Seven/Eight Months 💛

Ella wore one of my old dresses for Easter Sunday, and she was just adorable! I love having these vintage dresses for her to wear.

I have been so busy over here with personal projects that I totally spaced on putting together Ella's seven months update! And guess what, she turned eight months old today! How does this happen?! I have decided to kind of lump these past two months together in one update to catch up. She has grown so much, so here we go...

+ At the end of February she got a bottom tooth! Shortly after the other bottom tooth popped up as well. We love her two little teeth that you can see when she does her gummy wide open mouth grin!

+ Speaking of teeth, Ella is in full blown teething! She seems to be handling it really well. She of course loves her teething toys and has to chew on everything. The other day she made her way under the table and I could hear her chewing on the chair! hahaha

+ Ella has been eating solids three times a day on top of breastfeeding. So far she has happily accepted everything but sweet potatoes. It is really fun introducing her to different things. We were out at a restaurant and her daddy gave her some salsa, and some bean and cheese dip and she got really mad when we wouldn't give her anymore! hahaha It was hilarious!

+ Since introducing solids these past few months I have seen Ella really start to fill out. She is starting to catch up to her appropriate sizing in clothes. She is still on the small side fitting into six month clothes still, but she doesn't look like she is totally swimming in some nine month stuff!

+ Speaking of growing, she finally bumped up to a size 2 diaper last month! I can't believe she was in a size 1 up until 7 months hahaha

+ Ella is SO close to crawling! Any day now. She can roll and scoot herself anywhere she wants at this point, and it is so funny to see her get up on her knees and rock back and forth. She wants to crawl so bad. I can't take my eyes off of her because gone are the days where she will stay put... she can go anywhere!

+ Speaking of crawling, she also can "walk" and move herself all over the place in her stander. I was on the computer and she was next to me and the next thing I knew she was gone! hahaha She is all over the place in that thing and now we need to get to installing a baby gate and some mesh protectors on our railings because this girl is officially mobile. 

+ One of her favorite things to do is press her lips together and blow. Is there a name for that? That little buzzing sound you make with your lips. Anyways, Ella loves it and we think she thinks it is a form of communication because she loves when we do it back to her and we just do it back and forth! haha Speaking of communicating, she is a lot more vocal, grunting, squealing, blowing bubbles and of course laughing a lot.

+ Ella is also getting more sassy and independent. She let's us know when she doesn't want to do something. Not usually vocally but with her hands! haha She will push you away if she doesn't want a kiss or tries desperately to sit up on her own and fights you off. Miss independent for sure!

+ I don't know how but somehow Ella has managed to not get sick yet. Back in December she seemed a little stuffy for a few days, but that was about it. I have yet to give her any medications, or have to deal with a sick upset baby! I am counting my lucky stars over here!

+ Ella still sleeps about 11 hours straight every night *THANK YOU CHILD* She goes down for a nap every two hours. Her first nap of the day is usually 1.5 hours, and the rest are about an hour. It looks like she might be changing up her nap schedule at the end of the day so we will see how that pans out. But seriously, best sleeper ever.

Ella has honestly been the easiest baby. Trevor and I are worried for future children because we know we just got lucky with this one! haha We think maybe God will make up for it by giving us a real challenge next hahaha

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  1. Alycia she is so darn cute!!! Miss you!! I'm so glad you are loving mommy hood

    1. Amanda! I miss you too! I wish we lived closer so you could do my hair! hahaha I am actually thinking of going back to platinum :) I loved when you made me platinum! And thanks, being a mom is the best. Hope life is treating you well with your two adorable little ones!

  2. Oh my golly yellow is my favorite color and she wears it so well! That dress is adorable on her, but anything she wears would be adorable on her! It's crazy how fast these little ones grow up.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hey Alycia, at what age did she start sleeping throzgh the night (or at least longer stretches) ? We just had our first and I can't wait for the day when we won't have to wake up every 3 hours anymore ;)

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