Soldier Hollow Tubing!

I am so behind in posting about our life these days! Back in February my parents came into town to see the Provo City Center Temple. It is a pretty special Temple because it was originally a Tabernacle in our church built in 1883, that actually burned down a few years ago, just before Trevor and I moved to Provo actually. Shortly after they announced they would be rebuilding what was left of it into a new Temple. While we were at BYU Law School we watched over the years. At the start of the year it was open to the public for everyone to see before it will be dedicated and used for religious purposes. My parents love to go to Temple open houses, because even though we are members, it is a treat to get to walk through all of it and learn about the details and see it in the capacity. So they came up to see the new Provo City Center Temple, which was absolutely gorgeous. It is the most unique Temple I have ever seen. Every detail caught your eye, and they tried to stay true to the era the building was originally built in which made it that much better. After the Temple open house we went to a family favorite of ours, The Red Brick Oven. Best Root Beer on tap you will ever have!

We even went for a family run one of the morning they were here. We have kind of turned this into a family tradition I feel like, always going on runs together because we sign up for races together. A lot of us are doing the Wasatch Ragnar. I don't think I have announced that anywhere on my social media, but alas, I am running the Wasatch Ragnar in June! I will talk more about that another time. But also that weekend we went to Soldier Hollow to go tubing! It was so much fun! I even put together a little video of it since we had such a blast. And might I just add that Ella is pretty darn adorable in her little hat.

The sun was down and all the light was pretty much gone, so these last few pics we got off our phones are a little blown out from me trying to save the images! haha But hey, got to record the memories right?
 Matching hats :) haha


  1. I have never been tubing but your video made it look like a lot of fun! I'd love to try it next year! And Ella looked like she really enjoyed herself on your trip :) \Evelina @ Fortunate House


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