out...

I am really worried I am going to put the weight right back on. So I am going to try and be prepared and pack myself some healthy snacks so I don't find myself grabbing the horrible stuff. But with that said I am going somewhere fun and want to enjoy myself and indulge a little. Indulging every now and then is totally fine, but I am not at a point yet where I am ready to just maintain the weight, I am trying to LOSE! So indulging is something I probably SHOULDN'T be doing right now. 

To make matters worse my brain is starting to do what it always does, JUSTIFY my horrible eating habits. For example, I am going out of town, and then at the start of February it is my birthday, so of course I am going to allow myself something for my birthday right?! Maybe my whole birthday weekend?! AH. So my brain says to just not worry about the eating for a bit since I will be eating bad on my birthday weekend... BAH! See how it happens?!

Finding the balance is what is key and I am obviously still working on that. I need to really fit more gym time in too but I am finding it difficult to find a schedule I can stick to with, with so many things going on right now.

I am trying really hard to not get that defeated feeling, but alas, that is sort of wear my emotions are right now! Just being honest! I just don't want those feelings to overtake the progress I have made. I know I wont let it stop me like it has in the past, because I am tired of always being SO close to what I want when it comes to a strong, lean body and healthy eating habits. But it is rough this week...

How are you guys feeling these days?! BAH!

Getting Healthy in 2013...

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a hairy situation...

You may remember way back in August when I wrote about our third wedding anniversary and how Trevor wanted to go see Wicked last minute? You can go read it if you feel like it, but basically for Christmas Trevor wanted to kind of "make up" for the fact that we never did see a show that night, haha and he got us tickets to see "Hair" that was going to be playing up in Salt Lake City.

Now I don't know if we just have bad luck with going to try and see musicals haha, but neither Trevor nor I did any research into this show before we went. I knew the classic "Hair" song, and knew the show was based in the 60's but had no idea what it was really about. Trevor had even less knowledge on the show. So with that said we were very, um surprised?! hahaha

If any of you have seen the show then you would know what I am talking about. It was just a tad risque! Trevor and I were actually shocked at some of the stuff in the show, for example, full on nudity in one scene! WHAT?!

To make it even more awkward there was a father who had brought his two kids with them, both under the age of probably 11, and I was shocked he didn't walk right out with those kids after some of the language and terminology that was being used. I mean I was wondering if I SHOULD be walking out haha. My word.

All in all the voices were amazing and the music was great, but we learned a lesson about doing some research before we just go see something. We at least had fun looking over at each other wide eyed haha and covering our mouths! haha

But even the flop of a show couldn't get me down because of where we were. The show was done at Kingsbury Hall on the University of Utah Campus, the same hall Trevor took me to, to see a Keane Concert as a surprise, and I was SO convinced he was going to propose to me that night... but he didn't, haha. Every time I go back to Salt Lake and esp. the University of Utah I am flooded with so many memories! That campus is where Trevor and I first met. Where we had out first date. One block to the left is where Trevor proposed, and one block south is where our first place was together after we were married. I can't go up there and not just remember it all, the dates, the kisses, all the memories :)

At the end of the night we met up with some good friends, Billie and Stanton and had dinner at a place I love and never get much because it is only up North. Pizzeria Limone. I had their signature pizza for the first time though and was in HEAVEN! Who knew lemon and cheese could taste so good together?!

Now speaking of "hair" I actually went platinum on top this weekend! You can't really see the difference in pictures, but in person you can. Not THAT much of a change, but it is the most change I have ever done so it feels big to me, haha.

 I hope you all had as great of a weekend as I did :) Cheers! 

disguised blessings...


Sometimes I just have to sit back in awe of how life unfolds before me. I have always been a planner, and I like to have control when it comes to what will happen next in my life. Over the past several years I have had so many experiences where I realize I need to let things happen the way God wants them to happen for me.

While I believe God lets us make our own decisions, I also believe there are moments in our life where he is strongly guiding us, and if we have the right attitude and are open to the spirit, we will receive amazing blessings. Lately I can't help but think about the past year and the amazing blessings that have come to me, even though I didn't see them at the time.

I went to the University of Utah and got a BS in Social Science Teaching and a minor in History Teaching. I have always had a passion for history, and cultures, and have always wanted to share that with others, especially youth. I want to help young people think about their futures and the world around them, and help them decide what they love and believe in, what they care about. Teaching has always been something I want to do, and it still is.

Trevor applied to many different places for Law School, and we thought for a good period of time he would be attending school out of state. Because of this I graduated with my degree but did not finish my student teaching certification so I wouldn't loose any credits when starting at another school and I would just have my degree. There really was no point of starting a student teaching program in one state, just to have to pretty much start over in another in a year or so. But as life usually goes, the plan changed, and BYU Law School was where we were headed.

I looked into all the different ways I could do the program here in Utah and at the end of the day, the best plan was to still do it at the University of Utah. But we now lived in Provo, no big deal, an hour commute isn't so bad. Yet once we realized I wouldn't be able to work much while doing student teaching (if at all), and Trevor couldn't work while attending law school, that would mean no income, and continued student debt. Then my student loans from my Bachelor's degree got called in and I had a better idea of where we stood, and the whole idea of it financially didn't make a lot of sense.

I feel like deep down I had known for awhile it wasn't a good time to do it, but I stubbornly didn't want to believe that. I had my plan, and my plan was to be teaching and then to be working on my Masters. I remember perfectly one day while trying to figure out what to do I was driving in the car and I just started sobbing. My heart and brain and finally matched up and I just knew that it was not the right time. I didn't expect it to be such an emotional decision for me, but I just knew the right thing to do was to hold off on the Student Teaching and Masters Program and pursue some type of job.

At first I was a little bitter, giving up what I wanted to do so Trevor could pursue his Law degree. But deep down I knew it was the smartest decision at the time for me and our future family. Trevor was so loving and supportive of how I was feeling, and I really appreciated him just letting me figure it all out on my own. He didn't try telling me what to do, but let me come to the decision on my own, and in this situation that is exactly what I needed. He gave me the time I needed.

So after that emotional break down and then coming to a sense of peace about the decision, I started to apply my heart away for a ton of different jobs, and like most job hunting goes, it felt like I was getting nothing back.

To make a long story short, I landed an amazing job doing Paralegal work for an Attorney here in Provo. Over the past two years I have worked for him and he has been the most amazing boss, I look to him as a family member and he treats me the same as well. I have also learned so much about the legal world I would have never been able to learn without experiencing a job like this. I feel like I have gained a connection to Trevor's experience in Law School that we would have never had without this job. We can talk about what he is doing in school and I can understand and even contribute to the conversation! The experience, knowledge and friendships I have made through this job have been a true blessing.

The Paralegal work was part time, so I had to get something else to do so I could be working full time. I ended up getting a job as a part time Financial Aid Advisor. I almost couldn't believe that two schedules would match up so perfectly. I have been learning a whole new profession, I get to work with students which is something I love, and I have the best co-workers I could ask for! I am surrounded with a bunch of smart, powerful and driven people at my Financial Aid job, and I absolutely love the work environment and friendships I have made.

I just look back to that time in the car where I had my break down and realize now what God had in store for me. I have been able to experience totally different avenues in work experience that I would have never thought of doing that I love! I feel like it has made me more well rounded and it has definitely been a resume builder. I am able to support Trevor and me while he is in school, and I know that down the road I will be able teach, but until then, these two jobs have been our biggest blessing while he has been in school.

These experiences have opened up my idea of what my future could look like in regards to a career, and has sparked different interests and passions of mine. Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher thinking that I would be a mother and a teacher and that was it. Now I realize I can do that, and so much more as well. The sky is the limit!

I could write a gazillion posts about all the many blessings that God has blessed Trevor and I with this past year and half, or even throughout our lives, but I think some of the most meaningful ones come from our willingness to let go of "our plans" and let God help guide us.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember that God has a better plan for us then our own, but if we listen, we can have a life even we didn't know was possible for us.

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As you may have seen, I relaunched my Beauty & Style Channel after going on hiatus for four months (thanks broken Mac!) haha 

About two times a week I will be posting reviews on products that I have been loving and want to share with you! :)

So check out my Wet N' Wild Color Icon Review, and my Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner Review!


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that time i forgot i was in america...

 Sami Jo Photography

this is one of my favorite sweaters I recently got from ASOS :) if you haven't seen it enough all ready!

If you guys don't know about ASOS yet, I am sorry for introducing you to your newest addiction. It is a clothing store based in the United Kingdom, and I have been in love with them for about two years now.

I love their massive selection, and I feel like their options are less cookie cutter then other places. I also love how they have so many modest options which can be hard for us Mormon girls! Did I mention they have free shipping, from England? Yeah, anyways, enough of how amazing they are and on to how dumb I was the other day...

I was browsing like I normally do, I love to virtually window shop, and I noticed that a lot of pieces were super cheap! I got really excited and just started adding item after item into my online cart. I remember thinking "No way is that dress $20.00, done! No way that is only $15.00, getting it right now!" I should have known it was too good to be true because when I went to check out I noticed something... a foreign little symbol...  £

Yup, that is right. A GBP. As in NOT American. So, while holding my breath I went to see exactly how much everything would convert to. I have spent some time in England and Scotland, so I knew it would be more then what I was thinking/hoping for. I clicked the button to USD, and my stomach dropped. Gosh Dang it, talk about the biggest let down ever!

So no new amazing clothes from ASOS. Not until the United Kingdom decides that the GBP will some how magically represent USD. Or until I realize that I live in America.

All I can say is... major fail alycia, major fail.

confession &an update...

So as you may remember if you read this blog regularly, Trevor and I have put on some pounds over the last six months and made the cliche new years resolution to lose some weight! Thing is, I wrote that blog post before I officially weighed myself after Christmas. I knew I had weight to lose, but Christmas kind of did me in... the 12 pounds I had to lose was actually 19 pounds...! My heart stopped. I just couldn't believe my eyes. By far this is the heaviest I have ever been in my life, I honestly felt sick. How did I gain so much weight in such a short amount of time?! Honestly this weight has come on just in the last six months, which makes it even worse.

I have always been petite, and in reality I still am, but I am way over my normal/healthy weight, and I have been busting out of my clothes (I have been wearing a lot of my "fat" shirts haha), I haven't been eating healthy at all and I feel like crap.

My whole life I have been able to easily and quickly workout, eat healthy, get back in shape, and kind of sneakily go back to eating bad food. I use to bounce back so fast - but my body just can't do that anymore. My old resilient teenage body is officially gone and eating healthy and working out needs to be apart of a balanced lifestyle. I don't know what it is about hitting your lowest low, but it can be a real motivator! I have never cared so much in my life about eating right and working out for my body to be healthy then I do right now.

So now for the update, since January started I have literally gone "cold turkey" as I like to call it in regards to eating right. Can I just tell you the biggest difference besides the weight is ENERGY?! In the past when I would eat right I still always cheated a little. I mean, just a little bit. I always had the mentality that I could afford it, "you are young!" I would tell myself! 

I had never had a perfect consecutive two days in terms of eating right. Well folks I am here to say I just had a PERFECT consecutive week (well 6 days), and the results really shine through. Skipping out on just that one little Reese's candy, and all the other little extras that tempt us throughout the day has really paid off. I can feel it in my energy, in my skin, my weight, everything! Giving it up is so worth it. I really am hoping to be able to maintain it because I can tell such a difference in how I feel.

To add with the extra energy, my body has also responded, I have lost 5.5 pounds so far! I have been so impressed with how if you treat your body right, it will treat you right back. If you give your body just what it needs, it will serve you so much better. The past few weeks have made me want to take this journey a step beyond weight loss and health and towards really getting that strong body I think every girl imagines or wishes having at one point. Besides a few years in Lacrosse, I have never really been able to get muscles. I don't want to be a muscly woman by any means, but I want to be toned, strong, lean and healthy. One day at a time right?

So while I still have some more weigh to lose, I am going to be trying to add some more work outs into my routine that will help me tone up my body and make me stronger!

Now to be fair I did eat some naughty things on Saturday, but I am still beyond proud of myself for eating perfectly Sunday through Friday. You see, Trevor and I like to have a "free day." Now this doesn't mean you go wreak havoc, but once a week we just eat normally without being crazy. It is all about the balance and that free day keeps me from wanting to stop the healthy diet all together. Does that make sense?

What are you guys doing to encourage a healthier lifestyle? I would love to hear more about your own personal journeys?!

girl's just want to have fun...

While at the family reunion I figured I would take advantage of having family together and take some pictures of us in the beautiful location we were at. I mean, how could I not? The gorgeous green pine trees covered in snow for miles - it took your breath away! There wasn't a way I could possibly even capture it with my camera.

So we had a little impromptu photo shoot behind our cabin with us Leavitt girls, although now that I think about it all us sisters have different last names haha

Nothing beats the relationship between sisters and their mama ;)

a gift exchange...

HOSTED BY: Casey, Nicole, Lauren, Alycia, and Ashlee

Last years, Blogging Party was such a hit that this year we wanted to make it extra special.

So after some collaboration with some fellow bloggers, we decided a Valentine's Day Party would be a great way to do it!

Each blogger who wants to participate will be randomly paired up with another blogger to do a gift exchange with! All packages must be shipped out so they can arrive to the other bloggers destination

BEFORE February 7th.

Then on February 7, 2013 we will all post about the other blogger we received a package from, and about the care package they sent us!
So where does the party part come in? Well you can all then link up the post you wrote onto one of the  five hosts’ blogs. The link party will be interlined between all five bloggers for one giant link up party!

The care package can be full of whatever you want to give! But we suggest keeping it simple, and would like to put a $10-$15 price cap on these packages. Just make it something small and fun, that you know would make another person’s day. Who doesn’t love getting something in the mail?

Try to get to know the other blogger, and send them something that will put a smile on their face. Maybe something to help them accomplish one of their New Year’s resolutions, or something only another blogger would appreciate? Be creative! If you are having trouble thinking of something, you can always e-mail one of us for some suggestions.

So how will this work?

Any blogger who wants to participate will e-mail Nicole their name and blog address.
Each blogger will be randomly paired up with another blogger, and will receive that blogger's e-mail and web address.

It is then up to those bloggers to give each other their shipping address, so they can send each other a little care package! (try and get to know your new blogging friends!)

Make sure to ship out your care packages by an appropriate date, so that the other person will get their package BEFORE February 7, 2013.
Then make sure to write up a post about the person you met, and what they sent you! &Don’t forget to link it up to ALL FIVE of the blog Hosts, to spread the love and meet tons of new bloggers!
Hope we can all meet some new people in the blog world, spread smiles with some gift giving, and spread some blogging love for 2013!
**Must be at least 18 to participate, thank you for understanding**

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holiday break via instaLOVE♥

 trevor & i getting lots of cuddle time with baby mia just one of the trash plates for the crab legs we had on christmas eve - yum! me holding mia for the first time having dinner with my big brother ben :) since our in-laws live in the same city lots of snow and fun with the family best scone i have ever had, with honey butter on it of course :) new years eve kiss from the hubberz &the most confused baby with all the noise &streamers haha finally seeing les miserables, even though we were sick, it was amazing!

♥ ♥ ♥

family reunion (part II)

I had so many pictures from our reunion it was really hard to put these into just two posts! So I decided to do the first post mostly about the family time at the reunion and kept this post for the adventure and fun of the reunion :)

As mentioned the reunion was full of snowmobiling, hot tubs, games and more! Island Park Idaho was just breathtaking! The pines went on for miles and were covered in snow, I felt like I was in a fairy tale - infact our lodge area was called enchanted forest, and it was very fitting! When driving through the woods I kept saying it looked like we were heading to Narnia :)

I had never been snowmobiling before but I have done a lot of four wheeling, so it wasn't an entirely new idea. It was so much fun to go out and explore and jump off (little) bumps haha Trevor liked the big ones which freaked me out, but you get the idea. I think I had the most fun driving with my sister Kira because we didn't scare each other too much but were just adventurous enough to be fully enjoying ourselves! Although, Kira did make me squeeze a little tighter a couple times (you know what I am talking about Kira haha)

We got bored with the regular sledding and decided to strap ourselves to the back of the snowmobiles, probably not the safest thing ever, but hey, we had helmets, and it was SO MUCH FUN!

Oh, don't mind Trevor's pose... *shaking head over here*

&what is the best way to end a day in the snow?! HOT CHOCOLATE :)

I would have liked to end with the big family photo of everyone that came to the reunion (it was an undertaking to take the picture haha!) but my Aunt hasn't sent them out yet, so I thought instead I would end with a random compilation of the videos from my iPhone :)

Oh, and for those on Instagram, and those into make up &beauty products ;)