First Homemade Meal Together :)

So I forgot to post the funny story that went along with the first homemade meal I made Trevor. My mom had been up helping us move into our apartment (THANK YOU MOM!) and school was starting and we had been so busy and stressed out and living in all our crud everywhere we had been getting takeout for the past couple days for meals. Well the day we finally finished the apartment and moving in, my mom was leaving and Trevor had work and I decided I was going to make him dinner as a surprise. Our first homemade meal together in our apartment! I was VERY excited and I picked a recipe I knew he would LOVE, and I went to the store and bought all the ingredients and started making Trevor some Old Fashioned Beef and Mushroom Chili with Chipotle. Just the title itself I knew that Trevor would love it. I got the recipe from a book my sister in-law Serene gave me for our wedding called, "Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Recipes for Two." (I wrote a blog about it if you want the recipe on my Alycia's Appetite.) I had everything perfect in the apartment (Trevor hadn't seen it finished and all put together so that was also apart of the surprise.) So I set the table just right, made some corn bread to go along with the chili topped with sour cream and some avocado was waiting at the dinner table just in time for Trevor to come home. He walked in, Groaned said, "I feel like I am about to throw up!" and ran past me straight into the bedroom and laid on the bed. Well you should have seen my face. Long story short, Trevor ended up eating something he felt his stomach could "handle" some noodle soup and he stayed in bed all night feeling horribly sick to his stomach. I of course was SUPER disappointed, I wanted to cry but stopped myself because of course he didn't do this on purpose. Trevor felt pretty bad about it all, but I will NEVER forget our first meal together in our new home. (Just in case you were wondering, Trevor had some the next day and LOVED it!)


  1. I wondered why you hadn't posted that part of the story. It's something you will laugh about for years to come :)

  2. How sad. I'll bet he felt terrible once he was healthy again. I guess it is truly the thought that counts. The table looks nice.


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