Nine Months πŸ’›

 We spent the long Memorial Weekend down in St. George! Here is Ella at the splash pad.

NINE MONTHS! Ella has officially been out as long as she was in. Ella is showing so much personality and sass right now. She is such a happy girl, and she has more energy than we can keep up with sometimes. Here are some updates on our girl...

+ Ella is crawling everywhere! We have to watch her carefully and chase her around the house to make sure she isn't getting into anything. Right when she turned 8 months it was like a magic switch went off and she started crawling everywhere, which was pretty funny because before that she had shown no signs of being interested in crawling!

+ Ella is also pulling herself up on everything. We had to lower her crib because she can pull herself completely standing. She does this on anything she can get her hands onto. I think her favorite is coming up to me and pulling up on my legs! She is even trying to do it without anything and I am sure before we know it she will be standing on her own. Just tonight as I was holding her she started putting one foot in front of the other (like walking while I held her!) because she wanted to get to something.

+ Ella has become very attached to me. I am very obviously her favorite person haha and it kind of makes me feel bad because often when Trevor is holding her she lunges for me and tries to get out of his arms! Don't get me wrong she loves her Daddy and no one can make her laugh more... but she knows who feeds her! haha She is also getting a little more cautious around people she doesn't know, some of that stranger danger that I know is normal right now. But she warms up quick!  

+ Besides breastfeeding, Ella has been getting solids for a few months now, but this past month she has been eating a lot more non pureed food. I did kind of a blend of baby led weaning, where I did purees and actual whole foods. I can do a whole blog post about that another time but on this note it has been so funny watching her eat the food we eat. She loves anything and everything and Trevor has given her some pretty spicy things and she doesn't even flinch! She has had salsa, jalapeΓ±o Cheetos (she sucked on them), very spicy cajun crawfish, and more! She loves it all. She looks like such a big girl picking it up and feeding herself. If you aren't careful she will swipe a fry from you! haha

+ Ella's nine month appointment is coming up in a few days, so I will have to come back and add her measurements, but she is still a pretty petite little thing. She can still fit into clothes as small as three months, but can also actually wear her own size at 9 months. She is still in a size 2 diaper.

+ Some little things Ella loves to do right now is clap, blow bubbles, press her lips together and make a buzzing sound, play with her ears, and suck on her lips! haha

It still just blows my mind how fast babies grow and change! It really is daily! We feel blessed to have such a happy light and spirit in our home with Ella. πŸ’› 


  1. Happy 9 months to little Ella! Hope you guys have a great week :)

    Edye | Http://

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