Spring Break Part 1-St.George

So this past week was mine and Trevor's Spring Break. We worked the first half (no bueno) and then headed down for a quick trip down to Sunny St.George to visit his family and get some sunshine. Trevor knew I had never really been to Las Vegas (except driving through a million times as a kid and maybe stopping at a buffet once which I barley even remember) so he decided to take me down for a day when we were there. I was pretty excited to finally walk around and see the place instead of just driving by. When we were down in St.George Trevor wanted to take me to go shoot some clay pigeons. He told me to grab the bullets and we were on our way. OF course AFTER we drove all the way out there and got out of the car... Trevor forgot to bring the shot gun. OH man. We didn't have time to go back and get it and come back because Trevor's mother had given us specific instructions on when we needed to be back for dinner. Instead of making the outing a waste Trevor and I stopped at a statue tribute of Sarah Sturdevant Leavitt. In case you didn't know, my maiden name is Leavitt and the Leavitt family was a big part of the settling of the city St.George. Kind of funny I married someone from there, and I am from San Diego. He grew up and went to school with more people related to me then I have probably ever known. Anyways, they have this cool statue of her and around her the statues of the heads of all her children. So I took some pictures with my great great great great grandmother Sarah, and her son Thomas Rowell Leavitt (who moved to Alberta which is why I was born there!) I must say out of all her children, at least by judgment of the statue... Thomas was definitely the best looking. Yay for my genes ;) haha. 

 Trevor NOT happy about forgetting the shot gun...


SUPER windy out there on top of the hills.

My Great Great Great Great Grandmother Sarah Sturdevant Leavitt

 You know, getting up close and personal.

My Great Great Great Grandfather Thomas Rowell Leavitt

Kisses for the Grandpa!
See I told you he was good looking :)

Later me and Trevor played Later me and Trevor played Wii.... Is it just me or am I the ONLY one who gets super sore after playing Wii? Anyways I found out that I am amazing at online archery... yup that is right. pretty dang good. I am also good at a slicing competition. If only these gifts counted for something. that night me and Trevor and his sister Courtney and her husband Eric all went to go hot tubbing. Man I wish I had a hot tub... I would use it every night! All in all it was a great day of hanging out with family and relaxing :) Went to bed excited for Vegas in the morning!


  1. cute photos!! I love the sunglasses!!

  2. you & your gramps are adorable ;)
    your bangs are so cute, i wish i could pull them off!

  3. Love the pictures! Glad you had fun. Can't wait to read about the rest of the trip. Sydney wants to leave a message for Auntie Alycia & Uncle Trevor.....xvmvvm-43lllll

  4. thanks for the comment on my blog! yours is too cute!

    and no, you're not the only one who gets sore play wii. lol.

  5. how fun is that! I can kind of see the family resemblense ;-)

  6. I am in love with your outfit! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  7. Such genealogy! And it's so neat that you appreciate it :)

  8. Forgot the shotgun? I would be upset too. Maybe I'll bring my shotgun on our next trip to Utah. I want to shoot some of Trevor's Tannerite too so maybe I'll bring the 30-06 as well.

  9. Yay!! I missed joining the party so much! Am glad you had fun
    In Las Vegas , half of my family lives in Vegas so I visit regularly
    It’s a wonderful place but gosh when it’s hot it’s hot! I spend most of my days inside a Mall I don’t dare to step outside nope I’ll melt ahahaha!
    Thanks for sharing!♥

  10. love the family statue pics ;) Have fun on break, I'm sad my spring break is already long gone, but at least it's warming up around here!

  11. you might be distantly related to my boyfriend -- his last name is sturdevant...and i know there aren't many.

    and i love that trevor knows a whole bunch of people related to you. :) haha.


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