Spring Break Part 1-St.George

So this past week was mine and Trevor's Spring Break. We worked the first half (no bueno) and then headed down for a quick trip down to Sunny St.George to visit his family and get some sunshine. Trevor knew I had never really been to Las Vegas (except driving through a million times as a kid and maybe stopping at a buffet once which I barley even remember) so he decided to take me down for a day when we were there. I was pretty excited to finally walk around and see the place instead of just driving by. When we were down in St.George Trevor wanted to take me to go shoot some clay pigeons. He told me to grab the bullets and we were on our way. OF course AFTER we drove all the way out there and got out of the car... Trevor forgot to bring the shot gun. OH man. We didn't have time to go back and get it and come back because Trevor's mother had given us specific instructions on when we needed to be back for dinner. Instead of making the outing a waste Trevor and I stopped at a statue tribute of Sarah Sturdevant Leavitt. In case you didn't know, my maiden name is Leavitt and the Leavitt family was a big part of the settling of the city St.George. Kind of funny I married someone from there, and I am from San Diego. He grew up and went to school with more people related to me then I have probably ever known. Anyways, they have this cool statue of her and around her the statues of the heads of all her children. So I took some pictures with my great great great great grandmother Sarah, and her son Thomas Rowell Leavitt (who moved to Alberta which is why I was born there!) I must say out of all her children, at least by judgment of the statue... Thomas was definitely the best looking. Yay for my genes ;) haha. 

 Trevor NOT happy about forgetting the shot gun...


SUPER windy out there on top of the hills.

My Great Great Great Great Grandmother Sarah Sturdevant Leavitt

 You know, getting up close and personal.

My Great Great Great Grandfather Thomas Rowell Leavitt

Kisses for the Grandpa!
See I told you he was good looking :)

Later me and Trevor played Later me and Trevor played Wii.... Is it just me or am I the ONLY one who gets super sore after playing Wii? Anyways I found out that I am amazing at online archery... yup that is right. pretty dang good. I am also good at a slicing competition. If only these gifts counted for something. that night me and Trevor and his sister Courtney and her husband Eric all went to go hot tubbing. Man I wish I had a hot tub... I would use it every night! All in all it was a great day of hanging out with family and relaxing :) Went to bed excited for Vegas in the morning!

Coolest family around...

Yaaaa okay SO I am a tad biased... they are MY family. I do think they are the best, coolest family around.... but how could I not? This past Christmas when we were all together we took some family pictures. My family is from San Diego so of course we took them at the beach. We went down to a beach in La Jolla called Wind and Sea, and were shocked to see how high the tide was. The waves were going NUTS! We thought, well cool... lets still take pictures here just on the rocks! It was a perfect day outside, and we had a lot of fun. During one of the family pictures though a HUGE wave came and totally drenched half of the group! I was on the end.... of course, AND of course I have blonde hair so parts of it got wet and looked BLACK in the rest of the pictures.... BUT hey we had fun and us being wet in half of them I think makes them look more natural right? Us all wet splattered at the beach? At the end of the shoot all the boys jumped in the water. I wanted to as well, but decided the picture would look cooler with just the guys...plus wet jeans? nasty. It was such a fun day and I really do think I have one of the COOLEST families around... we can debate later if you disagree. Just looking at these makes me miss my hometown... man I love San Diego. Here are a handful of pictures from the great day...
 My Sister Kira and Her Husband Justin
and two adorable sons Evan and Landon.
My Brother Brandon and his wife Serene
and two precious daughters Sydney and Hayley.
My amazing parents :)
My brother Ben and his wife Sharley
Did not notice the camera....
But then I did... so of course I did something awkward.
We kind of have funny faces in this one, but couldn't resist...
I mean look at the big wave behind us!
I just love Trevor's face in this one, squishing me haha :)
HUGE WAVE... It does not look that scary here, but it was a lot of water trust me.
I am so out of there... haha.
Sydney was NOT happy... haha poor thing.
Trevor got it the worst... he was SOAKED.
My brothers and sisters :)
Sisters... Sarah, Kira and me.
Brothers.. Alex Brandon, and Ben.
This is why I miss San Diego. This is why I miss home.

"Make do and Mend."

 I will never forget one day my senior year, driving in the car with my mother when all of a sudden she bursts into tears. In a state of shock I asked her what was wrong. Amongst her sobs she continued on about how she was a horrible mother because she never taught me how to really sew, amongst a list of very "womanly pioneer things." Melt my heart. She is so sweet. I told her it didn't really matter because even if I did know how to really sew {minus the button here and stitch there} I really probably wouldn't use it much seeing we live in a time where most things are just cheaper to buy. This didn't really ease her guilt, but if it makes her feel better, she did try to teach me to sew and other things. I just wasn't very willing. I picked up cross stitching but got frustrated with it and stopped. I remember my Nana trying to teach me something with some needles and little plastic tube thing... and it didn't stick. I helped my mom make some pillow cases, so I sort of learned the working of the sewing machine. But in the end it was up to me and I just, didn't want to learn it. Well now that I am older there are some things I really wish I had learned while I had the time too.

The past is the past and now that I am older I do have a desire to learn how to sew, and quilt. {see mum, now I want to and will learn someday, it is all okay!} For now I may have to wait until I have some more time but I have decided I WILL learn how to do some basic sewing and essentials.
So mum, you didn't fail :)
And whenever I get my first sewing machine, I may just have to frame this
cute picture and put it above it... I mean too cute.

p.s. remember how I said I wanted to expand my pallet with Sushi? Well me and Trevor bought this platter of Sushi for a great deal at Costco, and I tried some new Sushi....&loved it. Yay yay yay.

Sushi &hidden zip lock bags...

I am hesitant to share this embarrassing story, but what the heck? I have done worse. So yesterday me and Trevor were driving to the gym when I looked down and realized I had my work out pants on inside out. I looked left, I looked right and decided since no cars were around and I was going to go for it. I whipped them off and was trying to put them on over my shoes (which was not an easy task) when Trevor noticed. He freaked out because a car was pulling up to us right then, and someone was crossing the cross walk. I finally got them up and I don't think anyone got a free show. So we got to the gym, and I start on the treadmill, doing my work out, doing my thing. My back seems a little more sweaty then normal but hey I don't give it much thought. I finish my work out a little bit before Trevor so I go to go get a drink of water and wash my hands. I have an itch on my back and as I move my hand underneath my shirt I am shocked to feel something. I pull out from under my shirt a zip lock bag...a USED zip lock bag. I knew instantly whose it was and where it came from. It had remnants of almonds in them. Trevor daily takes a bags of almonds with him as a snack to work and school. I have found several zip lock bags on the floor of his car. Somehow in me trying to put my pants back on, I scooped up a zip lock bag which tucked just perfectly in the back of my pants and under my shirt. I just hope no one saw me on the treadmill with a zip lock bag hanging out of my PANTS! I still can't believe I didn't even notice it.

Anyways, on a different note after the gym we went and picked up some dinner since neither of us felt like cooking. I got some simple store bought sushi. I had an opportunity to go to Japan as an exchange student when I was in middle school. It was amazing, but I ate SO much raw stuff I just couldn't stand fish for the longest time. The past two years I have been trying stuff again. I have fallen in LOVE with sushi. I love it. Even the fast store bought kind. Then again I want to learn how to be a tad more adventurous in trying different types. I play it pretty safe, but one day at a time right?

Quarter of a century years old...

So yesterday Trevor turned 25... yup 25! That is a quarter of century years old! It was a pretty low key celebration. Just me and him. He came home from work with a birthday bag present the office gave him. How sweet is that? They got him ice cream and everything and this little bag full of some fun stuff that brought us back to childhood, such as ring pops etc. There were even some bubbles Trevor felt the need to start blowing in the kitchen :) Anyways, I spent ALL afternoon making Trevor a Hamburger Birthday Cake (idea from the mini ones on Bakerella). I guess the proper title would be a Cheeseburger Cake seeing there was cheese on it. Anywhooo, I had some minor bumps along the way (note this is my first time making a really creative cake) But all in all I think it turned out good! Trevor was totally surprised he had no idea. I have had better tasting cake but for show, this one takes the cake (no pun intended haha)
We went out to dinner at the Red Iguana, a pretty good Mexican place they have here in Salt Lake. I have actually seen it featured on the food network and some other cooking shows. I mean it is way good, but in terms of the best? I mean I grew up in San Diego so I could just be a tough crowd. But it was delish non the less, and I couldn't get over how adorable our place settings were! I loved the fresh flowers. After stuffing our faces with some good spice and beans we came home to open presents :) Trevor gave me NO suggestions for gifts but I think I did good. He was VERY surprised.... See every time we are at the mall and are waiting for a movie time or just looking around Trevor wants to go to the book store. He always goes and grabs a Calvin and Hobbes book. I have noticed this but I looked and he doesn't have any. So I bought him to big books of Calvin and Hobbes. I could tell in his face he was surprised I thought of it. He even said, "I can't believe I have never thought to get some before!" As a gag gift.... PG 13 warning here guys... I also got him a book called "What is your poo telling you?" haha, now before you get grossed out, it is one of those fun bathroom books but it really actually has all the facts about your health through your poo, it is really quite interesting and at parts hilarious. That is if you like poo jokes. Anyways, I knew Trevor would get a kick out of it. After Presents I experienced something weird. I have never sang Happy Birthday to someone ALONE before. That was a first. It was a little awkward, but cute. We then ate some burger cake and watched Trevor's favorite show Arrested Development. It was a short and sweet simple date and birthday. Best part of the night was seeing Trevor go to bed early to read his books I got him. Lets me know he really liked his gift...which of course is always the worry when it comes to buying boys gifts, right?
 So I was really proud of myself after making this, thank you. I was tired and had so much food dye on my hands I had to take a shower.

Love the fresh flowers, adorable table setting.


Birthday Boy opening his gifts!

A cool Beatles tie from the madre, thanks madre.

Calvin and Hobbes comic books!

PG13 Below... beware if easily offended.

Trevor excited to blow his bubbles.

Acting like a 7 year old as I sing him Happy Birthday.

Trevor asked me NOT to put 25 candles on the cake.
Since it is his birthday, I obliged.