Some Feelings...

 Me and my girl Jalynn.

Last night I went to an event for Collabor8 I will blog more about it later, but I just wanted to come on here and say how much fun I had last night. I felt like I was just so authentically me! It was a nice change. I haven't been posting as much as I used to on social media; or my blog for that matter. Most of my feed has been taken up with pictures of Ella, which of course was inevitable to some degree haha But being completely honest, the real reason for my lack of posts is my current lack of self-esteem. After having Ella my confidence took a dip - physically, emotionally, just all of it. Man, postpartum can be a rough transition, amiright?! 

I used to share more about what I was doing, my passions and interests. There has been a real lack of that on here and I am trying to get back to doing more of the things that I really enjoy and not be embarrassed about taking a picture of myself. Yes, I have been so hard on myself that I haven't wanted to post pictures with me in them. I know this is totally irrational. Why is being kind to ourselves the hardest sometimes? What is sad is I was that girl that oozed with confidence, I probably had some extra for you if you needed some! haha But over the years, due to several factors, I have seen it dwindle. My goal lately has been to get that back, to get back to me. To be better at taking care of myself and loving myself. So here's to making changes and creating better habits! May we all be a little kinder to ourselves - we can't afford not to be! 😘


  1. It's always about putting you and your passions first, everything else falls into place!

  2. Totally understand! Post partum everything changes! Still like I'm still trying to get back to feeling like me again

  3. You should read Atlas Shrugged! It's a really long book, but it will totally inspire you to and make you feel good about putting yourself first.

    For this year I made my New Years goals all about "self-investment" because we only invest in things we feel that have worth. I know that by investing in myself not only will I improve in the areas I'm investing in, but I'll simply grow to appreciate my own value. I selected my areas of investment based on things that I love and make me happy, and things that I don't necessarily love, but know are good for me (like healthy eating and exercising).

    Good luck Alycia!

  4. I can't wait to hear about the conference!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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