Playing catch up - Life these days!

Hello? Hello? Anyone there? I know, I have been neglecting the blog. I feel like all I post about anymore is baby related content, and while that has become a huge part of my life, obviously, I am still me... ALYCIA and I need to be better about posting about my life and everything that it includes. It is funny, I thought for some reason that becoming a "stay at home" mom I would have all this extra time, but the reality is I am working more than full time from home, and have an endless list of projects that need to get done. While looking back, the structure of my day was always laid out for me; with full time jobs, and a set class schedule. I had to work my day around those priorities, and those priorities filled up my entire day.

Now that I work for myself and from home I am in charge of managing when something gets done, and when it doesn't. This of course is a great freedom, but at the same time, can show you your weaknesses and makes certain things get pushed to the side for too long. I have also found that working for myself has caused this push to always be working. The work is never done! Before, I would get off work and be done for the day. I would totally "shut off" and now I feel like my brain is constantly running. It is a side of working for myself I hadn't totally anticipated. While I still need to learn the balance of it all, I have been trying to have a life too! Why is it so easy as a new parent to just stay inside all day? I have made a goal to try and get out and do something fun with my friends weekly!

Recently me and my good friend Lisa took our little girls and hiked to Donut Falls. We were surprised to see so much snow in the mountains, and our entire hike was spent trying not to slip in the slushy snow! haha It was an adventure to say the least, and our girls were such troopers. We then hit up lunch at one of my favorite local spots called The Wild Zucchini. If you are ever around you should try them - their wraps are the best. If you follow me on Snap Chat you probably watched the whole fiasco. Snap Chat has recently become my newest addiction and I am always trying to convince my friends to get on it. I avoided it for years, but my good friend Jalynn talked me into it and I have been addicted since! I have always loved vlogs on YouTube and I feel like this is such a more practical way to do that. I had started "vlogging" a bit when Ella was born because I have the home video idea of journaling, but have felt Snap Chat is a much more practical way for me to do that. So head on over if you want daily content about what is up! Currently me and my friend Jalynn have been documenting our journey through the BBG workouts! My username is what it is everywhere: @alyciagrayce

I have missed this space to just share my life and my thoughts. I am committing now to bring that effort back into my blog. Thanks for sticking along all this time! I really appreciate the community and connections I have made online. This past week I went to a Shine Event party hosted by some of my friends and a long time reader of my blog came by to say hi to me. Abby (hopefully I spelled your name right) if you are reading this, THANK YOU! It really made my day! Really. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day grind, and her just chatting with me reminded me how special this online space can be. We can connect and share with each other, and that is pretty cool. I don't want to lose sight of that. So again, thank you for reading, and sharing in the journey with me! I hope you all take a little slice of this internet pie for yourself too, because there is plenty to go around, and there is always someone out there who would love to connect with you! 

P.S. I am hosting a giveaway on my Instagram for your choice of bib sets from Lunaby Baby! Each Bib Set comes with a free Pacifier Clip as well. Super easy entries as always! Check it out. 


  1. That's good that you are making an effort to get out & do things. I love the pictures from your hike. Beautiful. :)

  2. Many people both men and women think if a woman is a stay at home mum she has oodles of time to do stuff and spends most of her day doing very little, then they give it a go and discover how much work is involved with being a stay at home mum and that increases when mum is working from home as well

  3. I love that you make time to do things with friends. That once a week thing is such a great idea!

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