A Sweet Treat...

This weekend one of my best friends, who was actually my first friend i can ever remember having, came down to Salt Lake City for a friend's wedding. We were able to hang out and see each other! She brought her roommate and I dragged Trevor along with us ;) I know he enjoyed the girls shopping trip! haha I really just wanted Stephanie to meet him. Anyways it was a great weekend and a fun little treat to see someone from back home, which I am missing tons right now.

Mother's Day

Well as most of you know it is Mother's Day! For those of you who didn't know, my mother is honestly (and i am not being biased) the best mother that you could ever have. Why I am so lucky, I will never know but my mother is the type of person who will do ANYTHING for a person, and if she will do that for a person can you imagine what she would do for her child?

She is a continuous well, and she just gives and gives. She doesn't expect much in return, and is literally as my Nana has put it, a "professional mother." She really has made her children her life and by doing that she has enriched our lives so much. She is concerned with every little detail of our lives and so willing to make life easier for us.

This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my mother because I think it shows our relationship and my mother's personality. My mother is happy when her family and kids are happy. She does everything possible to make that happen for us. I am talking above and beyond incredible things. Every mother wants her children to be happy, but not every mother goes to the effort of looking up all the information (i mean everything, she prints things off, makes a book about everything for you, makes phone calls for you etc!) you could ever want to know about schools, interests, hobbies etc. Not every mother volunteers and runs the show for your sports teams and school events. (and im not talking some simple in class volunteer here, I am talking in charge of Senior Night for an ENTIRE high school!)
She has such a host of talents she could be a personal assistant to the celebrities, but instead she uses those towards making out lives better. She honestly sacrifices so much for us, and is always willing to go without so we can have something.
My life is full of a string of continuous examples of the things that you have done for me, and I don't know how to appropriately thank you since it could never measure up. It goes beyond while I was young and growing up, because even though I don't live at home anymore, It seems you help me even more especially now in my life. I don't think we ever stop needing our mothers and as we get older we find ourselves relying on them more and more. At least that is the case for me. My mother is always someone I can call to for anything, advice, laughs, and most importantly to feel safe.
I have never met someone like my mother. Someone so much fun, so young, and that has so much love for other human beings that it literally is her life. Her entire life is a service to her children, and i have never seen her do a selfish thing in regards to her kids. We don't thank her enough, but I hope she knows how much I appreciate it. I love you so much and don't even want to know where I would today without you. I am so lucky to have been blessed with a woman like you in my life, and that fact that you are my mother... well there really are no words that can really describe how much you mean to me, and how I am baffled at how much my Heavenly father loves me for sending me to you.

Bump in the Road....

Well as some of you know i have a new job at the company where Trevor works at. The building is by this really big beautiful man made lake. It has attracted some wildlife and one of those main animals being ducks. The ducks are everywhere, and they love to just sit in the parking lot. Well everyone is so use to them now that they just drive around them. It kind of scared me at first, i was on the phone with mom pulling out of my parking space and started driving. I see this duck just sitting in the middle of the road. I assume that it would fly away as i started to get closer and i was shocked when i realized it wasn't going to and i had to totally swerve to not hit the duck! The duck didn't even flinch! I couldn't believe it. This was a couple days ago. Well yesterday i was at home (i get off work before Trevor does) and Trevor calls me. He says, "Well guess what I just did?" I say what, and he goes on to tell me "I RAN OVER ONE OF THOSE STUPID DUCKS!" I was stunned. Then he proceeded to tell me how he did it on PURPOSE! OH my gosh, i couldn't even believe that he did something like that. He said he was sick of those ducks being so spoiled that they just expected everyone to get out of the way for them, and that by driving around them all the time were making it okay for them blah blah blah. Anyways I am still in shock that Trevor purposely drove over a duck, although he looks at it more like he was just driving and the duck didn't move and he wasn't going to move. Sooooo i guess its not like he TRIED to drive over the duck, but still. He sure didn't try NOT to drive over it. hahaha Anyways this is something that just reminded me so much of what my father would have done. Oh brother! haha

Well it is Over...

This past Thursday was our last lacrosse game, the season is officially over! For those of you who didn't know i have been coaching at Brighton Highschool. I was an assistant Varisty Coach, and the Junior Varsity Coach. It was such an amazing experience! I Loved IT! I wish it didn't have to end, and it went by way too fast. Our Varsity Girls are ranked Number One in Utah and are going off to play offs. They do Lacrosse differently here then they do it back in California so the JV don't go to play offs and their rankings don't really matter. All my girls were beginners and they have improved SO much! To tell you how much they have improved lets just put it this way, their last practice they scrimmaged the Varsity and really kicked butt! They gave them a run for their money. It was such a cool Job to have that I look forward to having again someday!! :) GO LAX! We took these pictures after our last game. I WILL MISS THEM!