Ella Six Months! ❤️

Oh man, I can't believe it took me this long to sit down and finally put together Ella's six month update! We have been so busy lately, but at least I make the effort to record this stuff right?

I can't for the life of me find her measurements from six month appointment, so I will have to add the exact measurements when they reprint her growth chart for me. All I remember is that she was just a smidge under 14 pounds, and still above average for height. Basically while she isn't short, she is very petite for her age. Basically six month clothing fits her length wise but she doesn't fill out anything hahaha *Okay I found the stats: 13lbs 15oz (17th percentile) and 25.8 inches for height (57th percentile)

Six months has proven to be such a wonderful stage! I love everything about it. Ella's personality shines through more and more each day, and she is such a happy girl. You can see the joy in her face as she discovers more and accomplishes more! Here are some updates on our girl...

+ Ella has learned how to sit up on her own and she LOVES it. You can see the independence written all over her face when she sits up by herself.

+ While Ella can now sit up on her own, and can turn over from her back to her stomach, she still can't figure out how to get from her stomach back to her back. I brought this up to our pediatrician who said that it is harder to go from your back to your stomach and so she has all the tools to do it but is probably just being lazy! haha We have been ordered not to help her which we often do when she cries to get turned back over haha We have been trying to help her figure it out, hahaha, oh it is too funny watching these babies learn. She will figure it out soon enough I am sure. Until they she gets around by sliding herself all over in whatever direction she wants to go.

+ Ella cut her first tooth the week she turned six months! I had been feeling something on her gums for a little bit, but wasn't sure. On our way home from a trip I spotted it. There it was, the tiniest little bottom tooth. It may be tiny, but sure is sharp! My goodness. For the most part she has been handling teething like a champ, still her happy self most of the time! But we have noticed the occasional irritability and cutting some of her naps short. It is hard to see your babe uncomfortable and now feel there is much you can do about it. But she has been loving her teething toys, especially this banana one!

+ Ella has been going strong on eating solids and it has been funny to see what she likes and doesn't like. So far she has loved everything except Sweet Potatoes. I hate Squash and was surprised to see how much she liked it, and Trevor hates Peas and was surprised to see how much she loved those! It has been fun seeing he experience all the firsts of everything. 

This is an update more about Trevor then Ella. I love watching him as a dad and him being so cute with her. He doesn't care if anyone sees him talking "baby" to her and I love it. He is such a good Dad and Ella is one seriously lucky girl.  

It just gets better and better, really. I love this stage so much and it is bitter sweet to see her getting bigger and older. I have recently become totally addicted to Snap Chat. Why did I wait so long to start using it? haha Anyways, you can see A LOT of Ella on there, and some weird rambling on my part on there if you want. You can add me, my username is what it always is, @alyciagrayce See you over there!

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  1. Ella is so precious! Her smile makes me smile :)

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  2. Oh thanks Edye! It is hard not to smile back a little babe who has a beaming grin! haha :)

  3. I love the joy that excudes from her entire being! Love her xxoo

  4. I love the joy that excudes from her entire being! Love her xxoo

  5. Oh she is adorable! Love those little leggings!


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